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Groupon Returns and Refunds

Groupon Return Policy

Groupon works hard to ensure that you're satisfied with your purchases on Groupon. The Groupon Promise guarantees that businesses offer legitimate and quality service to their customers.

Groupon strives to work with businesses who value your experiences as much as they do. But sometimes, they don't always catch the ones who don't. If you're unhappy with the service you received from a Groupon, a Getaways trip, or a Groupon Live event, before the voucher expiration dates, tell them about it! They will do what they can to make it up to you or provide a refund.

Groupon also promises to refund a voucher if the location goes out of business, an event gets postponed or canceled, or for whatever reason a business won't accept your unredeemed voucher. The following refund policies also apply:

Within a week (7 days) of purchase, any unredeemed voucher can be returned. After that first week, Groupon is unable to offer a refund. But keep in mind that you can always use your voucher for the face value, even after the promotional value expires.

Getaways often have restrictions on when you can stay and by when you need to book the vacation. In the event that you can't take a trip during those dates, Groupon offers a refund on any unredeemed Getaways voucher up until the date restrictions. After that, you can still use the paid value of the voucher, but Groupon won't be able to refund it.

Certain restrictions apply for Groupon Goods, but as long as the fine print coincides with Groupon's policy, you can return most goods within two weeks (14 days) of purchase, no-charge. If an item arrives broken, damaged, or missing pieces, let Groupon know, and they'll tale care of it.

Unfortunately, events purchased through GrouponLive are nonrefundable after the date of purchase. However, if an event is postponed or canceled, they'll be happy to let you know and provide you with a refund.

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The otter box does not fit my phone . My phone is too big . I would like to have a refund . Thank you 8/19/14 8:39PM

I could not find a phone number I search and search for a phone number. Trying to return 2 packages. Couldn't get the help I needed lesson learned I will not purchase any more items from groupon. Should have read the reviews first. Now I am stuck with two large riding toys I can't use. I ask Groupon to make your return / refund site more people friendly. I lost on this groupon deal.

sduck 8/19/14 9:03AM

I purchased a group on offer at Satori Healing & Wellness in ABQ, NM. It required to call in and leave a message to set an appointment. I called at least 6 times, and never got in touch. Then, on my short break from work I tried to find the location and was unable. It expired & in that timeframe I never got one returned phone call, and till this day that remains the same.

Kyle 8/17/14 12:48PM

I purchased and redeemed vouchers for a theatre show. Even though Groupon's site claims that the tickets are e-tickets, when I booked the tickets on a separate site (which was obligatory)it said tickets were to be collected from the box office. I have not been sent any e-tickets. The box office has no idea whether or not there will be tickets waiting for me. According to them- and I spoke with them 3 times- this is Groupon's place to inform me where to collect the tickets. Groupon has told me I have to deal with the merchant/box office. I feel like a ping pong ball being tossed back and forth. I have no email confirmation nor is there any confirmation in my Groupon account that I have a reservation to see this show on a certain date at a certain time and the theatre has no record of my purchase. Groupon has a record of my purchase but no date or time or venue information. It's appalling. I could very well show up and find that I have paid for non-existent tickets for my guests and me. I am smoking angry and will never use Groupon again. I could have bought the tickets at full price- 2 quid more! As it stands, I've paid more than their value on account of the 7 phone calls I've made... all lasting around 40 minutes. Ridiculously stressful!! And Groupon kills businesses, so really is it worth it??

DeeWhiz 8/13/14 3:20AM

I bought a Groupon coupon for $100.00 that is going to expire on August 10th. I have been agonizing on whether to send my collection of old family photos to a company that has so many negative comments posted to it. I have always had wonderful experiences with Groupon in the past and don't expect anything from your company. Just wanted you to know. I would rather eat the $29.00 than lose these family treasures or get hosed for more money. Keep up your good work.

Domino 8/7/14 6:33PM

I tried 4 different web addresses to get printing label to return my Groupon merchandise. With absolutely no success.This will be the last time I order products from you. It leads me to believe you do not accept no postage paid returns. I am very angry!!!!

[email protected] 8/6/14 8:19AM

I recently bought a Groupon deal for a Magnetic Therapy Posture Support for my boyfriend,and i was away when it was posted to me so it was too late to return back to you by the time i recieved it,it was way too small for my average size partner he could not get it on,and even i tried it on and i am a size 8 woman,the quality of it was poor too so i am not very happy about this.

missleigh 8/6/14 7:39AM

three times i've paid for services and have not received two of them in my email. the other was a gift to my husband for a massage but we had emergency open heart surgery and well that was in April of this year. how do i get money returned back to my account?

kimc 8/3/14 6:35PM

I am extremely disappointed with Deck it Out also known by C3G Inc in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I purchased a groupon to have my windows washed by them. They scheduled me five, that is right, give different times and did not come any if those times. Each time I called, asked where they were and was given a variety if excuses including the boss was out if town, someone was sick, I didn't get into the schedule, the last house was Really Big! The final straw was when the showed up and wanted to charge double for each if my large windows though I was told previously one window is 'a pane of glass'. I requested a refund. The boss, Mitchell, said he would come out and discuss it within two days. We are on day 4 and no word from him. No surprise just should not be in business. Can groupon get me a refund?

Carroll 8/2/14 9:48AM

I clicked on massage to purchase it gave no place to add coupon code beauty10 I wont my 10.00 off should b only 19 charged to me will u please correct this thank you I went back and there was nowhere to add a code or if not I wont whole thing canceled had several problems with groupon and I email and never get a response back please contact me take care of discount please . Thanks tuns

tina waddell 7/31/14 6:02PM

Signed up for a yoga groupon deal with Shaolin Temple. First say was informed that class was cancelled. next day before showing up for class, i called and was informed that the class is no longer offered. Contacted groupon for refund, lengthy process because they keep emailing me the steps to follow to attend the class. I already mentioned in detail, the whole incident but was still instructed how to go about attending the class. Wow. Nobody read my email. Two or three more of the same emails received. Not only when i threatened to publish the incident at yelp about the run around i am getting for a mere refund did i finally received an appropriate response, sort of. Here, they make it sound like they are the ones who discovered that the temple "no longer provide the services" and "we've had to cancel this deal." Also found another company who no longer offers the service, because i called the business owner, and informed Groupon also, but as of today, 7/31/14, still found the Groupon coupon. Now, i am trying to claim my refund, but having difficulty getting to the site, and so pissed that is why i am writing this experience. Prices are great, but check and call the business before you buy. I do not know if i will ever be able to claim or even get my money back. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

[email protected] 7/31/14 1:09PM

I noticed items on my acct from a diff state that I did not order. They said it was from iphone order and I could only get groupon credit and not taken off my card. This is a crock. No way I ordered it by mistake, and last order months ago I said to not keep my credit card on file Rip off. After I use credit-several hundred dollars I'm us subscribing to G

Karen 7/31/14 8:06AM

As I bought a 7-in 1 multifunctional groupon global juicer. The day I received and opened it already had scratches and did not seems like a totally new product. I have not even used it or anything and wrapped up back like in a original state.

I also spoke to your one of the colleague on the call, as he stated I can able to refund and have my full money back.

I would really appreciate if you could consider my complain and get my money back.


Best Regards,
Rabia Azmat

Rabia 7/31/14 6:08AM

I am extremely disappointed with my groupon experience and will not return to your web site. The salon I contacted about groupon was rude and appointments were weeks out. Also the price advertised on this mani and pedi did not factor into removing gel or putting gel on. Very unprofessional. I will delete this app for sure!

Christine 7/24/14 11:30AM

Im really desappointed with groupon . I had purchase a photo shoot with glammour shoots deal and the information they had its states that you will get a cd with digital pictures and that's a lie. When you go there they make you waiste all this time just to give you 1 photo. I think they should give better description on goods you are getting and not mention that you will get a cd if you are not getting one. My friend whent and that's all they gave her 1 pic after waiting so much. I called groupon today to try get my refund back to my groupon account not to my credit card so that I could use it to buy another groupon and they say unfortunally they can't refund the glammour shoots so Im loosing the money for that unless I go waist time to get 1 pic. Pathetic really dissapointed

betzaida santos 7/16/14 7:53AM

I need help I ordered passes for keansbury water park for 6 people got there on tues could not use passes was for week of 8/4 . I must have misunderstood my grandkids and other relatives were in from out of state. We had to pay for tickets at the park can I get a credit to my acct I need someone to contact me by phone It was a costly amount

Anonymous 7/11/14 11:21AM

I am totally dissatisfied with the 2 floor mats I ordered and received today. They are lighter weight than I was led to believe, and I can purchase better ones in the local stores.

Crystal Eastman 7/10/14 12:11PM

I ordered 2 twin size comforters and 1 set of king size white sheets. I am not totally satisfied. Not the quality that I expected but I will keep them. I was sent a duplicate order that I did not order. Sending back because I do not need more than I ordered.

[email protected] 7/8/14 7:45AM

I purchased a SONIC-FX toothbrush & UV sanitizer 4/29/14.
Arrived in good order. Used it each day until 7/4/14 and the electric motor has slowed to almost nothing. It is useless. For such an expensive item to fail in just two months is a real rip-off. My investment should be returned...It was supposed to replace a SONICARE brush that lasted for more than THIRTY YEARS!!!
Not a happy camper here!

QltlvrLady 7/7/14 12:46PM

I recently purchased from groupon and want to return the product which I cannot use. I followed the instructions for printing a return label but cannot get anything. What can I do to return the product which I cannot use?

Anonymous 7/6/14 4:48PM

I purchased a groupon about a week and a half ago. Since then, I dropped my phone in a lake and I had to re sign in to groupon on my new phone. I have signed in under every email address I would have used for an account and my groupon is suddenly gone. My bank statement still tells me that I have spent $125 on groupon, but my groupon is not showing up anywhere. How am I supposed to find it?

Tyler 7/6/14 8:39AM

I made a purchase that I intended to use but after purchase I realized I had misread the ending date so am unable to use. I asked for a refund before the 3 day grave period ended and instead of a credit card refund I received a groupon bucks refund. That is not what your policy stated! Not cool and I see after reading other comments that its common practice. If I had known that I'd have kept the "deal" and given it as a gift or to charity. Never had issues w/any other "Deal" company. Obviously Groupon isn't as trustworthy!

rumbledolly 7/6/14 6:09AM

I purchase a product that was listed on the local website, well it was not local it was New York and sure they will ship it to me for $85. I want my money back and groupon you have been blocked from my media world!! Rip off!

Rondaobrn 6/28/14 12:59PM

I purchased a haircut and wash through groupon for a Bella Salon in Melrose, Mass and I have been calling the store for a month. Nobody has returned my voicemails or has even offered to refund me. After reading the groupon "promise" it looks like that refund is never going to happen. Who doesn't have money these days to throw down the drain. I thought this was a great site but now having lost my money TWICE...I am done and I will tell anyone else using this site the very same. After working in customer service and treating my customers with the upmost respect and curtsey, I am appalled.

kallie 6/18/14 12:51PM

I purchased a paint job from Cobb Painting. Although I have tried several times to set up an appointment with them, they never are willing to set a time or day.
If this is the way you handle complaints, and will not return my $80, I will never use your services again and will strongly recommend that my friends never use your company.

scbernie 6/17/14 6:00AM

my voucher valid date is 10/06/2014, i had booked 10/06/2014 dine in restaurant,when I'M REACHED THERE,THEY ARE ASK ME queue up. Is really worst and bad atitude, management and service ! called many time (10 time and above)phone is engaged,unreachable........sms not reply.i'm really disappointed and regreted bought the voucher. the restaurant manager said that, ask me to call groupon-customer service centre and say that request refund.So i would like to know what can i do now?
thank you.

VANIA 6/10/14 7:49PM

I purchased a Otterbox case for an Iphone 4s for 24.99. I had to have the package delivered to a relative because I only have a post office box and you do not deliver to them. It took me about two weeks to get to the relative's home which was 3 hours from where I was staying. I installed the case as soon as I could. Then I started receiving phone calls and found out that no one could hear me unless I took the case off the phone. I tried in several locations with several people to make sure the problem was with the case. That took about another week. the case is absolutely of no use to me if it blocks my voice. I would like to return it but I am past the 14 days. I also could not get to a return label on your website. Can you help me?

Laniemac 6/9/14 7:47PM

I requested a refund right away on a local water park. The reply accounted like she was doing me a favor, even though it was within 7 days days (it was about 7 minites), but onlt gave me store credit (Groupon Bucks) rather than crediting back to my credit card. Is that really a refund???

Tcostant 5/30/14 6:56AM

Hi I made a purchase with groupon on a trip to the Bahamas I was billed twice. I need my refund back

maryamsarj 5/13/14 9:52PM

I Will Never Refer Anybody To Group On!!!! I Ordered An Electric Steamer, And It Was Delivered Broken. After Promising That I Will Be Refunded In 10 Days,as Per E-mail Received. I Am Still Payment Was Made Direct After The Order. What A Shame!!!!!!!!!!!! I Think My Next Step Must Be The Press.

Anonymous 5/6/14 2:32AM

I have been trying to get a refund on a break since march.i have been told after several weeks it has been processed but nothing has been repaid .

karen 5/5/14 11:33AM

I've been trying for weeks to use my groupon to African violet no answer I've called today 11 times left voicemails and sent email no response back yet and there message greeting is from Jan seems there out of business taking my money and not open for business very digusted also the hair one I purchased no luck hate awlful job wonted me pay more for other stuff and bonnie knows nothing about hair very upset and not satisfied with this at all. Thanks Tina waddell

tina 4/29/14 5:58PM

Need To Get A Refund For Purchase "stecchinio's" At Your Request - Marked Redeemed In My File - Please Advise - Thank You

Anonymous 4/24/14 11:44AM

The Car Seat is to big for my 6 lb & 4 1/2 lb dogs.

Janet 4/4/14 11:17AM

I am looking for onefootpump but double power . so I can use easily to my car ,but you send me two pice so I want to returne this items'

deep 3/27/14 8:14AM

I am looking for onefootpump but double power . so I can use easily to my car ,

deep 3/27/14 8:02AM

Its doesn't fix in my room and too low as well.

Anonymous 3/26/14 12:06PM

I purchased an otterbox for my samsung galaxy III. It fits perfect but I now cannot hear the third party while talking on the phone. I would like to return the the product but am not sure how to do so.

Anonymous 3/23/14 4:40PM

I purchased a product about a week ago. This product was mostly glass and was marked fragile, however it was completely shattered when I received it. I attempted to return it but there is a no return policy for this product. I also emailed the customer service center inquiring what could be done and I have yet to receive a reply (keep in mind a response was supposed to be delivered within 24 hours). At this point I do not know what to do, any advice on further actions I should take?

nmurray 3/10/14 9:45AM

I got a New phone and when I downloaded the groupon app again the two previously purchased Groupons I had bought are no longer in my recent purchases area or anywhere, where do I get these back from and why did getting a New phone even though I'm lOgging in the same way wipe out my groupons ?

Anonymous 3/3/14 8:44PM

I have been trying to print a return mailing address and I CAN'T FIND THE "TRACK ORDER!" It is very frustrating to go thru all of your info and not to find easily what you are telling me to do!
Please let me know what to do since your info is completely no help/!

Anonymous 3/2/14 9:43AM

I want a refund. I am a CEO and purchased a package and scheduled my 2nd of 6 appointments. My time is booked at $500 per hour. If I miss an appointment with this aesthetician, I am charged $79. However, she missed mine after texting me and saying "sure what time tomorrow" to which I responded "3" and my iPhone assured me she was delivered this message. Then when I show her after she tells me "she never" got it, does not even offer anything but "sorry I didn't get it". It is rude for a business owner to charge clientele for missed appointments but do nothing in return when they waste the time of their patron. Glow Goddess is a one woman operation and isn't a place I would recommend if your time is money. I want a refund, I have only used 1 of six sessions, and first should be free because if my time wasted here today.

G 2/25/14 3:24PM

I have been trying to print a return mailing address and I cant find the track order. It is very frustating to go thru all of your info as to how to get such an item. Please let me know what to do since your info is completely no help/!

Soupie 2/21/14 7:59AM

Do NOT buy touch of healing groupons. They are a rip off! They will not redeem their coupon for 2. No where does it say that this coupon is not for two different people. I even told them I would pay more for two people and they wouldn't let me make up this "so called difference in money." Not willing to work with me and told me to get in touch with groupon like it was their problem. She was rude and said she could not talk to me anymore because she hD clients to attend to. I'm pretty sure I'm a client also. Warning: bad business practices and trying to get out of their groupon deal!!!

Anonymous 2/17/14 10:37AM

Purchased a Groupon for a spray tan at the salon where I have been getting tans for years. I called to schedule an appointment. The operator gladly scheduled my appointment. Then an hour before the appointment she texted me to say that she can't honor my Groupon because I have purchased two of her Groupons in the past two years. She says I should just ask Groupon for a refund. (Easier said than done, since Groupon's web site says no refunds seven days after purchase.) I double checked the voucher, and it says nothing about prior purchases. But she made her position clear. I'd really like to get my $55 back.

Anonymous 2/8/14 3:41PM

I have been trying for four days to return an item and to print a return label. The response is overload check later.
I'm really discouraged with your return policy instructions. I haven't found a telephone number to contact anyone.

Kathy 2/6/14 9:19AM

HI my name is Min Lee
I purchased 3 chemical treatments for my face and did not know that there will be several days of down time which I can NOT.

I appreciate if you can refund to the credit chard ending 6103.

Thank you

[email protected] 2/1/14 4:04PM

I was charge twice $15.00 on last week and I want my refund back.

Anonymous 2/1/14 3:32PM

Dear Sir, I purchased a $20.00 coupon for organic mountain farms, I wanted to buy a few items, however I was told for free shipping I had to spend $60.00, otherwise my shipping would be over $15.00. You withheld telling me about the shipping cost. I would appreciate a refund, Thank You

Jewels 1/27/14 5:53PM

my issue is we have a ( Groupon is offering up a Black friday adding Groupon Bucks directly to your accounts -$500)
500 credit and we used it buy a HP computer,after we got the product we didnt satisfied with it,so we decided to return
and get the credit back.
from groupon's the email it said this 500 credit for one time use,we used it before it expried and it said its credit to account.
the groupon didnt explain if we return the good,we lost our credit and in personal mind
if we return the product absolutely we can get our credit back.
customer service explain it groupon discount but on the promotion it said its directly credit to my account,
it means we own this credit.
we want to get the credit back.

Anonymous 1/9/14 9:35AM

I have emailed Groupon 3 times with no response. First, I purchased an auto care package and the location is closed. Second, a salon that I have called twice and only gotten an answering machine does not call me back (is it because I said I had a Groupon). I want a refund for both these vouchers and cannot get satisfaction.

FedUp 1/5/14 10:08PM

Hi ,I recived the tommy Bahamas sunglasses and I was shocked to open the box and find out that the glasses and the case are fake!!!!!!! This make me a little afraid to continue to shop on your wab site! I hope the company will do some work on protect the customers !!! Please take this back with full refund thank you!

Anonymous 11/22/13 6:56AM

I ordered the Mason02/canvas Retro Flat Gray Tweed7.
As it happens, I need a 7 1/2 or 8. Can I send them back for another size?

Virginia 11/6/13 3:07PM

I have had a great experience with Groupon refunds. They have given me Groupon credits in two situations. They took care of it quickly with little hassle.

Anonymous 10/26/13 7:07AM

I bought a laptop and its making weird random static/beeps noises whenever I play music !

yoitschowder 10/24/13 9:50AM

I bought 3 ticket of drink and cafe meal voucher and I visit that shop its all cut vegitables very very but colour changed brown not fresh at all and also very poor food and poor hygiene I never seen before such a worst shop in my life.It was at hunterconection.They are not profetional using coles $1 white bread and chees as well. I really want refund my money.

jewell 9/24/13 6:21PM

I just had my house cleaned by the Groupon I purchased.... It was a terrible job...
Can you please refund my money?

Carrielewis 9/17/13 3:35PM

I would like to book two trips to Cotswolds on Friday 20/09/2013.The staff there responded me through email that it would be not available on that day. But I have purchased the two trips and I plan to leave the UK 24th of September, thus any day to be postponed is not available to me. Could you please refund what I have paid?
Thank you.

Cathy 9/12/13 11:58AM

I only intended on purchasing one voucher for Squeeze Inn, please return the unused one

Marisa 9/7/13 2:04PM

I have searched the Groupon website for 1 1/2 hours trying to get a refund on a handyman service I purchased. The guy canceled the first time 2 hours before he was scheduled to come. This morning I paid a family member to be at my house at 9:00 to be here because I had to work. I checked my email messages and the handyman left me a text at 7:50. The family member had to drive all the way across town and didn't get off work until very late last night. I'm want my money back and am very frustrated because customer service is who - knows - where??!!

led 8/28/13 9:00PM

Just went to a salon offering a good deal, what a waste of time and money. It was more of a barbershop and I actually cried its such a bad cut. Unfortunately the owner is the one who did it and I'm not comfortable going back to get it fixed. I will be calling groupon tomorrow. The owner had no interest in doing the job that I was supposed to get the deal for. I might as well just have went to first choice and paid the same amount :(

Baby doll 8/23/13 5:11PM

Bought comforter set from Groupon two months ago. The entire comforter has unraveled in the past two weeks following this short period of use. Groupon says no refund as 14 day return period has passed. Groupon therefore refuses to stand behind their merchandise. I will never purchase from Groupon again.

Bobbi154 8/9/13 9:15PM

My purchased vouchers that I haven't redeemed were missing from the list of My Groupon! How could I get them back? Please tell me !!

quik 8/2/13 7:15AM

Bought several restaurant groupons for my trip visiting San Antonio. One restaurant closes daily at 3pm the other we pulled up to had just had a gang shooting in parking lot. Will TRY to get refunds on remainder tomorrow!

dsg 7/23/13 8:54PM

How do I get a refund restaurant closed

Anonymous 7/17/13 12:22PM

How do I get a refund if its only been two days !!! I need help ASAP

Stephanievb22 7/10/13 9:33AM

Today i got the disappointing news i never expected from Groupon and for all people who deal with this institute they suck when it comes to getting a refund. Anyone who buys a product from Groupon is stuck with a piece of CRAP items that you could possibly never use and now its a ping pong game between the manufacture and this institute. Heed my warning unless you don't try the products right away you have just blown your cash on products that suck.

geezloeez 7/1/13 8:57AM

I had to call groupon regarding a refund. It didn't take very long for them to answer and the customer service rep was very nice and handled my issue right away. Thanks Groupon!

corez43 6/29/13 10:43AM

My name is Ms. Love. I purchased a two 60-minute sessions for $55.00. I scheduled my first session this weekend at Cobb Wellness, in Marietta. It was the worst massage ever. The room was cold - no warm blanket. No scented/aromatherapy provided. I was informed that it was an extra $5.00, but she would give it for free as a first-time customer. the scent was placed on a tissue & waved in front of my nose. I was massaged with Queen Hensen Coco Butter (from the Dollar Store).. the massage was like being rubbed down like friction without lubricate, if you know what I mean...very dry. I will never go for the next session, in fact this is the 2nd time I have received less than quality service from a Groupon Client. I have no plans to make another purchase again and I mean it. The therapist talked as she walked out the door. This was not a peaceful pleasure for me as a client. I am sorry I purchased two sessions. Shame on me.

Anonymous 5/11/13 7:43PM

My Groupon was with Theresa at Encore. i would like money returned. Groupon does not answer emails or phone calls. What gives?? They started out well, now everything is sloppy.

carol thomas 3/29/13 11:40AM

... number has been disconnected. I submitted a ticket to Groupon, saying I want my money back. Within a few hours I got a response. Not a canned automatic ... wrote. He said Groupon will try to contact the massage place but meanwhile if I wish to get a refund I could. I.... Again, within several hours I got a notification that money has been refunded. Much easier, faster and painless than I thought. Now I feel safe buying groupons knowing that if there is an issue it will be taken care of. Read complete comment

Krys 11/23/12 11:11AM

... policy. The customer service personnel are not well-trained at all and credited my Groupon account instead of my bank account, saying that refunds were not possible. They refuted my claim that I was to...quot; but I could not do so anymore since I had "accepted their credit refund". The latter statement is utterly untrue as time and again on my first phone call I asked them if they could give me a full..." where clearly the first customer service personnel had misrepresented their refunds policy to me. They were very rude throughout the process. I will never go back to Groupon again. Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/19/12 3:57PM

I ordered an item from Groupon in August for $799, it was supposed to be shipped in 2 weeks. After 4 weeks it was not here. I went back into Groupon to my original order ... who have not received your items, go to the groupon website and complain, you will get your money refunded, this site here only gives their contact ... Read complete comment

cab 11/14/12 5:03AM

.... I explained my issue with servicer not cooperating with my groupon, and right away they issued a refund to my AMEX. I must say... but with Brzail Bronze Tanning and it was promptly resolved by Groupon. Before getting off phone I already had my email ... Read complete comment

jersygrl18 11/9/12 11:13AM

...with Groupon and the way they were treating me(exchange of Groupon). Well I received the Notebook yesterday and today,...contacted me and said that I can keep the perfume(that I was suppose to return to Groupon) as a goodwill gesture. Well, I am speechless. ... Read complete comment

debz 11/6/12 8:54AM

...(AFter booking plane ticket etc). Groupon did refund my money,, but money i paid to company for taxes, fees etc, I never recieved back. I complained to groupon on the phone, they seemed disinterested at best,, I ...they could put pressure on the company,,,never got a reply from Groupon,,, This is my first and last time using this ... Read complete comment

dac42420 11/4/12 9:58AM

... been total disappointments. One was for a stay at an inn. Turns out they put Groupon customers in a dirty, dated motel portion of the inn while showing pictures of the ... not as advertised either. Customer service pointed me to the "fine print" and sent me on my way with no refund. Read complete comment

Frustrated in NY 10/21/12 5:29AM

How does one make acutual contact with Groupon?? Their contact no in RSA has apparantly changeed...the company and Groupon asking that it be fetched and myself refunded, over 10 days ago. I...has been received as is being reviewed. I am sorely disappointed with Groupon and will now think twice before ordering ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/12/12 4:13AM

...I contacted the company for service, they gave me a very hard time. They were nasty and rude. The worst customer service ever!! I contacted Groupon asking for a refund or some compensation, and they were useless. "said nothing they could do. See if you can collect from settlement" The ... Read complete comment

Cydia 10/8/12 6:53PM

I had never had any problems with Groupon. I previously purchased and used several restaurant deals satisfactorily. .... They never answered emails or responded to voicemails. Groupon credited me back Groupon bucks, which I was ok with. I bought a pair of Altec Lansing Bliss headphones from Groupon Goods three weeks ago. According to Groupon, ... not receive my headphones and they might take up to 10 days to process a refund to my credit card. I've been waiting by the door for these for three weeks! I need them! If ... to know you don't have enough, then you've just lost a Groupon Goods customer. Read complete comment

Elyce 10/2/12 3:44PM

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