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Lenovo Returns and Refunds

Lenovo Return Policy

Lenovo offers full refunds on products in their original packaging in the event on an error on the part of Lenovo. All other returns will be subject to a 15 percent restocking fee. Customers must return items in undamaged condition and in the original packaging within 21 days of purchase to be eligible for a refund. A Return Merchandise Authorization must be obtained by the customer before a refund can be issued. This can be done by calling 1-866-428-4465 and speaking with a company representative. Refunds will not be issued for gift cards for any reason, nor will they be replaced if stolen or lost, and they are not redeemable for cash.

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... would take 10 business days from Oct 2 to build and ship. I was expected to received the replacement machine on Oct 16. I sent an email on Oct 22 to confirm the shipping address on file as I wanted to make sure the replacement system was sent to the ...'t understand why I am being informed that the replacement system has not been shipped due to a parts constraint .... If you'd like to pursue a refund for the original machine instead of a replacement, please let me know.&... and hold times. I would not recommend any of Lenovo's warranty or support services. I definitely regret having ... Read complete comment

ymsngo 10/26/12 2:04AM

10/23/2012 - I bought a new Lenovo Laptop. From day 1, the control key would stick down for no reason. Tiger Direct made me ship it back to Lenovo in Texas because I did not buy an extended warranty. Lenovo addressed... incorrectly so my computer took 2 weeks to get returned. No apology, just a rude clerk on the ... Read complete comment

Mathprof 10/23/12 2:09PM

... called their customer support to begin the process of getting a replacement. They wouldn't send me a... hasn't changed. I was told the tablet was going to ship in two business days. Long story short, ... waiting for my refund. Every time I call and ask about why my credit card hasn't been credited the amount I paid for the tablet, ... have no confidence that my refund is going to be credited to my account without the help of some third party, either my credit card or BBB. But who has time ... Either that, or this call center is in no way affiliated with Lenovo. If you are considering buying something ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 8/28/12 6:19PM

... laptop and two accessories and an extended warranty. I decided to cancel the order on August 13, ... still trying to cancel. Each time I cancel Lenovo ignores my request to cancel, then puts each charge on my credit card and ships an item. I have ... now pursuing other avenues to get my money refunded. I see several others have ... and have been trying to deal with someone at Lenovo in North York Ontario. Terrible service ... Read complete comment

violet 8/24/12 8:38PM

My lenovo desk top stopped working after 2 months. They sent a repair man who fixed it, e-mail is still not resolved.I am so sorry I purchased the Lenovo, but Staples sold me on it. I will never buy a Lenovo nor deal with Staples who were of no help though I purchased a 3 year extented warrenty from them. I am now trying to get a refund from staples for there 3 year warrenty. Read complete comment

santa 8/3/12 9:13AM

... to request a price match because of their "21-day-guarantee," to receive my refunded portion. Sales rep ensured everything was fine and I could expect my refund within...ignoring my calls and emails. filed a BBB complaint. They literally stole money from me. I have the email confirmation displaying the dollar figures and amount I will be refunded. However, this is not happening. THIEVES. Read complete comment

SNiro 8/2/12 9:36AM

... the credit card charge after tell me that it would take 5-7 business days from receipt of the returned laptop. Here is the exchange with the chat rep: Chat Exchange with Lenovo Chat Representative, about 4pm Pacific Time USA ... the amount has been approved and posted back and will take 3-5 business days to reflect on your account. Me: I was told that it would be posted last Wed, and it ...a copy of the transaction? Thank you. ??? Also wondering if Lenovo will pay the interest on the credit card charge, it will have been a month since I ordered when I... Read complete comment

ebquinn 8/1/12 4:20PM in a warehouse in NC, en route for nearly a month. Lenovo indicated the item will ship on Jul 5th. I had to receive it ..., otherwise I had to reroute to a different address. On July 5th, ship time was extended to July 11th, much too late for me. I call Lenovo to reroute, but I am told I cannot until item reaches ... attempt. I call again. Now I am told item must be returned to Lenovo, and then rereouted. It was returned...did not take place. I was offered a 5% discount as a remedy. It was not refunded to my Credit Card. I call to inquire about it, and am basically told that I am a liar. Go figure. ... Read complete comment

Jimmy 8/1/12 2:11PM

Lenovo made my day horrible. I sent my laptop in to Lenovo so they can fix my keyboard some buttons was malfunctioning.... me. Turns out my laptop is not only there but it's on hold until I pay $365 for a freaking motherboard, oh by the way I just bought a warranty before I sent it in since my 1yr warranty was "over". They ... the way was a lie. After hearing that crap I just asked for my money back for the warranty, which was a waste, and asked to send my laptop back. It took me a good hour just for them to say ok to refund my money and send my laptop back. Hopefully it comes back the way... Read complete comment

bribri 7/26/12 8:30PM

... broke after 14 hours of use. I called Lenovo and they opened a case ticket and said call this number to replace your laptop. I have called 4 times and... Lenovo to answer the phone so I can't return this laptop and get a new one. I think I will choose to return and get my money back versus replace if this is how Lenovo ... Read complete comment

oz_man 7/24/12 4:58PM

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