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Neiman Marcus Returns and Refunds

In-Store Purchases

Returning Neiman Marcus purchases made at their retail stores or through their the book catalog is easy and convenient. If dissatisfied with a purchase, simply return any item obtained at a Neiman Marcus store to any Neiman Marcus store. Jewelry and several brands of watches must be returned prior to 60 days.

Gifts can be returned to Neiman Marcus for merchandise credit. This credit can be spent at Neiman Marcus, Horchow, or Bergdorf Goodman stores. The credit will be accepted at their retail stores and online. If the gift is worth more than $2,000, Neiman Marcus will issue a check in that amount to the returner.

Merchandise purchased through the book can be returned to the store for full credit. The merchandise must be in the same condition by which it was sent to the purchaser. If returning the book via the postal service, simply fill out the back of the packing slip and enclose it with the return.

If returning a the book cosmetic or fragrance purchase, the merchandise must be in its original condition and not have been opened. Neiman Marcus will not accept attempted returns of perishable foods or personalized items, such as merchandise that has been monogrammed.

Online Purchases

Neiman Marcus wants customers to be satisfied with their purchases, but sometimes this does not happen for one reason or another. However, Neiman Marcus provides a way for customers to return purchases that do not meet their needs.

Returns depend upon several factors. An item can be returned if it is defective, unwashed or unworn or a gift. Cosmetics need to be in their original packages and unused. However, personalized and perishable items are not returnable.

With their order, customers are given information on what can be returned, when and how. Refer to this information before seeking to return items. How much credit is received for a return depends, for many items, on how long they are held before the return. Other items, such as jewelry and watches, need to be returned, with all documentation, within 60 days of receipt.

Returned items need to be in the same condition in which they were sent, with all original packaging, tags and documentation. The reason for the return is noted on the back of the packing slip. Returns can be replaced in kind or Customers with returns may receive a replacement, credit or refund--depending upon the item, condition, cost or other factors.

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I purchased channel cosmetics from Mrs Jenny Good @ Houston Neiman M.
as I normally do & it is shipped to me in another state. I was visiting Houston for work & went to Neimans to return Chanel cosmetics that I did not like . went to customer service to make return and was treated like a criminal trying to return stolen merchandise ...I let the C.S. person Michele S. know that it was purchased on my NM card & gave her the date of purchase ..she kept me there for 35minutes to torture me for a return .. LAST TIME @ NEIMAN'S

BARB 8/12/14 7:09PM

As a Neiman Marcus charge card holder for years buying both at Last Call and Neiman Marcus via online. I had bought a dress which didn't fit and thought I would return it upon my visit to South Florida. I went to the Boca Raton store and was told they do not accept Last Call Returns and I would have to go to the Sawgrass Outlet Last Call Store. Although out of my way I did only to find out that they do not accept ... Read complete comment

rae 9/26/12 4:08AM

...ordered one rug from Neiman Marcus. I recieved the wrong color and had to exchange it. Ok things happen... but when they shipped the 2nd rug it was AGAIN the wrong color... recieved the correct one. Then they shipped ANOTHER one, the correct color but... Read complete comment

wefflebean 7/31/12 2:14PM

... had the worst time working with Neiman Marcus and their customer service. I had wanted to return a wedding gift. They were .... Four weeks later I called to check on the gift card and it still was not processed. Six weeks later I call to check on the status and they didn't ... a "Thank you" card for the gift and now they know I returned it. I called to resolve this and they said they don't know if they can. I have to wait 5 days to see if it is processed than it will take me another 7-10 ... an issue if they could refund me at the store. I never plan to shop at Neiman Marcus again. This is ... Read complete comment

clove_925 12/6/11 5:44PM

I have been a customer of Neiman Marcus, Coral Gables for over two years and have ... each time. I have also purchased and returned handbags with Ms. Marante,and she has ... is over a year old and used, no one in any store would return it. That is not a Neiman Marcus thing, that is a retail thing.... policies vary and if there is no policy, it is at the store's discretion. I agree with her comment that ... within your financial means. As far as general service at Neiman's in Coral Gables, they are the best!!! Read complete comment

Anonymous 1/26/11 7:36PM

...Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman online are the same). They sent me a different (inferior) bag from what I ordered. I returned it, received credit. Weeks later they charged my credit card WITHOUT my authorization and sent me the same, wrong bag. I rejected the bag,my credit card company credited ... account and sent me the same bag. Again, I rejected the bag and my credit card company credited my account. Listen to this, yesterday (11.11.10) I made a small purchase on Neiman Marcus online with a gift card, thinking it's probably safe ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/12/10 12:18PM

...bought channel bag for my wife and Neiman made error on billing so first bill was not received and returned to Neiman.(They told us there ...they are calling 5-8times per day to telling us to make payment!!!. (told them we ...receive it. I told CSR please put note on the account and wait till you receive ...keep calling u untill we receive the money?! WTF is this? is this Neiman Macus or some collection agent?... Read complete comment

interweb77 10/12/10 8:05AM

first, their "price match" policy sucks. i bought a pair of jeans for $168. found the same pair online on sale for $99. whether or not the $99 sale price was found on neiman marcus online or any other online merchant shouldn't be an issue; doesn't it make sense for them to honor the sale price and refund the difference? if they don't, i'll just shop online from now on, ... lose means lower sales. eventually they'll alienate enough customers like liberty house did with their lousy store policies and go out of business. just watch and see. it's just a matter of time. who wants to ... Read complete comment

Boy-Boycotter 9/14/10 6:06PM

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