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Greyhound Return Policy

Not every ticket purchased from Greyhound is 100 percent refundable. Non refundable fares are frequently substantially less expensive than fares that are refundable. Even though non refundable fares can't be returned for their cash value, it is possible to exchange them for another ticket on the same route at a later date provided available room exists at that time. Consumers must pay a 20 percent cancellation fee on fares that are refunded.

Greyhound passengers need to be particularly careful not to lose their tickets after they buy them because the company is not able to issue refunds for tickets that have been lost, stolen or destroyed. Refunds for discounts are also not possible, so if a traveler is a senior citizen, for instance, he or she needs to request a senior discount at time of purchase.

Refunds are issued for unrestricted tickets for up to one year after purchase. It also may be possible to exchange a ticket for a different travel date.

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On June 26, 2014 I left New York on Greyhound to Chicago. The bus was overbooked, so I had to go on the second bus which was did not have extra legroom as advertised. We were told that this bus may or may not continue to Chicago. The bus driver was fairly new and nearly side swipped another van coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel.
When we arrived in Cleveland, we were told that this bus would not continue on to Chicago and we had to disembark and remove all of our belongings and get our luggage and get the bus to Chicago at another gate. While attempting to remove my luggage from the bus, the baggage handler kept insisting that this bus was going to Chicago. I insisted that I was told to get my luggage and get on another bus. Finally he removed my luggage and tossed to me. Finally, we boarded the bus to Chicago and come to find out that this was the same bus that I had been on from New York even though we were told that we had to board an entirely different bus. Since we had left New York late we had to make up time, so our rest stops were shortened. So we finally arrived in Chicago only 45 minutes late.

Carol1949 7/15/14 6:55PM

On the 9th of May I was on my way back home to Gulfport Ms coming from my home town Phx Az. I like greyhound cheap and fun at times. This time I wasn't to happy with them at all Got off in Dalls Tx I was to get back on in Dalls, do yall know that they had over book the dam bus to where they had to get another bus so that made me 4 hours late to get home and plus lost my bag. I didn't get my bag for a hold day and then when I got it you can look until that some one went in to it. As I was still at the bus station I opened my bag right in Front of a greyhound worker so they can see that my bag was open and went through. who ever went through my bag stole everything I had in my dam bag. I filled out the claim and now they telling me I cant get no money from my stole thing. Im thinking about get a lawyer for this. Underwear was stole to who would do something like that. I will never ever ride greyhound again and my family and friends will not.

CeceliaWhite 6/3/14 1:04PM

I had purchase a ticket in February 15/2014 my mother became very ill she almost died but we got her to the hospital just in time and I call greyhound and told them about the situation ok I was told to fax the paper work showing why I was unable to make the trip so I fax the paper work off so now they got everything mix up with a situation that happen in 2012 and this is 2014 so I spoke with and agent her name was miss harris badge number 2269 she took me through all the ropes I was told to my customer Id number down and my confirmation number down as well and put down the number from the fax machine number down also ok I did everything so they put the cash back on the card that was canceled so the agent spoke with her supv .so now they was going to send me out a check I never did get the check but the money that they put on my card was money from 2012 not 2014 so ok I spoke with another supv she was very rude she tells me that she see around trip ticket for me but she tell me I have too show proof that I paid for a ticket the proof is wright there in front of you what more proof do you need so she hangs the ohone up in my face and the agent that my her supv on the phone she was nasty also now the got things mix up again now they saying I have to show proof that the passenger was ill im the passenger I wasn't ill it was my mother that was ill and almost died not me and every time I talk with these people they give me a different story they either saying it's going to take 7 to 14 business days or the paper work is not wright or it's going to take 6 to 8 weeks I have seen a lot of 7 to 14 days go by and 6 to 8 weeks go by and I have not nothing the ticket they kept of mine and the money.

Hard 5/20/14 11:37AM

Greyhound is the worst ever. I would much rather hitch hike then to have to with idiot and very rude drivers and employees. I will just post videos online and to news to let everyone how greyhound works

dan 4/23/14 7:42AM

I think I will never ride Greyhound again.
I had a ticket to travel to Silver Spring, I had an emergency and couldn't make it...they would not refund my ticket, they told me I could change to another date, but had to pay $20 extra, and I had to go to the bus station one day before the trip, which is something I couldn't do either because of kind of sucks.

Anonymous 2/13/14 2:46PM

Greyhound has decided to take the familiar "Greyhound Dog" logo off the side of the bus and replace it with a "Grey Donkey". This will further express there feeling towards customers and their speed of service. Any questions or remarks should be sent to the law firm of Greyhound. Dewey, Cheatem & How. LLC

DEWAYNE 2/12/14 6:59AM

I purchased a ticket from my cell phone. When I got to the Chicago bus station I found that all buses that day had been cancelled due to ice. They had already been cancelled at the time I purchased the ticket from the website. The phone lines for the bus station weren't working so I couldn't call to check before taking a taxi to the station. I assumed that I wouldn't be charged on my credit card. When I got the bill, guess what? I called and was told rudely that it clearly states the ticket is not refundable and I could have rescheduled another trip. Perhaps they should keep their website updated instead of selling tickets for nonexistent buses.

Austin 1/27/14 5:35PM

Yep, my story is about the same. I was in the middle of mexico (they partner with a Mexico bus company) when I found I needed to change the date of my return. they said I had to do it at a ticket agent. I told them I was no where near a ticket agent. In response they just told me my ticket was void after the travel date. Tried the e-mail route got the same answers. There has to be a law that requires a company to do certain things when they sell a "refundable" ticket. We need to unite and do a class action suit. I can't beleive anyone would do this in the U.S.A.

Mad Murphy 1/13/14 4:42PM

I Will Make It My Personal Business To Make Greyhound Taste Like In Other Peoples Mouth. The Rich Needs To Stop Getting Richer Off The Hard Working Man. Owner Or Owners Of Greyhound Gte Off Your Rich Ass And Work Like Us Middle Class Then Maybe You Would Stop Robbing Us Hard Working People Of Our Money.

icijt4luv 1/6/14 9:02AM

greyhound is a thief. first of all they sale you the highest ticket possible. then they dont let you know that it is no refundable. then they tell you to hold the ticket until you want to go and pay them just 20 more dollars to change it to a day you would want to go even though you are not planning on going. messing with greyhound they took and kept a total of 140!!!! i waited on the 6th in rain and ice for a bus that the greyhound said was still coming but never showed and they still want give me my money back.DO NOT RIDE GREYHOUND!!! PEOPLE US HARD WORKING MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE STOP I REPEAT STOP MAKING THE RICH RICHER. DO NOT RIDE GREYHOUND!!!! One more thing the refund no. 2148498966 does not work but they give that no. to people and 90% of the people on the phone can not speak or understand good english. DO NOT RIDE GREYHOUND.

icijt4luv 1/6/14 8:56AM

I purchased a ticket online for my grandson to travel from CA to NY two days later. A few hours after purchasing the ticket, I found out that he had already made travel arrangements. I called Greyhound immediately to cancel the ticket. I was told that I would receive no refund. I pointed out that the confirmation email mentioned nothing about the ticket being non-refundable. I tried to explain that I purchased the ticket in error. "Customer Service" would not budge. They said that I could schedule the same trip at another time...for an extra fee of $20!

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This is unacceptable. Greyhound has literally robbed me of $245 for a service that is not being used. And if there are absolutely no refunds, they should state that in their confirmation emails.

I spoke to a Customer Service representative who refused to put me through to a supervisor. When I demanded that, I was put through to a supervisor who refused to help me. When I asked what were the next levels of appeal, she told me that there were none and that the buck stopped with her. Very, very rude.

It will now be my personal mission to let everyone know just how bad this company is.

David518 12/6/13 10:37PM

HATE THEM!! I swear worse decision of my life I purchase a ticket for my husband to come for thanksgiving , by accident I forgot a num on the add and now I haven't received it in the mail yet but I even took pictures of the confirmation num and the receipt showing him that the ticket was all purchase. I went to the station and even call greyhound to see if he could just print the confirmation and picture I send him and they said no that I was out of luck and had to purchase another one even tho i went and got a receipt saying the ticket was paid for for a round trip and they still say no. I went to the station and they can pull up my ticket with my confirmation and verified the name its under but they there ablebto print it if they wnated Mmm to but the comoany doesn't let them?? Seriously even tho I have prove I made the purchase this is crazy. I'm not sure how there still on business after so much complaints about then stealing ppl money because that's what there doing stealing...

m.nnni87 11/23/13 3:14PM

i haven't even used greyhound and i think it's a bunch of bull. the only sort of information the purchasing page gives you is different types of tickets (which, all seem the same accept the fact that you pay twice as much for a "refundable" ticket.) it seems that if one were to purchase a 'refundable ticket" you would be able to do so up until the day before the departure, and not have to bend over backwards to get things situated. in any sort of context, any returns are usually within seven days of purchasing. not this place i guess. i will never use this company, ever. And i suggest, if you want to keep customers and not have a slew of law suits on your hands, you get your act together greyhound. This is ABSURD. what kind of business is this? OH YEA. business of stealing. I get it. Scumbags. It's hard enough for people to travel these days, and when they believe they are able to buy an affordable ticket to do so, and something comes up that they are able to be changed, or refunded, seeing as the services have not been rendered. GET IT TOGETHER. your logic = not logic.

Anonymous 11/18/13 2:46PM

My name is Gilberto Versailles . On october, 31 I purchased 2 e-tickets for me and my wife from Silverr Springs to New York after I gave all the information required for the purchase,but according to your website the pure he failed because there was a problem with the cv# of my credit card and that I should contact my credit card office. I decided to made the purchase using another credit card and everything was fine. But when I was cheking my e mail I saw that there was 2 confirmation numbers for the same purchase for thesame purchase. I printed the ticket with . I would like a refund for the other ticket.

Thank you. G.versailles

Anonymous 11/1/13 1:29PM

Greyhound fare return policy is not fare. I bought a ticket at a fare price but ended not needing the trip. The trip was bought 21 days before depart day. Now I'm in neefof my fare that I decided to cancle. I looked through Greyhound return policy on the internet to see what I needed or what I had to do in order to get my return.It gave me a list of ways you can get a return. The following day I went to Greyhound to do the walk in to return my ticket.

Anonymous 10/30/13 2:52PM

My Name Is Nelly Ngugi From Huntsville Tx.i Booked Greyhound Bus From Dallas To Huntsville Tx Together With My Two Kids On 07.21.2013.your Agent Deducted 600 Dollars From My Visa Card She Told Me This Is Fare From Dallas To Hunstville Alabama Which Was Not My Destination....i Talked To The Agent And She Told Me Not To Worry I Will Get My Refund Back After 10 Working Days. Ihv Sent My Tickets For Your Reference ..i Have Called Endless Times To Your Office And Given False Refund Is 433.50 Dollars Which Remained After My Real Fare Was Deducted.this Is 5 Months Please Help Me To Get My Refund.WHEN ICALL THE AGENTS TELLS ME MY MONEY WAS REFUNDED ON 08.29.13 WHICH AFTER GIVING MY VISA NUBER THE REFUND DO NOT SHOW ...I NEED NY 400.33 DOLLARS OR GUIDE ME HOW TO GET IT THIS IS VERY UNFAIR

Anonymous 10/24/13 6:06AM

I think greyhound is a big joke, I took greyhound in march to go to tennesse and on my way there the window blew out down the highway in wyoming and because of that they changed my ticket 3 times so I don't have the original and then when I headed back in april the bus broke down and once again my ticket was changed 3 different times and greyhound will not refund my ticket because I don't have the original ticket. That's messed up I paid almost 300.00 just one way.

screwgreyhound2013 6/26/13 7:45PM

Worst Bus Company In The World...if You Are Reading Not Use This Bus Line...major...major Rip Offs....i Would Rather Walk !!!!

Anonymous 4/10/13 9:34AM

im going to sue your compnay if i dont get my refund for dropping me off 86 miles from final destination. you are going to refund my money or else. i will sue you just because you are liars.

miccomike 2/21/13 3:33PM

I had Greyhound tickets for a trip from Ocean City, MD to New York City with a transfer in Salisbury. Well...City never showed up. My husband had to close our store and drive us to Salisbury where we barely made it... 6 weeks and then maybe get some sort of a refund. Thanks a lot! If there is ANY other company that you can use to get where you have to, DO NOT use Greyhound. Read complete comment

Simona 11/5/12 3:06PM

...the passenger, rather than just the holder of the credit card. She immediately contacted Greyhound customer service in Dallas, ... that she must buy another ticket, but promised a refund for the incorrect one. We have phoned and written to Greyhound numerous times since then. They always promise the refund but have not provided it. Read complete comment

Anonymous 10/29/12 8:51AM

... you try to get a refund for a "refundable" ticket, you spend days and days without getting a live person. ... their website that you can submit a request for a refund form (that takes weeks to arrive), then you...them, but you won't get your refund (six weeks later unless you ...paper ticket. If you purchased this "refundable" ticket on-line, you are out ... Read complete comment

ejs 8/16/12 6:32PM

... at night for hours, needless to say we didn't get on the bus & now not even sure we will get refunded- Are they all on crack!! What a poor piss company! How nice to treat customers who flippen count on you to get somewhere & pay you for service that you don't give!! You need a serious wake up-without us riders you have NO job stupid!!! Read complete comment

Anonymous 8/4/12 2:19AM

... of town in the middle of the night and the station was closed up with a sign on the door saying that we should come back the next day for a refund or a reschedule. I have been trying for 4 months now to get my refund! I have followed all their instructions (mailing in the tickets, filling out the form etc... agent I talk to a month later says that they did not and will not send a refund...) It has been a very frustrating experience. Greyhound is a hive of wretched villainy and grasping, greedy criminals protected by a thick layer of irritating ... Read complete comment

Kyle 8/3/12 7:30PM

...ticket online and waited an hour a head of schedule at 7:00 but the bus never came all the way until I gave up at 9:00 p.m. The only greyhound bus I saw must have been the one was suppose to take but guess what, it skipped my stop because it was running late. WTH... others bus departing that night. When I email them that response with a "sorry" but we don't care so no refunds; I didn't even as for a refund just a change in traveling date or time at least. Calling them is no an option because I got robot speaking to me with ... Read complete comment

AngryCustomer 7/24/12 6:49AM I have ever met. There is a couple taking charge of greyhound. The couple is so rude that you can't imagine.... But they didn't give us. When we asked for refund, they shouted at us :"get out"... we call the customer service, they said getting refund at the bus station was the fastest way. But they asked ... Read complete comment

don't try greyhound 5/19/12 5:39PM

My daughter purchased a ticket, to return to college in Syracuse, NY, for $69.00, from 7-Eleven, following Greyhound's internet instructions. The bus ... Today is April 26, 2012. I have been trying to get a refund via email, phone and the mail, ever since. ... person who then doesn't know how to help you. I mailed copies of tickets to the refund address in Dallas, Texas via returned receipt. I was suppose to get a refund within 6-8 weeks. It's been 10 weeks since they signed for my ... the Dallas, Texas, Better Business Bureau in hopes of getting a refund, and am filing complaints at all the web sites ... Read complete comment

heatherlei 4/26/12 11:44AM

...08Jul2011 I originally purchased 2 tickets over the phone with a Greyhound agent with my Visa debit departing ...hospitalized. On 4-6-12 I went back to the Merced, CA Greyhound bus station and spoke with agent ...called 1-214-849-8966 ( Greyhound customer svc ) that same day, and the agent I spoke ...spent on that ticket. Beforehand I explained to both parties that I didn't want a refund because I fully understood the refund policy. I just wanted to change the departure date on the remaining ... ticket. For this reason will I never do business with Greyhound again, and will eventually complain to someone ... Read complete comment

KRoberts 4/7/12 10:38AM

Greyhound is the worst! I had booked my son on the bus for March 23 and had to get the tickets... weekend and she tells me that I have to call them back 2 days before he is to travel so we can exchange the tickets (maybe!) if the...I have a feeling that I'm going to be out the money that I paid for the original tickets and no exchange for the different weekend. And on top... understand. She had a really bad Spanish accent. Getting a refund seems to be EXTREMELY difficult according to the hoops that you have to jump through to MAYBE get a refund. Not looking forward to dealing with this again in a week ... Read complete comment

ihategreyhound 3/13/12 4:45PM

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