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Staples Return Policy

Staples will take returns for any reason. There is different policies for returning different types of products. Office supplies, unopened software boxes, and unopened and unexpired ink and toner cartridges may be returned regardless of when the purchase was made. Opened software boxes may be exchanged for the same product. Downloadable software is non-refundable. Technology and business machines, as well as furniture, may only be returned 14 days after the date on the receipt. Prepaid cards and gift cards are non-refundable. If the customer has the receipt, refunds will be made in cash if the purchase was made with cash, check, or debit card. Purchases of over $500 will be refunded in the form of a corporate check. If the customer also has the debit card and PIN number used for purchase, the refund may be credited to the debit card account. If the purchase was made with a credit card, the refund will be credited to the credit card account. Returns without a receipt will only be refunded for store credit.

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Staples is VERY accommodating.
I purchased a small safe for my mother-in-law in 2004 and she has never taken it out of the box. Today (ten years later) I took it back to staples today and they credited the full purchase amount ($140.74) to my debit card without asking a single question. It was THAT EASY! I LOVE Staples!!!

BMcDonald 5/19/14 10:57AM

I just returned a $40 mail scale to Staples in Portland, OR. The cashier advised that it was past the returnable date and could not be returned. I asked for a manager and she called a woman in the office who just told her not to accept it. I asked to see a manager. She called a young man (Darrel) who carefully listened to my story. It was a birthday gift that I could not use, new in the box, with the receipt paid for on a debit card. I confirmed that this store still sold this item and had three on the shelf. He called the General Manager (off that day) and got no answer. He did the refund because he actually used his own correct decision to avoid the social media damage that would cost Staples more business than the $40 for this return. Good job Darrel!
It is my opinion, that any store should provide full refunds for the price on the receipt for any item new in the box that is currently sold in their store. This should be part of a consumer protection program.

Marvelous Mark 5/13/14 10:13AM

Today I bought paper at Staples in Indianapolis, Indiana on North Keystone Avenue. The price I was charged was $2.00 higher than the price for this item on the shelf. I didn't realize the error until after the purchase was made. I had not left the store. I brought it to the attention of the cashier. She was the only cashier and five other customers were in line being served. I could have stood in line, but it wasn't worth doing so for $2.00. I would like a refund. I bought one Staples Laser Bright White . The price charged was $42.00. The price on the shelf was $40.99. The cashier was no help to me whatsoever. Thank you for your attention

Anonymous 11/27/13 11:12AM

Hi bough a Epson Laser printer from Staples, Marathahalli, on 11/11/2012. I came home and while trying ... form, and it proved my theory. I realized that I was fooled by Staples by being given a returned faulty item. To have this double checked, I tried to register my printer in which failed because the printer is already registered. Sl No - Model - Mx14 I spoke to Shovik, Store manager @ Staples, Marathahalli, and he said this was not done deliberately. However he said Staples deal with the returned items and sell them at a discounted ... Read complete comment

Calvin 11/11/12 9:14PM

... a virus repair on Sept 4, 2012. After a couple days, the tech person admitted that my computer had been stolen from the "safe room". A couple days later, a person from Staples corporate called to say that Staples ... not refunded. Complaining to my credit card company got Staples to finally refund for the repair that was never done, ... under their watch. I call the corporate offices every day now, with no response. I can't even begin to ... Read complete comment

staplesstealscomputers 11/11/12 2:58PM

Staples employee drops F-Bomb and swears at customer with 6 year old girl, continues abusing.... The Verona Road location in Madison Wisconsin. Left on hold for 20 minutes, drove there, Jim the ...this would be handled and we get an apology. I reached Michael Swimm who indicated he would be in touch after looking into it. Never was, hasn't returned 3 attempts to contact. I've had five clients cancel yearly corporate accounts because of this, over 20 people haven't gone back, people I know witnessed it, I'm getting inquiries from local news persons. Dropping clients like flies... Read complete comment

elec99 10/15/12 10:52AM

...the warrenty program and was lead to believe by the sales rep that I could bring it in to the store for any repairs. At the store I was told no that I had to deal with the 800 #. I ...settings, but the drive would still not work. The warrenty center mailed me a return box and told me it would take them weeks to repair the PC... five mimutes had the drive working and did it for free. I then spent a full day loading all my programs and backup to the laptop. I will be contacting the warrenty center this October for a refund of my coverage as They where of no assitance and never did any fix for this... Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/4/12 12:39PM

... an apology. I reached Michael Swimm who indicated he would be in touch after looking into it. Never was, hasn't returned 3 attempts to contact. I've had five clients cancel yearly corporate accounts because of this, over 20 people haven't gone back, people I know witnessed it, I'm getting inquiries from local... Read complete comment

elec99 9/25/12 6:07PM

...binders on website & they sent full size. Emailed complaint and requested exchange. They mailed the mini ones and made additional charges to my credit card WITHOUT my authorization. I thought that was against the law... Read complete comment

anonymous 9/21/12 8:35AM

I had a terrible experience with the Staples computer repair team. First of all when I brought my PC in to be... brought my computer home for two weeks and it stopped working.. when I returned it to the store the computer team told me it was a TOTALLY different problem in which it would cost hundreds to repair. ...towards a new computer in which the only gave me a $50.00 credit towards. I would never use Staples repair center again! Eileen F... Read complete comment

Anonymous 8/28/12 5:23PM

...had so many troubles with the 1st one they exchanged it for a 2nd on 3 wks later. That gave me just ...The Manager John in the Danvers Ma store promised me he would exchange it for a new model when it comes in. However Dell isn't think you were dealing with a 2nd hand store. I now called corporate and gave them ...manager lying to me for 2 months after my warranty was over in 30 days from date purchased. and they ...nothing they can do because my 30 days is up. I spoke to Erika in Corporate last wk ... customer service i have ever received after paying over $700 for this computer and service. ... Read complete comment


... since we bought a new laptop and the extended warranty 8 months ago. It is dead for the 2nd time in 7 ... are unable to get a replacement or a prorated refund from Staples. The manager st the Warwick, RI store on Post Road (a woman whose name I did not catch)... the CPU & mother board bere both replaced. Now, the same problem is back. The arrogance of more... tech support person on the phone, the unwillingness on the part of the local store manager and the general'tough luck for you... they treated us. And I will warn others about useless warranties sold at the retail level. Furthermore, I intent to ... Read complete comment

SB 8/18/12 9:39AM

...I did notice something while waiting to be rung up. The return policy that was glued to the check out desk, which states, "Return Policy If you're not 100% satisfied with your Staples purchase, return...made your purchase, you can return office supplies to us for a full refund, including Staples® brand office...did not have the original packaging. the customer inquired if the store could take it back and send it to ...because if he sent it back without the box, the store 'couldn't get credit for it' or some such reason. The customer then threw the pen to the counter and declared... Read complete comment

Anonymous 7/23/12 10:14AM

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