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Kmart Returns and Refunds

Kmart Return Policy

Kmart now offers shipping returns for the convenience of the customer. Shipping labels can be printed out online, and shipping charges will be deducted from the total refund. Customers should include the receipt in the return package to ensure efficient turn-around time. It is important that merchandise be packaged properly to reduce the chances of it becoming damaged in transit. Most returns are sent via UPS.

Kmart offers a 90-day guarantee on most merchandise, although the original receipt is required for all products. Consumers may also be asked to present a photo ID when requesting a refund or an exchange. Merchandise must be in original packaging and all accessories must be present for the refund or exchange to be issued.

Some merchandise cannot be returned it the items have been removed from their packaging. These items include movies, music, video games and computer software. Prescription drugs and special-order jewelry are not eligible for refund or exchange.

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K-Mart said they owed us 44.00 from our layaway, how do we get it, Do they send it to us ?

Anonymous 1/2/14 8:41AM

After returning items in the store was told to call number on order form to get reimbursed on shipping. Placed the order with at least minimum amount to get free shipping on the order. Called number when I got home and said I would receive credit. Called again a week later and was again told I would get reimbursed shipping. Two weeks later still nothing so called again today. After more than an hour on the phone waiting to resolve problem and speak with supervisor, was told I would not get reimbursed for shipping because nothing was wrong with the items I returned. Was told over and over again I would be reimbursed. Wasted hours trying to get resolved. Kmart lost another customer.

msspeaking 11/19/13 1:08PM

my mother once ordered me some things from kmart when I was broke and living on my own. she purchased the items for me while I lived in a different state. we did not receive a confirmation email so I called up kmart and asked to confirm if the order went through. they said they needed to speak to my mother because she purchased the items. I was 25 years old and told them my mother consented to purchase these things for me, im an adult, please just tell me if the order went through. they treated me like a criminal. as if I was using somebodys credit card. kmart/sears is the worst customer service. I truly despise them. they are disrespectful.

girldancer64 9/28/13 2:20PM

Kmart sent us the wrong maetrial and they will not give us our refund. They took the money instantly but now after weeks, we are still without the cash and they are not helping in any way. We sent the material back and they say they got it in good shape.

They say they will"escalate" the issue but they do nothing.

Do not shop at KMART!!!

Curt 4/30/13 5:35PM

I had a layaway at one of Kmart local stores. So instead of going to the store to make a payment I decided to make the payment online. Well this particular day there was problem with the website that I was not a where of. It took the payment out of my account 5 times. I got all but 1 payment back and ... services and they ensured me since it did not get applied to my layaway that they will refund me my money. This happen every since September 13, 2012 and I... and phone numbers, transfering me to department that does not handle refund claims, and I just been giving all types of run ... Read complete comment

EHKZ 11/28/12 7:12AM

...shipping and other discounts I received with the original order. In addition, the refund process won't start until the investigation at warehouse is done. Furthermore, Kmart is pressing the responsibility on me to return the duplicate items. If customer simply wants the missing items shipped out to them, Kmart should ship out the ... the items in order to receive refund. It doesn't make any sense. I'm not receiving refund on returned items. The missing items have higher value than the items they sent by mistake. I don't think it is fair... Read complete comment

sunnybunny 11/27/12 8:38AM

... no explanation why. We reordered the item. I received a package about 4 days later well now a new problem the box was... and another persons name on the packing slip, a receipt was included from a store and someone was expecting to get a snowsuit that is at my address. I called Kmart at once ... I was told ups would pick- up the package 4 days later it is still here. Next big problem I tracked my package and it showed my package delivered guess what my package went to the other person, my ...Finally I asked for my order to cancelled and my card refunded, I hope this will happen soon this has been the ... Read complete comment

Disgusted 11/24/12 7:31AM card and was going to use it to help pay for the purchase but was informed that it had expired and couldn't...just laughed and said that we just lost the money because we didn't use it in the 2 week period that it was valid for. this was a $5.oo refund that... back to us on a gift card instead of just giving us the cash refund for the exchange that she had... previously a couple of months ago. Well, my KMART friends, I might of lost the $5.00, but you... me ever coming back to one of your stores!!! Maybe when you are out of business and waiting... Read complete comment

unhappy kmart shopper 10/30/12 5:00AM

..., I placed an order on October 18, with One of the four figures was missing from the box. I called within ten minutes of it being delivered. Instead of taking my word that I ... in the box. I told the representative, I needed this item. I did not want the money back, I want the item. I was told that I would receive an email within three days. After five days, I called them.... item and would be very upset if I didn't receive it. I called again the following day, only to find that they issued me a refund. I asked to speak to a manager. She told me that they would reorder it for ... Read complete comment

Susan29NJ 10/27/12 9:57PM

I don't know if this is where I voice my complaint about the K-Mart store in Nampa, Idaho or if I need to do that elsewhere but I have had some terrible customer service there in the past week. ... then totaled the purchase without taking the info and she gave me a 1-800# to call them in. When I tried the number was not a good number. A few days later I was back in the store and asked about a corrected number and was told that the "only" way I could have gotten the points was to have returned the items and re-bought them. Then just yesterday I was trying to put some toys on layaway (my ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/23/12 7:19AM

I have always shopped at Kmart normally good deals and the people are friendly. The week my uncle passed away I went... to Ga I lost my reciept. When I went to return them I was told I would only be able to get half of my money back on a gift card. The gift card I understood had no problem with that but I paid 24.99 for the pants and... Read complete comment

Heather 10/22/12 1:58PM

... well in all areas. Specifically asked if it could be returned if it did not work well in my ... told me yes. Well, she lied. Tried to return today, as it has barely any reception in my ... it had been opened too bad, no refturn or exchange. Kmart now has my money, and I have a useless ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/17/12 3:58PM

... customer for many, many years, today I attempted to exchange a Basic Editions ladies top with the price tag...$6.98) I was told I had to have a receipt for an even exchange and was refused. How embarrassing it was in front of a friend ...there. I was treated like a criminal. Shame on K-Mart for this policy. I was advised to get gift receipts for gifts ...any more. Never, at any other department store, have I been treated this way. My ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/2/12 6:29PM

... product was 9/7, which was perfect because I was off work that day to be at home to receive my product. I was advised I... and was advised that my order was in fact out of stock, at the warehouse, which by the way I received no ... my account on 8/28, yet I had confirmed that my order had not even shipped. ... phone call. So I was willing to give it a few more days. When 9/13 rolled around and I had ... which was already charged for, I wanted my money back. I was advised that money was already returned to me ...never and I repeat never buy anything from Kmart, the store, online or any other afflication ... Read complete comment

Christina 9/18/12 10:00AM

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