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HP Returns and Refunds

Home and Home Office

Goods purchased from the HP Home & Home Office Store can be returned or exchanged within 21 days after they've been delivered. Restrictions may apply to certain products, such as printer ink cartridges or software. Gift cards are non refundable, except where this is prohibited by law.

Shipping and handling charges are non refundable. If applicable, tax will be refunded when a return has been processed. If you return products from an order of several items, the remaining amount that you spent may no longer qualify for promotions or discounts that you may have benefited from. If this happens, the value of the discount will be removed from the amount of the refund.

To request a refund or exchange, it is necessary to obtain an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization). This can be obtained by contacting HP via chat, email or by calling 1-888-650-1544. A return label will be provided when the RMA is issued. No products may be returned to HP without obtaining an RMA first.

Credits for items that were returned will be applied to the method of payment used in the purchase. It may take 5 to 7 business days before refunds appear on your credit card statement.

Small and Medium Business

Products that are returned to HP require a Return Goods Authorization (RGA). This can be obtained by contacting HP Order Support through live chat or by calling 1-866-625-0242.

Products that are not defective can be returned within 30 days after delivery and will be subject to a fee of $15 for restocking. HP may authorize, in its sole discretion, a return for items over 30 days after delivery, however a restocking fee of 25% will apply.

For HP products which appear defective, technical support is provided to assess the problem. HP will either perform the needed repairs or authorize a return of the product. Depending on the terms of the warranty on the product, a technician may be dispatched on site to perform repair or diagnosis of the defective product.

Products received DOA (Defective on Arrival) can be replaced, returned or repaired by contacting HP's technical support team at 1-800-334-5144.

Some products are not returnable (unless defective), such as: customized orders, electronic downloads, replacement parts supplied by technical support, memory whose packaging has been opened, software that has been opened, products with serial numbers removed, products that were modified by the consumer, and consumables such as printer cartridges.

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2 months ago, I purchased an HP computer directly from the company. Its never worked, freezing multiple times each day. 3 phone calls to their tech support, who took over and went through the computer thoroughly, yielded no improvement...still freezes. Called today requesting a refund. Jason had me on hold for over 30 minutes, waiting to talk to his supervisor, who he assured me would help me. Once Joanne the supervisor came on the line, she immediately informed me that someone else would be calling me sometime over the next 48 hours, however that person does not work on the weekends. When I asked Joanne for her employee id number, she refused to provide. In summary, a company is known by its customer service....HP has none and their computers dont the headache and purchase from a reputable company...dont buy HP...

Kurt Smith 7/18/14 5:33PM

This was the most horrible experience my tech department and my school has ever experienced. First you have to speak to somebody in INDIA and you can barely understand them. Then to return the hard drive they are for some reason asking for our credit card and then they are telling us the credit card cant go thru which is ridiculous because calling the credit card there is no problem with the card. When asked how much they are authorizing the person doesn't know. My IT and me were on the phone for 2 hours and it's still not resolved. EXPLAIN this crazy procedure. Also if I would like to speak to someone in AMERICA that can speak english.

Anonymous 5/12/14 12:25PM

I have purchased an HP envy 17 notebook about six months ago. This is the worst lap top I have ever purchased. Customer service is terrible.
Waited on hold for over an hour. When some body answered could hardly understand them. We have over 500 offices around the world and this is the last HP product I will ever purchase.

Dale 3/15/14 10:19AM

I'm having the same problem as 3/13/2013--I returned a printer with promises that my money would be refunded in the "next billing cycle." Three phone calls and seven weeks later, I still haven't seen my refund. Never order anything on line--get it from a store and let them hassle with it.

Dissatisfied customer 1/9/14 2:27PM

i want to say here that after purchasing a laptop i replace this witha new one in just 4 months . But problem again starting in my laptop . So, i want to say you that please refund my money or take return this laptop with new one

Anonymous 9/4/13 1:45AM

HP customer services in sweden is by far the worse I have ever encountered. I have been ripped off.
I ordered an laptop computer from HP which was on disscount. Several weeks later the computer had not turned up.
They had cancelled on order due to lack of stock without contacting me by phone. When they did contact me they offered me a laptop costing more and not so powerful. the sales rep from England who rang me did promise to delivery the orginal laptop and sold me microsoft word at a discount.
Again the computer did not turn up and after contacting them they had even reopened the order or done a new order.
I cancelled the order after waiting over three weeks and send the microsoft word package back as we discussed over the telephone.
Three weeks later I had not recieved a refund for the micosoft word 840 kr 85 pounds. Which they deducted from my card after we had disscuss that I longer needed after I had not recieved the laptop.
After contacting them they at HP sweden say they have not recieved the package. After checking with the post they say they say they at HP have recieved it.
the Hp sweden sales will not help me and will not pay the refund. they are trying to blame the post and verse verser.
I have lost 840 kr and time wasted trying to get to the bottom of this.
I suspend that it has been misplaced at hp or someone has stolen it. I have no prove of this but by the way they are trying to cover up, one is getting suspious.
This is really bad and I will never ever again buy anything again form HP.

bjw 3/10/13 3:36AM

Just say nightmare, they will tell you to wait till your next billing cycle and look for your refund. WHAT??

Cincinnati ohio 2/27/13 5:35PM

...they had it handled and I would be getting a refund for my duplicate order. Those 2 reps ... when I checked back the item was getting ready to be shipped and then my paypal transaction ... for the duplicate order, too. Finally after 2 days I finally talked to a rep that spoke hard ... it left HP's site, though) and said my refund would be coming in about 3 days ... site. I am still waiting for my refund. FYI...this all took place on 11/... and I am waiting to see what happens. HP Company, you need to keep better ... sales on e-bay because I have no money to purchase or add new listings. P.S. Your ... Read complete comment

mrwrightrl 11/21/12 12:43PM

...they said that the warrenty I bought dosent cover my computer. So I asked for a refund and again I was told NO! I was told I had 23 days to ask for a refund. They then told me I had to buy another warrenty for $109.00 to cover my computer. The warrenty...Im stuck with a computer that dosent work. I will never in my life own another HP. Pleas tell all of your friends to not buy an HP. Read complete comment

marhar 11/12/12 1:54PM of 6 times before they offered me a replacement that had worse ystem specs then ...and went in for repairs 5 more times. I was promised a replacement but the new case manager refused ... well over 100+ hours on the phone with HP support and case managers. They ... your information is wrong. They never return phone calls or e-mails. The repair department... not even fill out the paperwork when returning the laptop in the same broken condition it arrived... the problems on the CEO e-mail form but when I returned there phone call I was greeted by a very... Read complete comment

chaosorc 11/8/12 7:04AM

...the bottom left and right of the screen). After calling HP Support, they determined that the screen is defective. It in Canada, there is no stock or comparable replacements. I would return it to the store for exchange, but there is no stock left. After talking to a case manager at HP, all she would offer to do is send... to send away for repair. I find it unacceptable that HP is unwilling to replace the computer as it was defective straight out of the... Does anyone have advice on how to get a better resolution from HP on this issue? Any feedback would be sincerely appreciated! ... Read complete comment

advanspec 10/24/12 2:35PM

... had screen freeze issues that required constant calls to HP support. Stand on your head, point the computer... the issue still present and they had damaged the case. Sent it back, and got it ... one corporate manager to do a buy back. Not the refund I wanted, but at least something. I contacted HP, ... the cost of a late fee. I then called corporate again, in order to get a full refund. More dodged calls, and the manager who helped previously was part of the HP layoffs. Finally, my New Zealand contact get me another manager who while promising a refund, declined to send any written notes to ... Read complete comment

jkitch21 10/18/12 8:40AM

... I did not have warranty, so I was required to pay $27.05. However, HP's policy is that if the technician cannot assist with resolving the problem, then the money would be refunded. I was promised by the technician that I would not be charged.... credit card. On August 15, 2012, the charged appeared on my credit card statement. I called back, was placed on hold for a long time and was promised that a refund would be processed. Sure enough, it was never processed. ... the refund complaint was filed, but the refund itself was not processed. Has the down economy really affected HP that ... Read complete comment

ropadopa 9/13/12 1:47PM

The very worse "Customer Service" ever. Don't see how Hewlett-Packard stays in business. I wholehardily agree with every negative report that's been written about HP. I am 78 years old and have been treated so badly by at my wits end trying to get ANY help from customer service. I want a refund for the printer as soon as I can because I might not live through another phone conversation ... Read complete comment

Mountaingal 9/12/12 9:32AM

... a special online deal for a desktop tower with HP. After putting in an order and paying for said order, my funds were refunded to me a few days later. There was no explanation in the emails to me, just that my money was being refunded. I called ... deal and were refused, but given a $200 credit as an apology. For the inconvenience, HP offered me the $200 HP credit .... Its funny, I know several people who legitimately got the credit from them they promised... But with me, somehow they been quite patient and civil during the whole process. So I'll take my business elsewhere from ... Read complete comment

Gray Ghost 8/30/12 2:57PM

...(refurbished of course)and I sent the original one back to HP. The replacement printer was also broken, (LED panel would ... another replacement printer, but also charged me for the first replacement printer that I had already returned. It is now August 22, ...and I have called all summer to get that additional charge by HP of $210.94 back into my account. Also, the India call center has some real ... well. One lady got an attitude with me! I'm am so disappointed with HP that I will NEVER buy another HP product...... Read complete comment

Dissatisfied 8/22/12 2:00PM

HP has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I recently sent my laptop in to be fixed and when it was returned today I was excited to start it up and finally get back to my work. As it was starting up I notice that the ... open one up and notice that nothing is the same. I decided to call the tech support to see what had gone wrong in the process, but after waiting hours on hold I was told by the representative that what had happened is impossible yet I was staring ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 8/6/12 7:05PM

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