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Samsung Return Policy

Samsung offers consumers a 30-day money back guarantee. Requesting a refund from this retailer involves an easy online process that requires only the entry of the order number and the customer's email address to be implemented. Refunds are usually credited back to the consumer's credit card within five to seven business days. Those who pay for their merchandise with cash, money orders, checks or wire transfers will need to contact Samsung's customer service department to make arrangements for an alternative method of refund payment. Consumers also have the option of canceling the order at any time before the product is shipped.

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I live in Lagos, Nigeria, I bought a s5 phone onthe 12 of may, bearly 2 weeks after it starts to malfunction, running hot, power botton not working well, not responding to touch to mention a few. I returned the phone on the 5th of June. Samsung has refused to replace the fone with a new one but insist they have repaired it. It is a shame that a phone like s5 is so treated, with all the hype about s5.

Olu dudu 6/23/14 10:36AM

My name is Solange Greco, I am a Brazilian Ambassadress and I live in Istambul. I need my telephone like anybody else working all the time. I bought a new one, which I have for not more than 4 months and I am still paying it. However, many times the cel. phone blocks and I cannot call or receive any calls.
Due to this problems I lost many important calls and contacts. I wish I could be refunded for that. I still have a more simple Samsung that still works with a number in Italy and I can assure it never happened this before. I was recommending this telephone to my husband, but not anymore. I have some friends who also have Samsung and all of them are claiming the same problem. What happened to your factory? You should be responsible for the products you put in the market. My Government had to communicate with me and it was impossible. I am passing by a person that do not answer the phone and even worse an irresponsible one. What can you do?

Samsung S III mini 5/28/14 5:17AM

I bought the Samsung Rf4289hars fridge about 2yrs ago. The freezer stopped working so they sent a tech out to change the compressor because it was bad and still under warranty. Tech could not fix it and now I have been without a fridge for about a week. Samsung said I will get a refund for fridge but they have not finished "reviewing" my info. How long does it take to send back a refund? I guess this will be the last Samsung appliance I will ever buy.

drty3rd 4/25/14 4:15PM

I bought the latest and greatest unf8000 60 inch tv that was highly recommended by cnet experts. To make a long story short, tv has been repaired six times from dec. 2013 to date. After many frustrating phones calls and repair samsung is finally offering me a refund. Stay away from this model. Voice activation comes on by itself for no reason and tv powers on and off. After mother board power supple camera have been replaced many times. Samsung has finally thrown in the towel by giving me my hard earn money back. I'll buy something more worthily then this piece of junk!!!

Anuman 3/19/14 7:43PM

I purchased a laptop in June 2013 and it stopped working not once but now 4 times updates from Windows 8. I have followed the wonderful instructions from Samsungs customer service representatives to send it away and was told the last time if I sent the unit 3 times for repair they would replace it or refund me my purchase value. They lied and have told me I have to send it away for a fourth time. The hard drive has supposedly been replaced 3 times and the motherboard once. It was suggested to me by a IT person the issue is the model of laptop I have is not compatible with Windows 8 and I think he is right because the first time the laptop crashed the customer service representative said to me the model of laptop I have should have Windows 7 on it not Windows 8.
More than frustrated and really don't know what options I have

badlaptop 3/5/14 3:41PM

I recently (november 1, 2013) purchased your samsung tablet 3 and it ceased to turn on (december 26, 2013). It will not charge or turn on. It was purchased through who have Not stood behind their/ your product. They assured me that it was in your hands and to contact you. I would like to use my manufacturer warranty which i was assured by nomorerack that it holds a 1 year warranty. I would like a replacement or credit back to my credit card. Please assist as i am on a fixed income (disability) and after saving to purchase this product i am left without my funds or a workable product. Please please help.

Sincerely frustrated

[email protected] 1/9/14 5:19PM

Hi am sathish i bought a samsung led tv 32 f4100 from viveks showroom on 03/11/2013.

On the very first day i faced a problem usb data transfer is not working fine in the tv. Third day demo person came and gave a demo about the tv and installed the wall mount stand i asked to that person about the how to transfer the usb files and he explained me and tried to transfer files but its not worked properly he said some issue on the tv other technician will come and solve this issue he said. I locked a complaint technician came 08/11/2013 on that time it was fine he said there is no issue on tv its pen drive problem and that complaint was closed. I bought new pen drives but the problem persists randomly.

After two weeks later i noticed a some humming noise coming from tv. I complaint in samsung customer care complaint on 21/11/2013 technician came on 25/11/2013 the person who came for pen drive issue mr sugumar he said there is no issue on tv problem is in your house there is no proper ground earth connection and some neutral space interlinking is there something he said after that he gone but complaint still open. I called the electrician and checked the electrical lines electrician said there is no issue with electrical lines i checked the my tv in my friend house there is also same noise coming.

Again i called 1-sam-sung customer care i explained about there is no electrical issue in my house. I asked for refund of my money they sent other technician on 05/12/2013 mr pramoth he saying this sound is normal with all samsung led tv because of design is like that. I informed to tech mr sugumar said some electrical problem but now you are saying this is design fault its common with samsung led tv. mr pramoth (tech) said this is common problem refund is not possible. I asked a written letter about this issue and mention not possible to refund money i deal this with legally he said you contact call centre spoke about this and he leave from my home and i called call centre there is no proper response. Its a worst service from samsung but am sure i take this issue to consumer court i get my refund.



samsung worst service 12/5/13 1:32PM


I am Abilash and my friend purchased Samsung S4 phone couple of months back from Bangalore Samsung Smart Cafe, Bangalore, India.

Already, we have given the phone to the service center twice because of severe heating and hanging issues. Both the time, they said that the problem is resolved but even today the phone gets hangs and also the battery goes off suddenly.
There are about 4 executives who have interacted with us and the response was pathetic. The 2nd time we gave the phone, they said the problem is with the motherboard.
Plz understand that we paid 40,000 INR for this phone and its a huge investment and there were lots of hope when we bought this phone
I had a respect for this brand but now, both the phone and the service that we received till date is pathetic and very poor.
The worst part is response from your customer care executives.

Now again they are asking us to give it to the service center and to be put under observation.
I dont understand whether your team doesn't have value for customers or is this how your guys behave with the customers always?

Why I should I give it to the customer service center everytime and its just the 3rd month since we purchased this phone.

Why don't you accept that the phone has a problem and replace it for me?
I dont want this phone now and want my money to be refunded.
I have already lost the trust in your brand and dont want things to get worser.
Even when the problem was realized and explained to Samsung executives just after 2 weeks of purchase, they refused to get it rectified replace it and the response was pathetic.

Abilash 9/23/13 11:31AM

I bought a Samsung 46in 3D TV in Apr of 2012 on Sep 4th of 2013 the TV cramped out on me.I payed more than $1000.00 bucks for this TV and Samsung refuses to fix or replace this problem.I know that the limited warranty is only 1yr but
comeon 1 1/2yrs for a TV to last,to throw into a landfill.
I would like the executive of Samsung to stand by their product and fix or replace this problem!
If I do not hear a positive response from Samsung I may take this issue to the MEDIA.

Tom 9/12/13 11:24AM

It's a hectic experience to go through repair department, honestly they are useless cant come for repairs it's already 4 weeks. Samsung never again.

Taz 9/3/13 7:37PM

This information is not right.I bought samsung duos on 5th August 2013,when i went to the service center regarding my issue i.e. It is heating a llot,it gets switched off frequently.
while using my phone for connecting my laptop via USB tethering my phone suddenly switched off though the battery was 54%, and when I tried to switched it ON it was unable to do so.

When I connected my phone whit the charger and tried once more, to my surprise what I noticed that the battery was 0% and it took 0:30 Mins to charge from 0%-5% now you can make estimation what will be the time taken to charge my battery full.Initially when i asked to prepare DO they were playing around with me by updating software and now they are saying the DO policy is only till seven days and its the eighth day so they can't prepare DO and refund my money.
Samsung is not at all doing the right thing

Manas 8/13/13 2:51AM

I ordered 4 of the samsung galaxy precedents, and I realize all of them were analog. I decided to send to send to walmart because that's where I ordered it from but walmart is saying since the 15 days has passed, I should ship it samsung since I have one year waranty. I had the first order in may 1 and second order in may 10 but the problem is where I work is far from home so I go to house every 6 weeks. Now if you can replace with any sumsung galaxy group which is unlocked and worth the same price or little bit higher, I will appreciate it.

sn 6/28/13 6:33AM

I have a samsung galaxy s advance and em not satisfy with this set because it's having low specification then other mobiles, so can I return to samsung r get anyother new mobile?

xenur 6/6/13 1:49AM

...anymore so we had it checked. Samsung service men came over the next day to assess the damage and we were told ... unit. On July 19, the unit was pulled out and was returned on the 24th, on both occasions our pick up was used ...ref and the freezer was decreasing. The unit was again pulled out for replacement of compressor on Sept 6, 2012. On Sept 29, we heard ...the compressor (they said maybe it happened when the ref was last returned so everytime it vibrates, it produces that irritating sound). After that i got a call from Samsung Manila asking for the performance of the service i am getting here in... Read complete comment

Joyce 11/13/12 1:11AM

... to). Make sure you have time to be on the phone for a while (1-2 hours) because it is a lengthly process to get what you want. Each phone call takes "3-5 business days" to process. It's been 6 months (1 phone call per week) and I am FINALLY getting a refund on my samsung television (white blotches on the screen-unrepairable). I can't wait to... Read complete comment

san diego 11/5/12 5:21PM

I biught a cell phone samnsung in July. After 15 days didn´t work anymore and took it for repair in Samsung. Afetr a week they returned it to me working well for about a... want any more that device, I would accept other or my money. They said "ok, we will give you... I am stilla waiting. In the middle yhey offered me the money twice and other device twice too. In ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/5/12 2:59PM

... O2 said they wouldn't help and it had to be returned to Samsung, despite being the retailer of a faulty product. List of some faults: 1. The charging is intermittent and sometimes drains battery ... apparently no faults with the phone the following are a list of repairs Samsung say they have made: 1. Bezel replaced. 2. Screen replaced. 3. Battery charging internals replaced. 4. Entire PCB replaced. 5. Memory flashed 5 times. 6. Operating system replaced 5 times. 7. Software replaced 5 times. I have practically been called a liar because there... Read complete comment

ROBCOOPER2001 10/27/12 5:07AM

... I did including the faulty power adapter. The tablet was repaired and returned to me with out the power adapter. I have called Samsung multiple times and to get them ... power adapter with my tablet. The level of competence and customer service at Samsung is absolutely pathetic. I will NEVER by another product from this so called ... Read complete comment

PO 10/12/12 10:47AM

...'t have wasted my time with them. Beware folks, if you buy a Samsung product and notice a problem with it, don't wait for 5 days to get it replaced! Return it right away for a new one or ask for full refund. I sent a Galaxy S3 back with the sticker that came with the phone on the front screen, no damage, phone repaired. They also won't provide any evidence of the damage part and the only thing they can do for me is to take my credit card information. Please don't answer my call if you keep telling me " I'm... I'm not ... Read complete comment

DoneWithSamsung 10/10/12 8:06AM

...would not register keystrokes at all. I couldn't type my user account name or password without pulling up the MS virtual ... and a replacement unit/exchange was being "requested" - not issued, but "requested". After additional ... "Executive Support" at Samsung on Oct 1, I was told that the policy that applies in a case such as mine is that a replacement unit could not be ... Shipping could take anywhere from 3-5 days I was told. After the original defective unit is received, I was told the process to 'approve' and ship a replacement unit would take anywhere between 10... Read complete comment

Barnaby 10/6/12 8:01PM

... hour, 24 hours later, I called and was told the email may take 5 to 7 days to be sent to me at which point I can start the exchange process. On top of this, it doesn't guarantee I can get the same model... so basically I couldn't even know when I should follow up again on this if I don't receive the followup from Samsung...Anyone know where I can voice my dissatisfaction and warn more people against ...'s terrible customer service? Advice welcomed. I usually take it easy on this kind of thing, Samsung has been an unusually negative experience I have had and I do feel... Read complete comment

From Berkeley, CA 10/3/12 2:36PM

I have tried unsuccessfully to reach your offices regarding a refund that I requested in July 2012, and that you promised would be sent unsuccessful attempts to reach you at that time. I have received no refund, nor have I been contacted. Not receiving this money for a refrigerator that I purchase in August of last year and that cannot be ... them know that you have not followed through on issuing the refund. By the way, none of the numbers posted on-line for your office work... Read complete comment

Jean 9/24/12 11:24AM

Samsung Galaxy mini owner had it for 9 months now, slide wont open at all everything appears normal but just wont open. Discovered it ... to in coming call and after it wouldnt open and caller went to voice message, it returned to wallpaper. Very dis hearterned as i had been with a old Nokia phone that was amazing in ... Read complete comment

stellerstar 9/19/12 9:07PM

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