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LL Bean Returns and Refunds

LL Bean Return Policy

LL Bean is another major retailer that has an easy return and exchange process. Items can be returned through LL Bean stores or by mail. Those who are returning things by mail can download and print a return and exchange form as well as a shipping label on LL Bean's website. Printing and using the prepaid shipping label will save customers $6.50. LL Bean prefers to use United Parcel Service for returns and exchanges, but realizes that some areas can only be accessed by the United States Postal Service. Online tracking is available for those using UPS but not for those who are using the post office.

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I mailed a return to llbean on dec 11 and it is dec 27 now and they claim they have not received my item I used return label and ups! I simply wanted to exchange a large for a medium . I went to one of their stores with receipts and proof and they had the medium at store and they would not give me one and it is now on sale they told me to buy it ! Disgusted long term customer

Susan 12/27/13 2:57PM

As an LL Bean customer I must say that reading the negative comments especially the ones about returning everything and that we are humans and not pows are very inflated statements. I have never experienced a problem with Beans. They take pride and care in all of the work that we ... Read complete comment

Doc 11/23/11 1:25AM

Why do returns take so long to process? I ret'd a jacket which was received at the Bean warehouse on a Tuesday, according ... is friday afternoon. Customer Service person I spoke with said 'we process thousands of returns each day' which I'm sure is true. This begs the question - "why don't you hire more ... Read complete comment

Babs 10/14/11 10:29AM

...: Please don't tell me "If LLBean does not issue a refund, I personally will" - right. If you ship me defective merchandise, you should issue a recall at your ... is not acceptable that I have to reorder and THEN get my shipping costs removed from a new order. If an item is defective, do ... Read complete comment

exbeaner 6/21/11 3:44PM

... I requested). Unfortunately for me, the Wildcat boots are now out of stock in size 9. I received shipment of the Snow Sneakers, but they do ...received the Wildcat II boots before they went out of stock. On 12-20-10, I emailed my complaint to the customer service email account; several hours later, I still had heard nothing in ...could do except have me send the Snow Sneakers back for a refund. I was disappointed that they weren't willing to do ANYTHING to compensate me ..., the rep agreed (after I suggested it) that LL Bean would cover my return shipping charges. This does appease me somewhat,... Read complete comment

Mom_Of_2 12/20/10 5:53PM

..., a long down coat, I found the quality very inferior and returned it, handing the return package directly to the UPS representative nine days ago. My credit card does not yet reflect the refund due me, $169.89c. less the return shipping charge. I called LL Bean customer service to ask about this and was told it takes approximately four weeks for that ... Read complete comment

Jipped 12/16/10 6:41PM

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