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Verizon Wireless Returns and Refunds

Verizon Wireless Return Policy

If you've purchased an item from Verizon Wireless and wish to discontinue the service, you will need to do more than simply send the item back to the company. In order for your service to be canceled, it is essential that you contact the customer service telephone number listed on your receipt and speak with a representative. All wireless device returns and exchanges are subject to restocking fees with amounts depending on the specific device.

Merchandise that is returned to Verizon must be in undamaged condition and be accompanied by the original receipt. It is also important that you pack the merchandise in its original shipping container. refunds will only be given to those whose names appear on the original receipt. Merchandise that you have purchased from specific Verizon stores can only be returned to that store only.

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Been paying phone bill for my son . we would go into verizon store to pay his bill in person ten minutes later he would get a text message stating that he had a balance due for like a hundred and something before they would turn it on! How is that possible?

annoymous 7/16/14 5:45PM

Verizon charged my account twice now refuses to refund it back....ive jumped through all there hoops and still have no refund, i dont make alot of money, bit I work pay my bills on times like i was doing with my phone payment,then they took it out once again, still not resolved. they refuse to tell me the steps i need to take to get my money back,they left my account with only 100 dollars in it and i just got paid, now my grandbaby doesnt get the presents she was getting and verizon could give a darn that i just well they just broke her little heart.

susan p. 2/11/14 11:32PM

... Called Motorola, they offered (without trouble) to warranty for free but with wait. (obviously not mentioning... Not wanting to wait I headed over to the local Verizon corporate location, tech in the location tries to... know that I was in the 14 day grace period for a new device if I go back to the store today. ... me, he tries to look up the info in the account and apparently has the same problem ... located information on my order to even begin to process the exchange and I get thrown back ...up and everything was taken care of. (Prepaid shipping label, etc). Aside from the blunderings of the tech ... Read complete comment

btcraig 11/10/12 3:16PM

...local Verizon Store and with your billing department. Here are the details. We hosted a foreign exchange from August 2010 to May 2011. She needed... Verizon Store on Harvey Street to check out to see if we could get her on... there were 9 months (7/2011 to 3/2012) of unnecessary charges for number . If you notice looking at... cell phones. So, in protest we are going to pay the $125.82. HOWEVER, we hope that Verizon will take appropriate action and credit our account that same amount... Please respond back to us within 30 days. Thank you. Alan and Julie ... Read complete comment

wernette 10/26/12 7:02AM

... it off, they had the nerves to say that it was my fault the bill got charged double and they could not get me my refund without a letter from my bank.... of their customers, PERIOD. Most services would help you out with payments and they to make a settlement with them but not Verizon. I really enjoyed Fios for the last three years and I wanted to stay, but I am not going to pay for something that I did not do. I am going back to Cox cable. ... a tad more expensive but they are reliable. If you want to deal with Verizon idiot customer service then go on ahead. I am done ... Read complete comment

VABeachGuy 9/20/12 9:47AM

... on a port that is working and want to charge me $299. They will not return my old phone and I can return the refurbished phone phone if I don't want to incur the $299. Motorola will repait it under warranty. What is Verizon Wireless doing except killing their own customers? To ... Read complete comment

JM 8/22/12 9:59PM

1). We had a business account with Verizon. Somehow, packages and charges were added ...had to keep someone from the package or I would have to pay something ridiculous like $200.00 ...keep internet in order to keep from paying the fees. Since then, Verizon has overcharged me every month. They even charged me TWICE in one month, and ...supposed to be for the following month. I double checked my account...every month has been paid, there are 2 charges for the overpaid month, and then the following ...went back to regular payments. I have tried countlessly to get the charge refunded, but the customer ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 8/22/12 11:09AM

...6 people, 2 of whom work side by side in the same store, and not one had the same answer ...always been nice. Just not helpful. 6 people in 2 days with diffn answers is the most minor of issues! Alltel days.....and this? If ANYONE knows of somewhere I am not aware of within Verizon please know and my letters go unanswered, returned, etc. Is a lawyer the route? It is not one issue......or unkind. Just VERY unhelpful!! SOMEONE has to be in charge..someone hires, fires, is CEO, earns a high pay check, ... share. Have met two people through the process who DID know the product, etc, but don... Read complete comment

JBKS 7/17/12 7:25PM

I started as a Verizon Wireless customer in April 2011. Since then I have had 11 devices. No I am not ...agreed after many complaints, a mere sales rep in a corporate store got me a 3G replacement. I was unable to accomplish this myself because customer service and tech ...ahead and cancel the line. they are not crediting my act fee. That's ok. I'm calling their bluff and I WILL return the device on the 14th day and cancel the line. They would rather charge me $35 and have me ...years and have my loyaly than waive that fee. The rep said they will go out of business if they credit me. Are you kidding me... Read complete comment

tyler2345 4/30/12 12:37PM

I bought a verizon wireless phone and have had nothing but trouble. To try and correct no minutes on a .... What @@@@ 2) repeated problem and when supervisor called back and refused to refund phone purchase. 3) I wouldn't buy another verizon phone for ####. 4) Upset don't worry the operator will give ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 4/22/12 3:58PM

Alert: Verizon Wireless. I've been a customer for a very long time, that being said yesterday 2/21/2011 I went to the Verizon Store in Butler, NJ to purchase a phone for my son (first phone). I went knowing that I wanted a phone that offered Family Locator, ... doesn't support Family Locator. Filed a compliant against the sales rep with corp, this is the best part to exchange the phone they wanted $80.00 more and $35.00 restocking fee....well you should have heard that conversation. After yelling, screaming, kicking got the $35.00 waived, but they ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 2/22/12 5:40PM

.... Although we played phone tag the rest of the day, I finally got ahold of Hector Mendoza the following day. Initially he listened to my complaint but when we could not work approval, he became rude. His solution was that Verizon would offer me a 35% deduction from talk to someone else that could authorize a full refund. He said I could but his &... have to start over again after dealing with this for 2 days. By this time, I was really frustrated! I spoke to a woman named ... helpfulness, I have a sour feeling about my experience with Verizon to work out my issue. My cell ... Read complete comment

Kim Sprague 2/10/12 9:09AM

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