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Sears Return Policy

Sears makes every effort to make customers happy when it comes to a return or an exchange of an item. The store prefers that items are in the original package and with the original receipt, but it will try to satisfy the requests of customers. There are three different time frames that items can be returned. These are 90, 60 and 30 days. Most items fall into the 90 day return category. Appliances, home and garden, and most of the floor care products are within 60 days. Electronics and computers should be returned in 30 days. If there is any damage to the product, the customer needs to make the store aware of this. Some items require a 15% restocking fee. Certain items can only be exchanged instead of refunded, and these include electronics. If a receipt is not with the item, a refund will not be given, but an exchange could be made.

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I went to the local Sears and tried to purchase a bed set. It was a bad sign that they had NO ONE working in the bedding department. Finally, someone from appliances rang up my purchase. I paid by credit card. Told that the set would deliver later that week. Went home and checked the item number on the receipt to what was on the website, as I did not get the feeling he fully knew what he was doing, even though he was a nice guy, trying to cover another area. Sure enough, he only rung me up for a mattress and not a box spring. I wanted the set and not just a mattress. Called the store and they could not fix the issue over the phone, but made me return across town back to the store. Offered me no compensation for the inconvenience of their mistake- not even a coupon for a future purchase. I thought it was good we got it squared away before being disappointed on the delivery date. Oh, they kindly informed me that delivery would now take another week (even though I returned to the store within hours to correct the issue that same day!) Of course, it has been a week and no credit for the original purchase has appeared on my credit card. Had the wife not asked for this set, I would surly have taken my purchase to a store that really wants to earn your business. Funny how the charges appear on my credit card the very same day, but I am sure it will likely take 30 days for my credit to appear- again, for their mistake. I have even lower expectations for what condition this new set will arrive, assuming it actually comes on the revised ship date. Agree with others- this is not the store that it once was.

angryshopper 7/14/14 2:13PM

STOP and read everyone's comments before you order from Sears. I ordered some shoes online and realized I had bought the wrong size. I got an email that my order was processing but wasn't finalized yet. I called to cancel. They told me they would not cancel the order. I had placed it 5 minutes earlier! The rep told me I could refuse delivery of the shoes, and then I would be charged only $6 for shipping. Do you know another company that would do this? I sure don't. I wouldn't think any company would be so inconsiderate of its customers--and also unaware that this policy is hurting their bottom line. It is costing them labor to pack an item and restock an item for which they'll receive no profit. Bad business, Sears. Yes, I'll share my experience with others.

Anna J. 7/11/14 9:33PM

I'm waiting for my refund since june5 2014

Deborah Edgerton 7/2/14 1:24PM

Sears is definitely not the same company I remember growing up. I purchased 2 air conditioners and paid to have them installed. One a/c was to replace an old one, therefore the installation was a breeze. No modification needed. The second a/c needed major modification to the window. The installers were not equipped to complete the job, therefore they needed to reschedule. A couple days later they came back. The a/c was damaged. So they had to reschedule again. I noticed the box the a/c came in was not damaged or torn up in anyway. I decided to cancel the second a/c. I requested a return/refund. Now the Sears salesperson tells me I have to wait 10 days to get refunded. I don't get it! I paid for a product and service that I did not receive. Prior to that they told me I would get refunded in a couple days. Sears is not what it used to be. I am really disappointed and saddened by a company that had a reputation for excellent service. Those days are gone.

Anonymous 6/24/14 1:05AM

I received a Structure Men's Jacket for my birthday, did not come with the sales receipt only with the brand tag and the price, I went to the store to returned because is ripped from the inner lining, the manager said; they could not accept it because it di not have a receipt, I went ahead and explained the situation but he was rude about it and completely rude. I am making a complaint with BBB

Julio 6/24/14 12:25AM

I too had a bad experience with returning shoes. The clerk said it was over 30 days and could not do a return. I'm stuck with a pair of shoes that don't fit and I'm very unhappy about this. I would have been happy to take store credit instead of cash. I'm a senior citizen and cannot afford to waste money on things that can't be returned. Not going back to Sears to shop.

Anonymous 6/18/14 6:42PM

The Sears that I grew up with is gone! I ordered an oven on March 20th. It was delivered and installed around April4th. It did not work. I called to ask or another stove. After 2 weeks of phone calls (I was transferred to India, China, Quebec, etc.) I finally spoke with someone that told me she would ship me a new oven. 3 weeks later I received another oven. IT DID NOT WORK! That was May 3rd. I have called several, several times. Each time they tell me that someone will contact me with instructions! it is now June 4th and I have no working oven!

szoer 6/4/14 7:45AM

Sears has become a joke. I ordered tires from their website and made an appointment to have them installed. I get a confirmation email stating that the tires are in stock and the installation time set.I get to the store wait for help,finally a rep. comes out of the lounge drinking a soda and takes my keys. After 30 minutes my vehicle is brought in and put on the lift, after watching the 3 mechanics walk around like they had nothing to do, I go to ask the rep what's the problem but before I open my mouth she says they only have 3 tires in stock.I ask, Why wasn't I told when you realized this, she starts uh uh well we uh uh, so I tell her to refund my purchase price and she apologizes as if that helps.She prints out my refund receipt and I'm out of there. So today (3 days later) I see a charge on my credit card for the purchase price but nothing about the refund, even though it was refunded an hour after the purchase.Now I have to contact the CC company and file a dispute. I have been a loyal sears customer for over 35 yrs. but the past few years have been nothing but problems when dealing with sears. It will very hard to patronize this companies stores from this point on and that's a shame.

Ron 5/29/14 7:20AM

I had the best return experience today. I have lost two receipts - one for an online order and the other from purchase when I made the online order return. The cashier, Ian at Alderwood, was awesome and looked up the orders using my Visa. It ended up being four separate transactions to make all the returns needed and he never once gave off anything but a positive attitude, thanked ME for being patient and didn't say anything negative to the people waiting behind me (like, "sorry this is taking so long" - which I hate when cashiers do.) I couldn't say enough nice things about the experience.

shannonk 5/4/14 5:25PM

I had purchased appliances from Sears through a vendor (recommended) after I had a fire loss. The appliances were delivered 1 month before the scheduled delivery, so they sat in my garage till the kitchen was ready. The delivery guy had told me that if I didn't accept them then, that I would receive them 1 at a time or I could have to wait a couple weeks when I called to get them redelivered. Well since I had to do a complete remodel, I wanted to insure they were here when we were ready for them, so I excepted the delivery to be sat in my garage. After three weeks of sitting there, we finally unboxed them for installation. We then noticed that ALL the appliances were damaged in some form. I had previously called the vendor about early delivery cause install was also paid for, so I then called him about the damage to the appliances. He again was going to call about the damage (Nov 2013). It is now April, 2014, and I still haven't got any results. Sears has told me it is my fault for accepting the appliances but they could have been returned within 30 days of delivery if I wasn't happy with them. Well due to an early delivery, they are claiming I don't fall into the 30 day category!!! I hate to say I do and if I don't get results this week (Frig is now broke for the 3rd time), I WILL BE CONTACTING MY ATTORNEY. All I want is for them to be replaced w/ appliances that aren't dented, scratched, nicked or warped. This has been the worst experience w/ Sears ever. I have always purchased small & large appliances there, but more than likely never will again.

Susan 4/7/14 1:11PM

Bought a ton of stuff @ Christmas for my two toddler grandchildren, coats, boots, PJ's outfits etc. 2 Disney tops and 2 Disney two-pc outfits shrunk at least 2 sizes. The items are very poor quality.I would have taken a partial refund or store credit Sears would not give any type of refund or exchange for these items. Per their register the items had $0 value. I left the items and told them to keep them. I won't be going back.
Then I went to Macy's to spend my money.

grn623 3/8/14 2:22PM

Sears is the WORST when it comes to customers and promises! I will NEVER EVER buy anything ever again and have already advised all my friends to do the same. I went to Sears store on February 6th, 2014. I needed a new teapot right away. I found the one I liked but they told me it was not available at the store and someone would help me order it online and I would get it within a week. Someone who could barely type or see managed to somehow order it from their store computer. Shortly after getting home I got a confirmation that my item has been shipped and provided me the tracking number. Now this is where the REAL fun began. The next day I attempted to track my package and the tracking button took me to the UPS page saying no such number was available. Hmmmm, I thought, let me call UPS. After I called UPS with that tracking number, they told me that they don't even have such numbers and it was most likely shipped by USPS! So then I called USPS and it was indeed their tracking number but they said the item was not yet received by them, only the label was created. SO I waited a few more days and attempted to check tracking again. It still did not update so I called USPS again and they told me the same thing: item has not been received by the post office yet. So I waited and waited for about 15 more days hoping that they would ship it. Then I go to the actual order page on sears website and it says my order has been DELIVERED? So I called customer service who told me it was an error and that my item's wereabouts were unclear and she had to contact shippind Dept. When she never got back to me days later I called again and demanded they check with shipping dept. right away. This time around they told me it had just been shipped "last night" and I should check the tracking update later. I did and it still never updated and USPS STILL said it never received item for shhipping. This time around I went into sears online chat help. It was even worse than the phone help. The rep told me she didn't know where the item was and had no way of checking but that I had to wait another 10 days!!! 10 days on top of 25 that I already waited??? So I said I want my refund and she simply said "ok, you will get your refund and also 10% off future purchase". So I called the next day just to make sure that the refund was processing and this time around the new rep told me that she had NO IDEA what I was talking about because I had NEVER contacted them before and never spoke to anyone! I MEAN REALLY??? I spent about 3 hours in between them putting me on hold on the phone and then spent another hour on their online chat, not to mentipon calling USPS and USP with their hold times and all of this for them to tell me that I NEVER contacted anyone. At this point my nerves were on edge and she rudely said to me "LISTEN MAM! I cannot help you other than to tell you to wait and when you get your item you can return it back for refund" . Long story short, it's been almost a month and I still have not gotten my item, the correct tracking, OR refund. NEVER EVER EVER again Sears. I'm beyond disappointed!

Anonymous 2/28/14 6:29AM

Gave my daughter a pocketbook for Xmas. She no longer uses a purse. When she went to return it they said receipt you get nothing. She has no gift and I am out the money. Bought something at Kohls receipt .. got the money back. I am a senior and have always bought from Sears. Guess I have to rethink and shop elsewhere.

nina 1/7/14 6:03AM

Im truly dissatisfied with the service I have received from sears. My husband an I brought this threadmill that would be great in helping me get fit. We have had several problems with this purchase before we can even enjoy the threadmill. First the sales rep confirmed one was in stock an the store. So we had to go home an come back later to pick it up to find out its not there in stock. Then we were offered a refund an to purchase online in store to get delivered an assembled. So we agreed to this offer an when threadmill was delivered the associates didn't test an run machine. The threadmill doesn't work correctly its stuck on incline. I have reported it to several customer service reps,delivery team an in s tore sears team. I can believe I as a customer is getting such a run around. At this point im really considering returning the threadmill an cancelling my credit card an husband credit account with sears an never shopping with sears again. We both work hard for our money an cant afford to throw away 7 hundred an some dollars on a threadmill we will never be able to use. I brought it new not as is so I would like what I paid for.

doedoe 12/7/13 8:38AM

More Sears frustrations... they never intend to refund your money.

Is anyone from Sears going to respond ?


On Dec 2, 2013, at 4:23 PM, Jitender P Singh wrote:

Hi Pam,

Why would you issue a partial credit of $ 1435.23 when the total amount was $2,563.70

It seems to me we are going in circles and no one is able to resolve this. I have been given these 5-7 days and 3-5 days timelines numerous times and all have elapsed. None of the promises from customer service have ever been fulfilled so far.

At this point, I am running out of options and how so ever I want to resolve this matter amicably, I am being forced to consider taking legal advice to resolve this.


On Dec 2, 2013, at 3:59 PM, Imran wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for contacting regarding your order. I sincerely apologize that you have not received a full credit on your canceled order. It's understandable to that you would like to get this matter resolved. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with this refund request.

After reviewing your order, I have requested for our specialists to issue a credit for you in the amount of $1,435.23 and this credit will hit your account in 3-5 business days after it has been issued. You will receive a response from us as soon as this credit has been issued.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you! We hope you will continue to make Sears your choice for quality and value.

Need additional assistance? Click here to Chat or Talk with us now!

Pam M

Sears Customer Care

Original Message Follows: ------------------------

Hi Thomas, Customer Service et all,

Per your email Dated Nov 22, I was assured that I will be getting the long pending refund with 5-7 days, it has been almost 10 days now and still no word on refund or any confirmation about it.

If this is not going to get sorted out over emails, let me know what other recourse you have to resolve this.



On Nov 23, 2013, at 12:20 PM, Sears Orders wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for contacting My name is Thomas . As a trusted Sears product specialist, it is my pleasure to provide you with assistance about the credits due back to your credit card. I am happy that I received your email so I have the opportunity to resolve your inquiry. I can confirm that a total credit of $2,563.70 will be issued back to your credit card.

I hope this information has been helpful. If we can be of any further assistance, please respond to this email. We are always here to help. Thank you for being a valued SearsCustomer.

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Thomas J

Original Message Follows: ------------------------

Thank you,

I am concerned about the amount. Could you please confirm the refund amount I will be getting in next 5-7 days ?



On Nov 22, 2013, at 12:43 PM, Sears Orders wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for contacting regarding your order number . I understand that you would wish to confirm about your refund. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Yes, you will receive your credit within 5-7 business days, along with an e-mail notifying you of the cancellation and credit to your account. Depending on your credit card billing date, the credit will appear on one of your next two billing statements.

Need additional assistance? Click here to Chat or Talk with us now!


Theresa T. (sthabit)

Sears Customer Care

Original Message Follows: ------------------------

Hi Rod,

Thanks for your response.

So do you confirm that within 5-7 days, I would be getting credit for the complete amount which is $2,563.70



On Nov 22, 2013, at 11:48 AM, Sears Orders wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for contacting us back at regarding your order, We apologize that your shopping experience with has not met your expectations due to the delay in the processing of the credit for the rest of your order. I can understand you concerns with the delay as it is a lot of money. I would be concerned with the delay as well. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to address your concerns.

I have reviewed your order and I see that we had processed a request for cancellation of all of the items from your order. It appears that credit for part of the items did not not process correctly. Per this I have forwarded an additional request to the store for processing of the credit for the rest of the order. Once processed, your credit will be issued to the credit card used during the initial transaction. You will receive your credit within 5-7 business days, along with an e-mail notifying you of the cancellation and credit to your account. Depending on your credit card billing date, the credit will appear on one of your next two billing statements. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You are important to us at Sears and we look forward to your future business. We are always happy to assist you with any additional questions or concerns.

Need additional assistance? Click here to Chat or Talk with us now!

Rod N.

Sears Customer Care

Original Message Follows: ------------------------

Hi Holmes,

It has been more than 2 weeks now and I have neither heard back nor got my refund back from Sears. Over all it has been more than 6 weeks since I have cancelled the order.

The order value was $2,563.70 and already passed my credit card Please let me know how this can be expedited so that I can get my refund at the earliest.


The total order value was $2,563.70. I requested cancellation of the whole order. there would be another refund due for the balance amount $1414.53. could you please take a look in to that.

On Nov 6, 2013, at 2:02 AM, [email protected] wrote:

Dear Jitender,

Thank you for shopping at!

We are still in the process of researching your order, however wanted to follow up so you know we are still working on it. We sincerely apologize for the delay. Please allow 5-7 business days for a response. We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience.

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Holmes S

Sears Customer Care

jkalsi 12/3/13 1:59PM

My husband purchased a portrait package for Christmas 2112.In March I went to redeem it only to find them closed.I have asked for a store credit ,but was denied. This makes me ask why they will not honor their own agreements.$100.00 may not seem like a lot but this was my whole Christmas.

soo sad 11/18/13 9:59PM

I tried to take a pair of UNWORN shoes back to Sears today with the receipt. They wouldn't take them back because they weren't in the box! Are you kidding me? I'm sure they can find a box in the back to put them in. How many pairs of shoes are sold not even in a box? My husband and myself have spent thousands of dollars in Sears, but now I think I will have to shop elsewhere. If other stores give a refund even if you don't have a receipt, then why does Sears have this policy? Sorry Sears, you just lost this customer.

Not Happy 11/14/13 1:15PM

clothes dryer purchased for 581.90 and was delivered on july 22. it did not fit, and an exchange which was smaller was delivered on july 25 for 454.70. i was told i would receive the refund of 571.90 (minus the $10 the cost of a pipe) within 10 days. this is outrageous. still waiting, and discover card people are checking it out. i would like to hear from sears customer service.

dianne browne 10/24/13 6:10AM

Ordered a portable air conditioner on July 20,2013,cancelled the same day and received it on July 24,2013.Returned it the same day and I would get a refund today,well I never got the refund to my credit card as of today.I think sears should track the item and refund my money now...

Anonymous 7/31/13 9:58PM

I have been a customer with Sears for the best part of my life. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with them and was employed with them as a teenager, young adult and a mature adult. I loved Sears (both as an employee and a customer). Something has changed and it is a horrible place to do business. I purchased an air conditioner on the 5th of July and when I got it home and opened the box realized that there was parts missing. I returned it to the store on the 9th only to discover that city pick-up was closed. What??? Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Really?? Anyway, the young fella that was there at the time was kind enough to do the transaction for me. After he got the paperwork done he informs me that the girl that does the returns was away and that it could take up to a week for the refund to be done. The purchase was made on my credit card that is not affiliated with Sears. So I now have a bill to pay, no product and will not be able to purchase another air conditioner elsewhere until I receive a credit on my credit card. I have decided that Sears and I are no longer friends.

Disillusioned 7/18/13 5:04PM

I ordered a new lawn mower from Sears via the Patriot Store Direct. I waited almost two weeks for it to be shipped and was excited to see it sitting in my driveway when I got home from work. It was very short lived excitement as when I opened up the box, I discovered that one of the drive wheels was completely broken off of the mower. It is Friday, and now I can do nothing about it until Monday.

Bad mower 6/14/13 4:03PM

...times. I get that call, telling me my bed will be delivered between 3:15 and 5:15 on the 21st. Guess what,..., I get another call just before lunch that day telling me the delivery has been delayed to ..., 1 cal. king mattress and 2 box springs will be delivered to my home today and that I will be getting a call ... Not on your live I will. I went to the Sears store during my lunch. I asked for a full refund. Which the clerk was helpful with that. Never again will I ... was hung up on when I requested to speak with a supervisor. Unbelieveable how rude Sears customer service are. If I did at my work I ... Read complete comment

ANGRY 11/28/12 12:34PM

... salesman told me I have 30days warrant.I opened the laptop in the store infront of the salesman and I was told I can returned it.I went to customer service,they deduct $33 from the card I used to pay the laptop.I Asked her and she ... I have opened it that is why she tooked that huge amount from my money.I left the store and went to different store,I got what I want and ...card till this date.I checked today and there was no money on my card a membership of sear and they told me to shopped that time ... Read complete comment

Sears 11/24/12 8:58PM

Sears customer is deporable. Onhold for thirty minutes by someone who did not understand me .... She sounded like she just returned from lunch, since I has beeng waiting repair dated given was to wait for seven day for refrigerator repair.We finall got... Read complete comment

[email protected] 11/23/12 1:44PM

I made an order with, mainly because my Shop Your Way Rewards dollars/points were... indicating that my points were used. I immediately contacted Sears, and their reply was "we owe you an... points on your next purchase." Instead of applying the points and giving me credit on my credit card, they wanted me to spend more money with them. I then emailed their corporate office smsupport@searshc... phone number and my work hours. She never returned my call there, but the case manager's supervisor called my home a couple days later instead. It's obvious that they never wished to ... Read complete comment

lkt47by 11/20/12 11:01AM

... computer on 10/22/12. I received it the end of October. I decided to return it since it didn't meet my needs and was too and scheduled a delivery. I paid for pickup and shipping. This was on November 1, 2012. It arrived at Lenexa, KS on tuesday November 6, 2012. ... said he had all the info for the return.....He said about 5 business days my account (bank) would be credited. He told me ... on it and someone would call me. I highly doubt it and I need the money. That's one of the reasons too that I returned it. Read complete comment

prettybird 11/15/12 12:56PM

... and I ordered the part on searsparts for 86 dollars. I arrived about 8 days later and was promptly installed. Now just 4 1/2 months later... from "Cheryl" saying they only accept returns or process refund for items returned within 90 days in brand new unopened condition. Surely parts should last more than 4 or ...faulty part and no one is interested in making this right. I am very frustrated. I cant keep replacing it 3 times a year!!!! Read complete comment

zale9440 11/13/12 9:32PM

...They took the money out of my account immediately and said it would be delivered today ...and 9 pm. After sitting here all day waiting, by tonight I realized something was wrong ...out of stock and discontinued. They cancelled the order and now I have to wait for a refund ...if sitting here waiting for them all day and being on the phone for over an hour with multiple ... week saying they will have 2 per store. They claim they will help me ... one or my lawyer is getting involved. Sears should know that bait & switch ... had better be back in my account in 3-5 days as they promised. I am telling every ... Read complete comment

Unhappy 11/12/12 9:33PM

... was returnable, but that it would take 2-3 months to get me a refund. They also refused to provide any confirmation that the order was returned. They told me I ...a form to fill out sometime. So, basically, I don't know when I will get a refund, I don't know anything about the process, and I am pretty confident the person I was talking to had no idea how to issue a refund. Returning an order that has not been picked up should ... timeline and communication to a returns process. Unless something changes rapidly in this situation, I will NEVER buy anything at or Sears ... Read complete comment

Jabba 11/12/12 7:31AM

...very intermittent highway stalling and check engine light, the O2 sensor was replaced. Drove the car 1/2hr and the exact same problem reoccurred, engine restarted, ran smoothly without any symptom. Could not return to Sears that day because they closed at 5p. My car continued ... found the air intake hose being disconnected is the reason the car stalls. Sears replaced an O2 sensor but did not perform a "under hood courtesy check" as ... would've been easily identified/corrected. I requested a refund of labor charge because Sears was supposed to fix my car and failed ... Read complete comment

Mattew61 11/9/12 3:05PM

...of a goof to come to my house, than make a great sales pitch on why I need to buy a new unit, and gave me a bunch of coupons for Sears. After spending an hour on the phone (two hang-ups) they said it was OK that he lied about the service and the $79 was none refundable. We will see what VISA has to say about that! Read complete comment

Alou 11/9/12 9:18AM

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