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Kroger Returns and Refunds

Kroger Return Policy

Kroger will accept returns of products in nearly every case. They will offer either a refund, exchange, adjustment or a Kroger gift card. This policy even applies if you simply do not like a Store Brand item. You can call Kroger customer service at 800-632-6900 with any question, comments or concerns.

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i think they need a return policy..something that says what you can return or not return...written up and displayed...i am so upset with customers that rip the stores dont like it so bring it back...spare me...if it was your store...your money paying employees..would you be talkin the same way...NO you wouldnt...but because you think you deserve everything you are going to bash tell me how many other stores would put up with returnig stuff like stop complaining...its your own fault for buying it...

woodsdn 8/11/14 8:50AM

Now when I tried to return something without a receipt the rude lady at customer service said that I would need the Kroger plus card that I used when purchasing it and a date that I think I purchased it. After half hour she said I can exchange it for the same exact thing, I got the same exact thing, but different flavor because I didnt like the flavour of the juice. She denied the exchange and said I would have to get the same exact thing. I was loyal to Kroger, but after this never again will I shop there.

Former Kroger customer 5/19/14 6:16PM

Same thing happened here. Called Kroger corporate just to make sure the store was correct. But in fact they do not accept returns on all items. Their brands are one thing but any other brand is a third party vendor and they have to show proof of purchase either on your shopping or credit card. They kept saying "if you do not have the packaging with the UPC on it we cannot do it". Well, they had the product AND its UPC in their store. Whatever. Either you can or can't. Kroger needs to create a solid return policy with all of its exceptions and stop confusing its consumers.

Traci 5/16/14 10:53AM

Yes, Kroger's is 100% satisfaction guaranteed at the Kroger"s that I shop at. Too,

If Kroger's rings up a grocery item with the incorrect price, the product is free. This will only apply to food items. If the checker is new and unfamiliar, call the manager.

Lastly, if Kroger fails to use your coupon or you forget to provide at checkout, customer service desk will refund. If the service desk is closed, be mindful to watch the screen checking prices that they ring up, and they will correct the mistake right then.

Crickett 2/2/14 12:33PM

I tried to return a mascara that irritated my eyes and the ghetto store employee (most of them are ghetto) promptly told me "we don't issue refund for used makeup, it's a loss for US". Well ma'm, if you can't refund a $5 mascara, then I can't continue spending $500 + a month at your store. Even Target gives refunds, no questions asked. Goodbye!!

tiredofkroger 1/24/14 12:34PM

Im calling Bull crap on you kroger, My husband just tried to return something w/o reciept (cause God forbid you lose your reciept) and they flat out said they dont do returns period without reciept. Done with you Kroger.

Anonymous 1/21/14 1:48PM

I went to Kroger to exchange whole Half n Half for non fat. Wayne told verbatim, " I am going to make you feel guilty, I have to throw away that milk. We cannot return perishables."
I said, Wayne, you try to make me feel guilty every time I return something. When I go to Trader Joes, they encourage me to try new products and they always say, if you don't like them, you can bring them back, no questions ask. Wayne said that Kroger is not like TJs and that Kroger tries to keep their prices low . TJs always sells milk at a lower price and it is hormone free. Wayne told me Kroger tells their employees to make customers feel guilty so they will not make the same mistake. I spend $600 plus dollars a month at Kroger and have for over thirty years. I am looking for a new store now. I have bought lots of bad meat and produce at the Parkaire store, Marietta Ga over the last year. I really don't like that store and only shop there for location convenience . Publix & TJs is only a mile up the street. I would much rather pay more to shop at Whole Foods and get a superior product and have a fun shopping experience.

Former Loyal Kroger Shopper 7/7/13 8:01AM

October 28, 2010 A letter I sent to the store manager of Kroger at 4355 Washington Rd., Evans, GA: I know you have comment cards near one of the store’s exits, but with a full-cart and a 2-year-old, I wasn’t able to stop and fill out a card during my shopping trip. That being said, I did want ... unload my cart so I could go after my daughter. When I returned, he was about done unloading all of the groceries. He then went .... Another employee (a young woman) overheard and offered to make the exchange, which she did. When my transaction was completed the cashier... Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/28/10 12:56PM

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