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Toys R Us Returns and Refunds

Toys R Us Return Policy

Toys R Us has an easy return policy for customers. If there is something that you do not like or that you do not need, then you can return or exchange it within 90 days of the purchase date. The store does accept returns for purchases made online. The item can be mailed to the store, and a refund will be given in the same way the initial payment was made. Products should remain in the original packaging and with the receipt. If an item is shipped for a return, then fees will be deducted. The store does have the right to refuse refunds on select items.

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I purchased a Lego City Fire Station on line for my son for Christmas but instead he wanted a Lego City Police Station so I returned the Fire Station to the store with the on line receipt (which was still not good enough) and I was told that I could only get a gift card, and that I could purchase the Police station on line with the gift card only to find out they do not carry that product in the store or on line. So now I am stuck with a gift card that I can't purchase what I really want with it. I called customer service what a joke they are, they will not help me out at all. I asked them if I could purchase the Fire Station back for the price that I original paid for which is the price of the gift card and was told that I would have to pay the difference by a different method of payment.

This is the worst customer service I have ever received. I work in retail and our policy is ti always make the customer happy but I guess that is not the case with Toys R Us. You just lost me as a customer.

Paula 12/27/13 7:49PM

I bought a Snakebite monster truck from the Store in Greenville Nc. onthe 17th, but they had an online sale on the 19th 30$ cheaper. So I called the store and ask them will thwy honor that price? So she asked was it online only I replied no because I could purchase and pick it up athe store. This was all bogus actions because they have a computer right there at customer service. I asked to speek to manager and she had to so-call find them had me on hold for 20mins, so long that when she (the same customer service rep), answered the phone Hello this is Toys R Us. I was immediately upset and once again to ask her what do I do since I bought the last one one the 17th. Mind you the online site showed none in-stock. So after a whole lot of attitude and sighs she goes and finds her manager and they agree to refund me the difference. So now ten minutes later I am at the store and see they have a computer at Cusotmer Service, a few of them by the way. Once again I am questioned about my refund and they cannot do it because it only pertains to on-line orders. Now I have to see a manager again, they check it in front of me on their computer 5 mins now instead of 20. I finally get my refund for the difference. So now I'm curious the web site says out of stock. I go to the shelf and what do I see. A snake Bite truck. Buy it there you pay 118$ by it on-line and pick it up form the store, 76$. so now tell me is this right. when I asked who answered the phone the reply, "I dont know everyone here kinda does". Talking about the worst customer service and dishonesty. Shame on you Toys R U

Blkhwn 12/26/13 6:40PM

They say we will gladly refund you in 90 days, butto my suprise I returned a product that I bought within 16 days and it was still in its box haven't opened it, they told me they only take refunds within 14 days. Which I find to be a lot of BS I dont think ill be seeing myself at toys r us agin if u see me there sue me. They all talk no action

connie 8/16/13 11:37PM

I bought my granddaughter an oomi zoomi remote control car for christmas. We opened presents on new years day and she just loved it. It was her favorite. one week later it wouldn't work. So I went to the toys r us store on alpine in Grand Rapids, Mi. thinking I could just exchange it. They said I couldn't exchange it without the packaging. Now remember that trash day was the day before. I had the receipt but they still wouldn't do it. They said I could buy another one and then take it out of the box and put the other one in to exchange it. Is'nt that stupid? To top that off they haven't gotten any more in and now what am I supposed to do? I thought toys r us was a top of the line store. Their customer service sure sucks.

Anonymous 2/17/13 11:04AM

I tried canceling an order, but it still went through and shipped anyway. Actually I wasn't sure if the cancellation had gone through, because from I read, all I had to...this whole thing was just dumb! Probably never ordering from them again. However, I did get them to send me a return label so I can send it all back. Then it's all in their hands to actually give me my dang money back...yeah we'll see how that goes. Read complete comment

Megaspore 11/30/12 10:31AM one, get one promotion. Both showed in stock. Except when I hit checkout, one apparently wasn't...." problems with their website. They offered to refund the shipping on the game but nothing for my wasted ...I see since I ordered it online I can only return it via mail if I want my money back. In store returns of online items apparently only yield store credit. So... another few bucks for shipping it back to them. I am going to dispute this with my payment company. This is absolute fraud that you would order one item at one price and they charge you a different price without any ability... Read complete comment

Maxey 11/29/12 6:11PM

... unbelievably terrible customer service and promos. The site allowed me to process and order of $200 which included the Buy 1 Get 1 50% off - then, immediately upon hitting the payment button, I received a Thank You For Your Order confirm but had a note that one of the parts of the promo was refunded as it was unavailable. Then, after trying unsuccessfully to cancel my ... for using myMastercard as now the 2 promo items were not charged to the purchase - so it brought my total to $140 and... with other sites. The CS rep said that I cannot get a refund either - even though I don't want the items as ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/27/12 2:24PM

... Duty Black Ops 2 at the on-line store. I checked to see when the item would be shipped. The item has been in processing as in stock since I pre ordered it. I spoke to Customer Service and they replied that they will not ...order and I have to wait for them to ship it. I send it back and wait for the charge to be refunded.... I will never shop at Toys r us online ever again. Stay away from online... Read complete comment

aldin 11/14/12 2:37PM

... catalogue we spent about 10 minutes shopping. There was a special offer on a certain make of toy, buy three & get cheapest free. When we got to check ... a similar situation the to get someone to check the items,then to actually give me a refund which was a long drawn out process. This is not the first time this sor of thing has happened but it will be the last as I don't intend shopig there again. This was at the Cardiff Bay store in South Wales. Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/30/12 3:07AM

... price. we gave it to her on her birthday in june and the break leavers snaped off BOTH of them when i tried to return the bike fo a refund i was told no and shouted at by staff i then rang their help line to recive the most upsetting and appling lady shouting ... times to be told that it was my 5yrs fault that these broke. They are refusing to give me a refund eventho the law is no my side i will never shop there again after this. And to top... Read complete comment

upset mum 10/10/12 2:39AM

... anyone would do. It was not my liking and I returned it with in 2 days. When I tried to return the item I was told I couldn't because it...more do they want.. Apparently I didn't know the retun policy. You know the one they didn't have on...purchased from them. What kind of company tells you read the policy at the register or onine. Why are they being sneaky? I ... they can almost hide their return policy. They are the only store in my town who do not have it clearly stated on the back of the ... shop their and I will be encouraging others to go elsewhere. They are a crappy company with over priced toys! Read complete comment

Anonymous 9/9/12 8:49AM

...local store (the system said that the local store had this item in stock). I entered all of my information, including my debit card number. ... because it said my item was not in stock at the local store. I tried again for another area store,... Walmart with Site to Store. Ordinarily, everything would have been fine....except the next day I ...a hold for $285.11 on my checking account from Toys R Us. I contacted them, and the first guy... my money. I contacted my bank who asked me to get certain info on the Toys R Us letterhead... and proceeded to do his job. He returned to tell me they would refax. ... Read complete comment

Stepane 8/15/12 4:55PM

...used 5 or 6 times. When I tried to exchange it was refused because I was just over the 90 day limit. Spoke ..., told me I would have to ship it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Over the last week ... them the requested scans of the receipt, pictures of the damage, and pics of the model number and still no resolution! Will not buy from Toys R Us again or recommend them to anyone!... Read complete comment

Anonymous 8/11/12 9:55AM

Babies R Us customer service is the WORST! They mislead customers on their website to believe shipping is free on everything for a purchase over $75. I spent $260 ..., shipping is only free up to $20. I didn't realize I was charged $23.17 in shipping until. I got the email confirmation. So I called customer service to see if I could change the order to store pick up and they said they only allow changes ... take customer calls. She then suggested that all I can do is return everything once I get it, but when I asked said I wouldn't be refunded the shipping. What good does ... Read complete comment

monkey01 7/18/12 2:11AM

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