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Nordstrom Returns and Refunds

Nordstrom Return Policy

Consumers who have purchased products from Nordstrom and wish to return them will find the exchange and return process of this major retailer to be easy and customer-friendly. If the item was bought at a Nordstrom store, all that is required for return or exchange is to bring the item to a nearby store along with the original receipt or packing slip and the credit card used in the transaction. Handling returns and exchanges online is an easy process as well. Customers who don't have order information or a Nordstrom account can print out blank return forms and labels on Nordstrom's website. Customers who are trying to return oversized, edible or otherwise unusual items should call the customer service telephone number at Nordstrom for assistance.

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I purchased a tank top $26, from Nordstrom. It developed 2 tiny holes near the bottom front. I tried to exchange it, but I didn't save the receipt, so they said that I could not exchange it. Just be careful when buying anything at Nordstrom. It is kind of a risky thing to do. You could lose all of your money if you don't keep your receipts.

Janey 6/11/14 11:39PM

... Nordstrom is not what it use to be. I bought several pairs of TOMs from Nordstrom and had a pair fall apart. I never ... I never had a problem. I was told by Nordstrom to send them in and they will exchange them.....after waiting a ... to TOMs website and not deal with Nordstrom again. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! Long process for nothing!!!! Read complete comment

Brealy01 9/13/12 7:09PM

... the receipt in the move. I called prior to going down to the store and explained that I had lost the receipt in the move. I have never returned anything before to Nordstroms. The clerk assured me that ... problem she said ok no problem I could exchange it so I went to look for a bag I'd like to ...30 mins looking for a bag only to be told I couldn't exchange the bag when I took the register . Why? because I ... and spend my hard earned cash in a store who doesn't seem to value me as a customer or so it seems by my last experience. I expected more from a store who's ratings are among the best. Read complete comment

Anonymous 7/16/12 9:49PM

... silver was chipping. I was dissatisfied with the bag.So I decided to return it.I lived in California at the time. I had a job offer ... had to move rifht away. Needless to say the returning of the bag was put on the back burner.I got settled... new ID. I now have some time to return the bag I bought in Las Vegas only to find out... ok just bring the bag in and I could return it even though I DID NOT have a receipt. Ive never returned anything before. So I took the bag in looked around ... feel for the price I paid for this bag The least Nordstroms could do is exchange it for something I like. I'm a good ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 7/16/12 4:30PM

... the Austin location. They sent the wrong boots. I returned them to the store and asked them to reorder the right ... to make up for the inconvenience. It is really surprising that they let a pair of really worn boots ship out. Read complete comment

DMD 2/15/12 7:53AM

I've become a faithful Nordstrom customer after purchasing from their stores over the years. Any time there was ever any issue with .com orders, or in-store items, it was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I have never been disappointed, and ... unravel at the hem, and they took them back no questions asked. Full refund. After they were worn! Of course, some people could abuse their system this way... Read complete comment

SydneysMommy 12/23/10 1:21AM

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