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Walmart Returns and Refunds

Walmart Return Policy

According to Walmart's return policy, they will exchange, refund or repair your purchased item as long as it meets the following guidelines.

Walmart will accept returns within 90 days after purchase. This applies to all products, with a few exceptions, such as the following:

  • Electronics including but not limited to computers, camcorders, digital music players, and GPS units must be returned within 15 days with receipt
  • Airbeds that are not defective must be returned within 15 days and, if used, will only be exchanged for an airbed of equal or greater value
  • Tools of outside use, such as lawn mowers or power washers, must be returned within 30 days with a receipt
  • CDs, DVDs, and video game cartridges follow the 90-day return policy, but must be either defective or returned unopened for a refund or exchange
  • Perennials, trees, and shrubs may be returned within 1 year of purchase with a receipt

Walmart does not require a receipt to facilitate your returns, except for the exceptions mentioned above. Any items may be exchanged. For purchases under $25, you may choose to receive a cash refund instead. For purchases over $25, you may choose a store shopping card for the amount of the purchase.

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I've never had a return problem with Walmart until I returned a item I bought on line. They won't give me the sales tax backd I have the online receipt that shows I paid sales tax. The woman at customer service said they no longer give sale tax back on online returns. This happened at Walmart in Gulf Breeze Florida today and someone had the problem last week too. Waiting to see how they handle the problem after I called and complained.

Anonymous 7/23/14 10:05AM

I've shopped Walmart for years and have never had a problem returning merchandise. Ever. I've encountered rude and incompetent sales associates and managers but if you ask for the store manager, usually he'll take care of things. Remember to call Corporate office not customer service to get things handled! They'll take action against the store who will follow through and ya may even get a little more than ya thought for your troubles! Happy Returning!

Sharkgurl 7/20/14 6:30AM

Walmart cannot afford to hire managers.....I know this because I have benn back consistantly for 2 weeks trying to return a phone.....and the only person available is a person that pretends to page a manager to no avail. When I ask they say he just left, doesn't matter the time of day!
The consumerist will work on it. I hope others learn not to buy electronics there!

checkedout 7/20/14 1:56AM

As a person on limited income I will no longer shop at walmart because they will go to all limits to refuse to honor their products. A phone that only works for 3 weeks is just toooo bad because you only have 15 days to return it. I feel they should inform each person of this policy when they purchase it not pointing to the policy at the service desk when you try to return it. NO WONDER their profits go down every year! I will pay a little more for service elsewhere from now on.

Anonymous 7/18/14 11:05AM

ordered phone online did not work well took back to store gave money back minus tax why?

Anonymous 7/16/14 11:36AM

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!If you plan on spending more than 10.00 on anything.....stay away from is all junk! Bought a T-mobile phone that worked for 3 weeks tried to return it after 20 days to no avail. Do not buy electronics or ect. at walmart unless you have money to throw away. There is never a manager around and I fully understand why they hide....because their company will not stand behind their products.

lessonlearned 7/13/14 2:59AM

Tried to return 2 items without receipt. Both items are clothing and "Faded Glory" tags and stickers are attached. Clothes were never worn. Store refused to take them back saying the register said "item not found". Tags have purchase price on them. The customer service people were belligerent and aggressive about their "no return" policy. Lack of training resulted poorly handled situation on Walmart's end. This is a case of discrimination anyway. I'm white and the store I tried to return the items to is 99% black. Both employees and customers. Never should have walked in the store.

Stuck in Ga 7/12/14 8:47PM

This is regarding the Order If you look into the item description it says ACCU-CHEK Compact Blood Glucose Test Strips, 51ct. When I went for store pick up, I found that item is not the same as item ordered. I mentioned the same to associate and he told me that he can't refund at the store pick-up and have to go to return counter to return the item. I immediately went to return customer care. Customer care told me that this item can not be refund as it is one of non-refundable items. I have been told to call customer support. I called them and I have been told this should refund at the store itself as this was picked from the store. During this whole issues, I was just going from one counter to another counter within Walmart.

Store manager told me that he can't help me. He told me that I should refused to accept that the pick-up. Initially person at pick-up refused to return and asked me to go to return counter. I am feeling cheated big time in Walmart. It is a mistake within Walmart associates and I'm suffering. I am with the item, I did not even order. Frustrated. I simply followed the instruction given by Walmart customer representative.

Feeling cheating and just cant do against such a gaint organization

Anurag 7/7/14 2:36PM

I ordered an iPod online from received the box, the ipod wasn't in the box.

After countless hours or paperwork, faxing, sending, requiring me to file
a police report even though there was NO sign of theft and other documentation and 2 months later.... walmart ended up implying that I was lying and would not refund my $142.00. They CLAIM in the paperwork I received from them that the delivery weight was more than the shipping weight... validating to them the completed delivery of the iPod.

What??? ....So, I wasn't entitled to a refund on something I NEVER received.

Unbelievable. truly unbelievable. DO NOT BUY WALMART.


This is something you would expect from some slimy, flight by night thieves... not a large company like walmart....

Wait... On second thought... walmart is a slimy, flight-by-night thieving company.

Ron Rougeaux

Anonymous 5/20/14 6:44PM

I tried to return an item to the walmart store that I received from walmart through Pay Pal Bill me later, I was told that they couln not accept item because I didnot have a credit card from pay pal. I have never received a card from they. After I got home I was reading again the return paper from walmart and it said the associate was to scan the bar code to begin the return, they did not even read this. If I take it back again will it be accepted if they scan item. No money is involved just a cancellation of purchase from my Bill me later account

Anonymous 5/9/14 10:01AM

No where on the policy does it state that you can return anything without a receipt.
If there is no receipt, it can be put on a gift card IF that store has sold that item(which can be checked in the computer). Which is very nice considering most places require a receipt.

As for the dvds and games, if its opened you can exchange it for the same thing and that one has to be opened before leaving the store. That isn't policy that is Federal Copyright Law.

The 15 day return policy on electronics is put in place because that's all the manufacturers will allow to get full credit back for the item.

Amanda 4/3/14 7:52PM

Really humiliated by Walmart in pass christian ms! The policy states that a customer may return without a receipt . I was adviced by a employee in that store what was the best internet cable device to get and which one would work with my tv. I was sold two of the wrong ones ok no biggie! Tried to return understood I didn't have a receipt didn't expect to basically be accused of stealing,humiliated in front of other customer, followed by loss prevention and refused to be given a return receipt just stating how much was on my gift card !!! Told a higher manager and he didn't even apologize!!!! And the poor cashier got in trouble For calling him by the older lady's at customer service.Wow I'm a single mother with my 7 year old son whose developmentally delayed and my two year old !!!!by all means I have thirty minutes to stand there bc customer service lady's like to embarrass hardworking customers. Walmart is one of the only stores I guess supply and demand huh? I'll drive the extra couple miles to rouses. I don't need to spend my hard earned money at that store in pass christian ms

Cassie 3/20/14 9:10PM

We have the same problem with our sons tablet. Worked for 2 months.Purchased from with 2 year replacement plan. We took it back to Walmark and were told about 15 day rule. If purchased Dec 1 and Christmas isnt until 25. My 15 days was over before gift was opened?? We were told we need to contact manufacture. But system says I can get a refund at store. Which didnt happen. We had all the paper work.Walmart days are over.We work to hard for our money to continue to buy junk they dont stand behind.

MadMomma 2/11/14 8:26PM

I totally agree with GRANDMA. I recently found myself in the same situation. I purchased the tablet for my daughter as her main Christmas present, tried to return it to exchange it for one that actually worked. That's when I was as informed of their 15 day return policy on electronics, specifically the tablets. If I had known of the policy before I purchased it, I would have NEVER have made the purchase at that store to start with. Although I am sure thats why I was never informed of it. I have always understood their policy to be 30 days on electronics and 90 days on all other items. Of course, the tablet worked fine for the first two weeks--it was all downhill after the 14 day mark. Now, here my daughter sets without her Christmas present. That was what we considered in our household as her "big" present present too. Now she has to set and watch her siblings continue to enjoy their presents--while she has nothing. I feel so bad for her. She is heart broken. I have been a faithful customer at Wal-mart for as long as I can remember. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN. NEVER!! They ruined my daughter's Christmas this year--which means they ruined my Christmas as well.

Upset MOM 1/24/14 3:02PM

i purchased all my christmas gifts and all my electronics and all my needs at walmart, i purchse on line tablets and a ds for my grandson, 1 tablet is not charging,went to walmart to return or exchange, was told of a ridiculous 15day return policy, which on line there is not a place visible that you can see that otherwise i would never decide to purchase the tablets at walmart, i being a customer for years, i trusted walmart to refund or exchage the tablet, i will appreciate if you show your advertised customer appreciation and refund the cost of the tablet, now my poor 8yr old grandson is without his only christmas gift, since his mother is not working and i his grandma was the only one able to get him what he wanted.

GRANDMA 1/21/14 7:59PM

Purchased a vacumn cleaner at Walmart sunday ( 1\12\14). I opened the box at home & discovered it was returned. The parts were thrown in and worse of all a Walmart bag (at the bottom) full apparently no one checks returns.WOW. Now I have haul it back.Tried to call & speak to a manager but no one picks up.

Anonymous 1/15/14 1:35PM

I had bought 2 cannon combo packs and never opened them..when I checked my printer for the size they were not the right ones. I went into Walmart and told me that since I didn't have a receipt that they could not return them. Well I walked in -14 degrees outside 4miles to get to walmart to return them. I didn't enjoy the walk back. I went there for nothing.

kalyn 1/7/14 1:01AM

I have some things to return for order number Please send what I need to return to I do not have a printer at home and need to print it at work. thanks

Anonymous 1/4/14 7:20PM

I purchased a 40" Samsung TV online on the Black Friday sale. The total purchase was $444.11 including the insurance for 3 years. I returned the TV the same day I picked it up to the Ocoee, Fl store. the reason for returning same was the TV was too small for the space it was intended for. my credit card at Chase was credited for $402 including Tax for $24.57. there is a balance of $41.54 owing to me by Walmart. I would like you to refund this balance to me as soon as possible. I 've been to the Ocoee store,

Carlton Refund Problem 12/9/13 3:15PM

Walmart in bowie,MD.20716
Has the worst customer service, they all look like they hate their jobs, not friendly at all..Their customer sevice desks needs a makeover on their attitudes ..
Why are we still giving Walmart our business..They have this take it or leave it attitude towards customers..The cashiers are even worse,one of the most rude,never stocked,long lines cuz out of 20 stations they only have 3 open wal arts I know..I'd rather go too glen burnie, than 2 min too this One..

Fed up 12/5/13 2:10PM

I called customer service at walmart in northwest hwy and web chappel to ask a question about an exchange i had make. And the person who who i spoke with didnt answer my question at all and was being very rude...i was already upset and to have her hang up on me made me even more upset i called back to speak to a manager several time but no answer....she had no kind if customer service quality and my problem is still not solved :(:(

upset 6/21/13 7:53PM

... line Monday. Got 2 bikes and a vacuum cleaner delivered today. Via Fed-Ex contractor who ... our vacuum back and we are not gouing to refund the cost of the bike until we get it back...NICE...GREAT SERVICE...TOTAL FAIL WALMART...Called the store in a town 18 miles away...they have the Bike...for more money...but they can't hold one for me... Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/29/12 5:53PM

... paper and an invoice... When I called to find out what was going on,Iwas told it was out of stock and wasn't available in any nearby stores either !!! But they were happy to give me a refund !!!! I didn't need a refund, I needed the sewing ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/29/12 12:16AM

I purchased a bike and had it shipped site to store. I received a text message indicating that it was ready for pick up on 11/21. I went to the store and they said that the bike was there but, they couldn't find ... said they would contact me as soon as they found it. I waited a couple of days knowing that they would be busy for Black Friday. I contacted them on... and that something must have happened to it between being unloaded and entering the store. My guess is that it was stolen by an employee. He had to give me a refund and now I have to make the purchase all over again. I ... Read complete comment

StarryEyes 11/25/12 8:20PM

... in along with my receipt when I returned for the holidays. I also emailed Walmart Money Card and tried to contact... card number and see what she could do. They told her to give me the refund in store, even though the receipt says you cannot. They gave her a reference/claim number... the sales associate, Ternerica, needed help on how to proceed with the refund since it was not allowed. A department manager, Sandra,... help and she just said we cannot refund for those and kept doing what she was previously... is not currently working. Remind you I went to the store on Friday November 23rd, So not only are... Read complete comment

OliviaPavy 11/24/12 9:09AM

... got TVs crom walmart. He was refunded the difference on TVs today but went I went to store Max said they were not giving anymore refunds for that 32 inch tv. If others including treated equally. I would like someone withauthorization refund me the difference as well. Sears on tv commercial 32 inch for $99 and I paid $148.00 at Walmart. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated. Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/23/12 5:59PM

I bought a Kodak printer at Walmart on Corridor G. in South Charleston, WV, 11-05-12. Could not and then an error message came up, all day I tried to get printer to work, it never worked. Went back to store, Saturday 11-17-12, went to customer ...I misplaced my receipt, but I had my statement from my debit card, which showed the transaction. They also...they would not refund my money, they would only exchange, or give me a gift card. I ... Walmart and will never shop there again, and I am terminating my Sam's Account as well. Read complete comment

bll 11/18/12 8:37AM

...3G or 4G. He gave me the receipt & I went to exchange it for another. When I got to Wal-Mart I was informed that I could only exchange it for 15 days after the purchase. When my husband checked out, no one mentioned the return policy. There is nothing on our receipt about their return policy... desk. In bold big letters it states 90 day return policy. Mid way down the page and in small print is the electronic return policy. I am very upset. While I was at the..., two different times people came up to the desk for a cash refund & no receipt. How do they know they didn't ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/12/12 7:54PM

My daughter and 7 year old grand daughter went tho the Walmart on highland ave in San Bernardino, California at 6:30 pm. When the two returned to their car my daughter couldn't start her car. She ... off, leaving her and my grand daughter there alone!!! I called the Walmart store (because we live about a hour hour away in the mountains) and spoke to a store manager named Yvonne who was also rude to me and stated that anything about helping my daughter and grand daughter. I am HORRIFIED that Walmart or their employees would treat ANYONE like that!!! What if my... Read complete comment

Nrsdbi 11/10/12 9:19PM

... doesn't care about it's customers. I was in a Walmart in Washington State about a year ago and slipped on something ... the injuries. An accident report was filled out at the store. It went to a case manager who spoke to me ... to find out where it was at (without anyone ever returning my calls) I got a short note ... to find out the date, time and store so they could "review ... and with good intentions shop in their store, get injured through no fault ... in my house, never mind a big store who invites customers to come into their store because they're such a great company. I've learned my lesson... Read complete comment

Mary 11/2/12 4:19PM

...packs Tylenol 24. Therefore only received 48 out of the 200 ordered. Walmart does NOT provide a phone number for the online orders. ... homebound. The email they sent was a generic email stating that I had to go to the store in person or mail the product back (Walmart requires that you mail it back at your own expense plus add insurance ... they might not 'receive' it - meaning they will not give a refund). My credit card company provided their 800 number and I ...and hard to even hear. They would not discuss either refunding the difference nor sending the rest of the order (I was even willing ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/26/12 5:43PM

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