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Rite Aid Returns and Refunds

Rite Aid Return Policy

Rite Aid offers customers a generous customer satisfaction guarantee on the products that it carries. When products are returned within 30 days of the receipt date, customers can receive an exchange, credit or merchandise credit according to the following guidelines for returns.

Returning Rite Aid Brand Products
All Rite Aid brand items are backed by the store's 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Customers can return used or unused items with an original receipt to receive a full refund.

Returning Other Items with a Receipt
When items are returned within 30 days of the receipt date, Rite Aid offers customers an exchange, credit, refund or store credit via a Rite Aid Merchandise Return Card. Opened or unopened beauty products covered under the "Don't Pay for Your Mistakes" Guarantee can receive a full refund when the original receipt is presented within 30 days.

Returning Other Items without a Receipt
Customers who return an item without a receipt will receive a Rite Aid Merchandise Return Card for the lowest retail selling price of the item within the last 30 days. Customers can also choose to make a product exchange.

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Rite Aid's return policy is a joke. I bought a tube of Rite Aid brand diaper rash cream a few days ago. When I went to use it for the first time, a disgusting fluid leaked all over my son while I was changing his diaper. I brought the tube back unused and was told that even though I spent at least $6.50 for it a few days ago, I would only get back $2.74 for a defective tube of diaper rash cream. THAT'S RIDICULOUS. Its not like I bought something I didn't want and needed and just wanted my money back. This did not work as expected and was an inconvenience to myself and my family. After waiting 10 minutes to be helped, and told I was only getting $2.74 back, I was then told my only other option would be to do an even exchange for another tube of that nasty trash. I was so unhappy with the customer service I left the defective tube at the store and walked out without ANY refund.

Thank you for robbing me with your awful policy and sub-standard customer service. Nobody in my house will ever purchase anything from any Rite Aid again.

AnnoyedAndCheated 7/14/14 11:29AM

I am very dissatisfied with Rite Aid return policy. If I paid with a manufacturer coupon (which they get reimbursed for)or with up rewards I lose them. At CVS I get a money card, which makes sense.
I tried returning an unopened make up which was $14.49, but I paid with up rewards. All they wanted to give me was $3.00. I kept the make up, but don't shop at Rite Aid that often anymore.

Anonymous 3/31/14 10:36PM

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