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Petsmart Returns and Refunds

Petsmart Return Policy

PetSmart makes returns easy. If the product was purchased online, it can be returned the same way, by attaching the return shipping label and dropping it in the mail. Please use a trackable shipping method, and return the product with the orignial packaging. Online items can also be returned in any store. Simply bring the product and receipt or invoice and PetSmart will load the purchase price onto the credit card originally used to pay for the purchase or on a PetSmart merchandise card.

Purchases made in the store are returned in a similar way. If the purchase was made within the last 60 days, the purchase price is refunded back to the original credit card. Cash refunds are given in the case of cash or debit card purchases. Purchases made by check are refunded with cash as long as the check was written at least 10 days prior, otherwise a merchandise card is provided. For returns more than 60 days after the date of purchase, or if the receipt is unavailable, bring valid identification to complete the return, which will be refunded with a merchandise gift card.

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where in your policy doesn't say anything over good luck turn to the store my money was good enough to purchase a to me but when my dog passed away and I tried which are my dog. I had not been returned Rick used to return it because I've lost my receipt that is totally uncalled for it is very rude you can accept my cash but you cannot accept a returnI am very unsatisfied with petsmart and I had been a customer with you guys for years I don't know how else to explain the way I feel looking at my dog carrier everyday knowing that she got ran over by a vehicle insurance never use it

[email protected] 8/18/14 6:42PM

My dog had pancreatitis and I had to return some Cesar's dog food to petsmart. I had approx 100-200 containers. When I got to the store the manager told me that she could look up purchases on my petsmart card or she can look it up using the last 4 digits of my credit card number. So I gave her all of the information. She was unable to find it in the system so she said that I could leave all of the food there and that she would call the district manager and get back to me. It's been over two hours and I haven't heard anything. I tried to call them 30 minutes ago and they told me that they would get back to me when they hear from their district manager. So I looked up the policy for petsmart and it said that items purchased over 60 days ago without a receipt can be returned for exhange and that the return was a no hassle. Well this is a lot of hassle to me.

SE houston 7/21/14 10:48AM

I have been a customer over 15 years at the Santa Cruz, California store and have always been treated very kindly and respectfully by the staff there. I have several animals and feel the prices are the best in town. Last evening I attempted to bring back some dog treats and dry dog food for return,(a few items were not from their store, no problem) but, when I approached the clerk, she said she was the night Manager, and I could not return my items without a receipt. I gave her 5 or 6 receipts to look thru and this took 20 minutes or so, then she told me not all items were accounted for and I would have to come back when I have the receipts to return the other items. Each one of my items were less than $5.00 each. Why was I being treated like this? On the back of the receipts, returns without a receipt would get the current price and merchandise card, and my ID, great, just like always. But not without a lecture for her, I wanted to cry. The next day I insisted on speaking with the day Supervisor and he informed me that it was up to each Manager on duty to make up their mind how to handle a customer return, since our area has so many homeless and transient customers trying to return items. I am a resident for 30 years in this town and own my home and I am older woman over 60. This customer service has left me with a very sleepless night last night and so I won't be going back to Petsmart for a long while, if ever, we have many other stores to choose from that perhaps will appreciate my hard earned money, even though the day Supervisor said he would talk to his staff, I feel he just wanted me to leave, he never even asked me for a phone number to get back to me, I offered my name to him. Just remember!one upset customer can tell 5 people and they to may have had a bad experience and then they tell 5 more. Think about that one! Where was the friendly customer service return policy, like printed on each receipt! Which I used to get at that store in the past...Good luck!

Unhappy Lady 6/13/14 8:55PM

Honestly they have absolutely know problem taking your check but they make you wait 10 days to return any item and get your money back.Whats going to happen in 10 days anyway........????? if the check bounces you still have to pay the money back and fees so why in the world do you have to wait 10 days??????

pissed 5/30/14 11:30AM

I just tried to return my dogs Frontline plus package after one use due to horrible allergies to the medication. At the time i purchased the Frontline I also bought diapers that were to small for my dog and had to return a couple days after. At that time they took my receipt and replaced it with a receipt showing the refund (i never got the original receipt back). Today when trying to return the frontline medication, they asked me to show the original receipt and even though i explained the situation, they refused to acknowledge their mistake and just said "nothing we can do about". i could not even get store credit so now im out over $100 for nothing. This is the last time I purchase anything from Petsmart. Treat your customer with respect and you may have a higher customer retention.

Angry customer 3/16/14 9:33AM

Horrible return policy. I purchased a gate at the Clearwater store and a week later went to return it to your New Port Richey store. I did not have a receipt but it was a Martha Stewart gate only carried by Pet Smart. They would not return it so I went to the Clearwater store and they would only give me a gift card. There inexperienced kids running there stores

Goordo 11/11/13 4:49PM

I bought some items from petsmart today during morning and I went back to refund it that afternoon. Now its evening and I decided to check my online bank and they haven't transfer the money back. Does it take a few days to do it? Cause usually it'll transfer right when the transaction is done. Please help.

Anonymous 8/24/13 8:05PM

The policy says they'll load it onto your credit card, but fail to state that you need the credit card on your person when making the return.

I tried to return an item and had left my credit card in the car. When I said I didn't want store credit and that I'd come back later, the girl at the register processed me for store credit. Called her manager and found out that once she processed it there was nothing to be done.

Never shopping there again.

Anonymous 8/3/13 6:41PM

Same thing I bought a 35 dollar fish tank filter this morning. I did not open it. I went to return it to the store expecting to only get a gift card because I lost the receipt. The manager say she could not give me any type of refund with out a receipt. I will tell all my friends and family to never shop her again. Your management is a joke. I was very upset especially with all the money I have spent in this store. Never Again. Feel free to contact me if you would like to keep my business.

Anonymous 7/7/13 8:08PM

I tried to return aquarium to pets Mart in Johnson city Tennessee and was informed that even though it was new in original package that i could not exchange for store credit . What can you say for customer service like that .????

Anonymous 5/25/13 10:05PM

If animals are involved and they are dying because of starvation etc then that should be reported! I hope people do more then just leave a comment on here!

I personally have had wonderful customer service at 2 Petsmarts in Midlothian VA. The only bad experience I had was when I went to divy up several different bags of dog treats so I could take some to my dads dogs and as I was putting one type of treat into his bag I noticed little brown bugs. I immediately went in and asked for a refund. The only thing that bothered me a little is that they never made a comment about checking the other bags of that same product. I sure hope they did!

Jennifer 4/24/13 3:54PM

I placed an order on and for 2 weeks never received an email stating it shipped. I called 2 times...days. FINALLY I received an email stating it shipped and the tracking number for 4 days stated no such tracking again! NO WAY! I just want my refund via paypal please! I still have not ... Read complete comment

JustWantAFishTank 10/30/12 8:35AM

This is in reference to the Petsmart in Pace Florida. I prepaid over the phone for a dog training class and tried to cancel the class over... again that I cannot possibly get a refund. Well it is the third day with no return call and I had to call the store. I spoke with Mariah and ... to have my credit card hopefully credited for services never received. Pet Smart can sure take your money over the phone, but to get a refund is difficult. I would suggest that no one can make a payment over the phone if this is the case. I work in retail management and refund all the time over the phone... Read complete comment

GG3031 10/17/12 9:17AM

When I was last at Petsmart, I purchased your ExquisiCat® Lightweight Cedar Scoopable Cat Litter. I put it in one of my own cats’ litter boxes (I... have dropped. Then I opened the window. Within an hour, he was calming down. After about 2.5 hours, he returned mostly to normal. (He remained a bit manic.) By evening he was totally normal.mvj While I realize this ... introduction and removal of the litter from his environment might only be co-temporal. But the fact that he began to return to normal almost immediately after I removed the litter makes this unlikely. My guess is that the litter (... Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/14/12 1:14PM

.... I have been a customer for over 20 yrs at this store buying all of my cat & fish supplies... Banfield Vetfor all 4 of my cats. Tonight I attemted to return an Aqueon brand aquarium hood & light that... I do have my receipt & wanted to exchange it but the new Manager on duty tonight would not... for weeks. Obviously, some aquarium products do wear out before the warranty & I have returned items in the past with no hassle, which is why I continue to shop there. ...over $45. I can take my $$ to another pet store or WalMart. Shame on you for hiring incompetent employees with... Read complete comment

Cindie 7/17/12 6:58PM

I just returned from petsmart in Morrow Ga. I was the worse expirence I have ever had in a store. I wanted to purchase a doghouse. First there was no one on the floor to assist me. I went to the front of the store there was three people standing there talk one ... number which has nothing to do with my checking account. I have had this account for 45 years so I know ...resolution like another type of id or may verification from a bank card ect he is still like if it don' my limit. This is unacceptable service. If you manage a store you should be able to find resolutions for your ... Read complete comment

fedup 1/13/12 7:19PM

We bought a plecostmus from the Rockaway NY Petsmart. It died 2 days later. I went to the store to get a replacement. They checked the water, and told us the alkaline... to support it. Then the manager, Chris, said they couldn't give us a replacement no matter what without a receipt. My wife returned that same day with the receipt, and they continued to give us problems. Mind you, this... manager, Chris, did his best to avoid us at all costs. Most of the Plecostmus in the store died of starvation anyways, according to one of the staff. Never buy from this ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 12/28/11 8:09PM

...for me with my name on it and it was to be left at register #1. Upon arriving at the store, it was busy, so after waiting in line for some time, ... I was wrong, asked if I had maybe called the wrong store, she acted put out but agreed to look a bit further for my item. She left and returned shortly with my item, my name was clearly written on After I left I was still upset, so I decided to call the store to speak to the manager and to my surprise Serina answered and informed... have always had good customer service, but today was clearly not one of those days. S. McGinnis Camas, WA Read complete comment

Sandy 8/7/09 5:23PM

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