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TJ Maxx Returns and Refunds

TJ Maxx Return Policy

TJ Maxx customers can return or exchange merchandise within 30 days of purchase with a receipt. If a check was used to pay for the item, a 10 day waiting period is required for a cash refund. Returns without a receipt or if it's outside the 30 day window, a store credit will be issued. Items returned with a gift receipt will also be issued store credit or the item may be exchanged.

TJ Maxx won't accept merchandise that appears used and products such as swimwear and intimate apparel must still have their price tags secured on.

Returning jewelry items must be done at the jewelry counter of TJ Maxx stores that carry said item. Other restrictions may apply.

Due to fraudulent activity throughout retail stores, TJ Maxx holds the right to limit or decline returns based on their refund verification system. Contact information as well as a photo ID and your signature are required for all returns that don’t include a receipt (or gift receipt). They may also require customer signature for returns that do have a receipt. Always keep your receipt to make the return process easier and faster.

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I've been a manager in the Retail Industry for a long time, in this day and age, there ought to be a 90 day period of time for returns/exchanges. A large organization such as TJX, should operate with the same guest service as department stores, afterall, isn't that what you claim to be?? With the way department stores run such aggresive markdowns, heavy sale days, there's no reason to continue to shop at discounters such as yourselves when your first priority isn't the most important one; the customer.

Another frustrating thing is that your computers and POS system is archaic. Your system is unable to locate out of season SKU's or style numbers without tickets. Any company can locate this information from the label on the clothing itself.

Lastly, your regular salespeople seem to have a the good sense to treat the customer with respect both for their time and just common curtousity. Your managers for the most part, do not have this same sense. They are some of the least skilled and lack the vey thing essential to their retail manager positions; personaity for the service industry.

Anonymous 8/14/14 3:05PM

This is such a stupid return policy with regard to checks. 10 days? I can understand it if the check hasn't cleared the bank but in this day of on-line banking you can actually present the copy of your cancelled check before TJ Maxx will accept the return! How inconvenient!

Anonymous 8/14/14 12:40PM

I find it very inconvenient that a purchase cannot be retrieved with a the credit card used. And when I tried to return a product I was given less than what I paid because they were unable to find it in their system. Rediculous customer service.

ihatemarshalls 7/1/14 12:36PM

30 day return policy is not long enough when we lead busy lives these days. I just returned it at day 32 and got stuck with store credit. I am so angry I am going to sell it online and never shop at tj max, Marshall's, or home goods again!!

Return policy is antiquated 6/30/14 4:32PM

I always stop by the Flowood, MS store when I get off work at 8pm and it always this lady in there with 2 or 3 carts of return. This has been going on for over 2 years I know so finally I asked what is her issue and was told by the associate that they couldn't discuss it. I notice that everything she bring in to return she buys it right back. At this location sometimes its only one cashier and the line has at least 3 to 5 customers waiting. I tried to return something and buy it back and was told that it had to be put back on the floor and I could return to buy it the next day. Not sure if it's because I wanted it for the sale price after I was told the price I would receive for the item but I was very upset. This lady stuff looks old and nasty and she has the right to a full return and I don't. The store managers are always talking her so maybe they all are friends. The tall male store manager call her by her name one night I was there so maybe they are related.

Anonymous 9/5/13 4:02PM

... few of the many things to mention about the poor way that the store was run: First of all, the merchandise. There ...most mess as possible when placing items back. The pay is also AWFUL. I worked for TJMaxx for 1.5 years....they were accidental was never taken into account. They used them to fire greater incentive for associates to NOT ask for the card than that. Speaking of having to ask customers ... Xp) People missing pay for entire day was not unheard-of at the store I worked at. If ... very nice that I was hired a second time when I returned after the winter season. Overall the best ... Read complete comment

Chris 10/9/12 1:08AM

...) While on line I observed that the customer service representative in returns was not very cooperative and actually was ..., Michael O' Grady, totally refused to accept my return for a credit claiming that there was evidence of "dog ...not have a dog. I mentioned that the men's department in this particular store is a disaster with most of the merchandise actually lying on... TJ customer who spends a lot of money in various TJ stores I was totally appalled. I have never had... have shopped. Immediate intervention is needed since this store is a true embarassment to the chain. As a footnote, all the... Read complete comment

Anonymous 7/15/12 3:04PM give gift too will not be able to return for cash only store credit i was very upset today and i spend lots of money there but never on gifts again. I ... than two weeks ago but they couldnt charge back to my american express with gift receipt only store credit whats the use of a gift receipt if the person ... jacked up and no customer service same policy if you have a receipt or dont only store... Read complete comment

TGIRL 10/12/11 9:26PM

i tried to returned a rug for a store credit because some stupid ass wrote in permanent marker serial number on ... up. i had reciept and tag but it was past the 30 day mark by two weeks. i was told you cannot return a clearance item after 30 days. i asked for... reciept anywhere. they did not have a sign just said it is policy. i asked for her name mgr. name and hq phone number... Read complete comment

ladypro 9/25/11 12:14PM

... to let you know what a great, valuable, helpful employee you have at the TJ Maxx store located in Tysons corner,Virginia. Her name is Evette Gonzalez and is a one of the store managers there... today I went to make a few returns. I have run up quite a balance on my tjmaxx card so I was devestaed when I went to make a purchase and discovered it missing. I went up to the jewelry counter where I was returning items earlier and realized I had left my tjmaxx gift card there. They called the manager, Ms. Gonzalez and she was soo helpful ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 9/9/11 3:15PM

... inconsistent treatment I felt as a guest in your store. On Tuesday, March 26th, I arrived to your ... it off as I realized I was the only African American in the store (that I could see) and it just fulfilled ... that he went to one of the racks at the front of the store to act as if he was straightening the shelf.... My thought was truly to leave EVERYTHING in the store and the basket right there at the front..., who was pleasant, how long I have for returns. She advised 30 days and I still have... & Inclusion, Change Management, Personal Accountability, Personal Branding and Professional Development... Read complete comment

Anonymous 5/17/11 8:28AM

I was in the spartanburg store the other day and a short colored lady with glasses was very rude to me!! I was making a return and glad I returned the items because I WILL NOT be back!!! I believe her name was Thresa or something like that!! She honestly needs to be ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 3/14/11 7:10AM

Hi I buy approx. $3-4,000 a year at TJ Maxx stores. 3 weeks ago and I took a $10 item back to the St. Cloud store in MN asking to exchange this itle ONLY and the cashier proceeds to tell me that I'm on a TJMAXX "watch list" because this would be the 3rd ... Read complete comment

[email protected] 10/12/10 9:08AM

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