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Expedia Return Policy

Unexpected emergencies that force you to cancel or change reservations for your trip can happen anytime. Without travel insurance, you can be out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Expedia has you covered with our Package Protection Plan. Starting at just $39 per person, you will be covered for a one-time change of plans for a variety of situations. Some restrictions apply, however, so travelers should carefully read plan terms.From the time you book until you return home, Expedia will cover and pay for additional charges resulting from cancellation along with reimbursement for lost luggage, medical expenses and much more.

Expedia provides this protection through BerkelyCare Insurance. To obtain your coverage, simply select your plan and pay for it at the same time while booking your vacation. Claims for cancelled tours and hotels will be paid to the individual who booked the reservation. Airfare will be credited towards future travel.

To file a claim, participating travelers must contact Expedia and BerkelyCare as soon as possible to avoid losses and non-covered expenses due to delay in reporting. BerkleyCare will forward all physician forms and other documents necessary to report illness or losses covered under the travel insurance plan.

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Our experience with EXPEDIA has been awful. Double booked a room twice not realizing my husband did that. Come to find out didnt get an email regarding the number for it. Had too cal hotel ourself to get them. Heres the kicker booked July 30 money was taken out out our paypal account debit card through my husbands bank account 2 times in less than 10 minutes July 31. for the amount of 243.74. Called expedia about 10 times already got hung up about 5 on hold for hours on end so totaling about 6 hrs of my time with these so called people. We are still trying to resolve this problem and believe I dont recommend going through EXPEDIA just call the hotel directly or look at the hotels web sight for a room!!! oh believe I will be contacting someone regarding this situation too!!

truckernation 8/17/14 12:35PM

Absolute nightmare of a company. Spent 1.5 hours and six phone calls trying to get someone to agree to a change for a flight. Staff did not inform me that I should have contacted the airline direct. Some staff in Bangalore call centre struggle with fluent English and there is a total lack of empathy for change in circumstances. Lost £501.
Emailed their CEO - no reply. Tried using Twitter message - no reply. Emailed their customer support - no reply.
DO NOT USE EXPEDIA unless you want to risk losing your money.

paulwbmarsden 7/8/14 5:36AM

I found a cheaper flight within the 24 hour window but when I tried to use the "price guarantee" found on their website they refused. Turns out the site I found, is not a "booking website." Of course, they waited beyond the 24 hour cancellation window so I could not cancel. I paid $500 more for my ticket through Expedia! Beware of Expedia! Try anyone but them! I just booked directly with my airline for another trip in July and saved over Expedia's price!

Poor teacher 6/12/14 5:30PM

Do not purchase travel protection insurance! I purchased the insurance through the Expedia website in case my trip had to be cancelled. Unfortunately, it covers very little, and I quote "We will pay a Pre-Departure Trip Cancellation Benefit, up to the amount in the Schedule if you are prevented from taking your Covered Trip due to your, an Immediate Family Member's, Traveling Companion's, or Business Partner's Sickness, Injury or death or Other Covered Events as defined, that occur(s) before departure on your Covered Trip. The Sickness or Injury must: a) commence while your coverage is in effect under the plan; b) require the examination and treatment by a Physician at the time the Covered Trip is cancelled; and c) in the written opinion of the treating Physician, be so disabling as to prevent you from taking your Covered Trip." So basically you have to be deathly ill or have died and have your doctor examine you to make sure you are deathly ill and have died. This is definitely a scam and a rip-off and I doubt I will ever book through Expedia again much less purchase the insurance. So my required workshop change of plan cost me $900!!!!

fedup 6/4/14 12:28PM

I put in the wrong date for a hotel booking in Scotland and need th change the date,surely that can be done without me losing my money

Returns ans refunds 6/2/14 9:47AM

They keep telling me to wait. Can someone tell me how to sue them

jan 5/9/14 1:23PM

It is the worst fraud being played.they are criminally ruthless in eating up your money . Anyone reading should take a lesson from my experience and never ever bother to piss on this site.

jan 5/9/14 1:17PM

And I thought I was the only one. After reading all these comments of Expedia trav. agents. ooooh my God this sucks!!!!!!! It is true every time you call they tell you need to wait one more billing cycle, PLEASEEEE!!! do not rip off people like this, when they need to collect your money in a split second it is off your credit card but to pay back a refund you need to wait and wait and wait and you will never know if you are getting your money back, never again with expedia NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

ZMZM 5/6/14 3:03AM

Booked 2 rooms for one city, one night on April 29, 2014. Gave phone rep my email for reservation confirmation. Arrived at motel about 9pm. No reservation, no email confirmation. The idiot had reserved in different city. Only thing he got right was the state and the charge which wouldn't be refunded. No second chance here. 2nd bad experience with Super 8. They are never getting another shot at me.

Anonymous 4/30/14 7:41PM

booked a room at the motel 6 in Slidell La via expedia I have contacted hotel and expedia several times about a refund or crediting the rate charged to my mastercard I did not cancel room due to unexpected visit to the ER at the Slidell memorial hospital which I am still not discharged from.. lost my confirm # and had no way of calling during admission to ER check in was 3-30-14 c/o 4-1 I am moving to slidell and like to use expedia and this motel is convenience for guests I think you could credit my card or motel six the amount for charges not rendered do to a unforeseen emergency

joel 4/11/14 6:19PM

I booked a trip to Cancun back in december 2013 for the family. I purchased The insurance for the trip as well. We had to cancel the trip and so I called Expedia to get my refund for hotel and airfare. To date I have not received my refund for $1,900 dollars. I have checked my account multiple times for the refund and to date no refund. They continue to lie to me and tell me that they issued my refund. I also asked to speak to someone in there accounts payable or anyone else! I explained to multiple supervisors and multiple times and they continue to do nothing.There reply is that there is nothing they can do. DO NOT USE EXPEDIA! You are taking a big chance.

zman 1/30/14 6:27PM

I Send Two Mail-s To Expedia And Call Three Times And Lost Hours And Hours Waiting A Phone,and Talked With Few Problem Was I Booked 4 Rooms And Suprise Was When I Recived Invoice On My Credit Card.they Charge Me 2x4 Rooms.last Person /name Violet/ Promise Me To Check My Ittinery And Send Me Mail.but I Still Wait.i Am Very Suprised With This I Am Thinking To Change The Travel Agent After Many,many Trips With Expedia.s.zaknic

lana parfumerija 1/25/14 5:21AM

I am currently trying to get an airfare refund for a missed flight that was caused by the airplane having a flat tire. I've been making calls for three days and have not got past the first level of responders. The airline states they are not responsible for the refund because I booked through expedia. Expedia states the airline will have to provide the refund and will contact me through my email. I have not received said email. I am currently on hold with expedia

ejayjones 12/6/13 11:38AM

EXPEDIA Hotels and Flights Application is also Garbage and rip off.Not user friendly the layout is clumsy crap, the selection input interface forced me to choose wrong date after I placed correct one. This will ultimately cause you to book wrong and together with Hotel refund policies will rob you. Had to file chargeback because of this lousy app check the reviews of Expedia.They own Hotels.Com ! Explains why they can do this crap.

gamrezus 9/7/13 11:30AM

I had to change my return flight last spring, and come home early. Expedia refused to refund the return portion of my ticket, saying at the time, it would be available to me the next time I book through Expedia.

I have not travelled since last spring, and do not foresee doing so. Can't get a customer service person on the phone; the website refers you to some answer system that asks for $15 on your credit card to continue. What kind of service is this?

Jeni Upchurch
Former expedia customer

Jeni Upchurch 3/14/13 10:39AM

... But in actuality it cost me $120 more. Somehow EXPEDIA didn't give me the discount and I was charged like I booked each separate. I called a few ...hours." There is nothing I can do for you. They were willing to refund my flight money, but then upon asking more question to use the "credit voucher" they would charge me $150 per ticket I would purchase. Unfair ... Read complete comment

learedmylesson 11/26/12 10:59PM

... to cancel but couldn't make any headway with any representative of Expedia, mostly because the contacts put me on hold and disappeared.... we were certainly billed for it) and that any reservation was cancellable with no charges if cancelled within 48 hours of arrival. The ... airport to Ixtapa while the more expensive flights booked through Expedia involved two stopovers. We still haven't received refunds because our credit card company was told we never cancelled anything (believe me, we tried).... a couple of lousy airline vouchers with airlines we would never have chosen --indeed, Expedia sucks. Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/24/12 9:20PM

... for them, but awful for you especially when they have charged you an additional $3,765 on your credit card! I managed to get the issue resolved not via Expedia, but via my...directly. My advice to anyone trying to get money back from Expedia is to create a dispute item with your bank. ... card and was shocked to see I had also been charged for the Virgin flight. I phoned up to be told the ... weeks later. I eventually received a call from Virgin. As soon as I explained what had happened they offered to refund the money immediately. Bliss to understand that some companies ... Read complete comment

Tania 11/20/12 3:02AM

...6383. I immediately canceled the flight but was advised Expedia could not refund the fee and that I needed to address this with my credit card company. My credit card company informed me I would need to wait until the charge appeared on my statement and then file a transaction challenge. In the meantime, the Expedia charge of $6383 remained as "pending" on my account and placed me over the credit limit. My card was consequently... Read complete comment

Lorenzo 11/15/12 10:28AM

... smelled strongly of mold and mildew. The legs of the furniture were quite obviously water damaged and moldy. When I took my shoes off the floor was soaking wet! The ...! The floors and walls were stained and filthy throughout the hotel. We were charged a daily resort fee when we arrived which I promptly demanded be returned after we'd been shuffled around to three rooms. There was nothing resort ... the hotel's rate were cheaper than the rates that I paid through Expedia. When I called Expedia to check on being refunded for the over charge the Expedia rep told me there was nothing that they could ... Read complete comment

jenlepag 11/12/12 6:39AM

Expedia are crooks, plain and simple. In attempting to request a refund for a flight that was cancelled due to inclement weather, I was told to call ... up on/disconnected three times (not embellishing). Apparently even persistence doesn’t work when attempting to get a refund. I will not be using Expedia again to book travel. Read complete comment

Anonymous 11/8/12 3:49AM

I booked a flight from Belgrade to London via Budapest with Expedia on Malev Airlines in Jan 2012, to fly in Sept 2012. I checked info in Aug &...& was told that Malev went bust 6 months before. I eventually spoke to customer services (Expedia) & the lady I spoke to actually told me to hurry or I would miss my flight ... flight. I booked a flight to London via Rome, I was told that because it was short notice I had to pay cash 330euros. When I got back I emailed Expedia, it took over 5 weeks to get a reply. They refused to refund any money, & would offer no compensation at all.... Read complete comment

KPShef96 11/6/12 11:07AM

...of being apologetic about the whole affair and issuing a refund the legal team for Expedia demanded that I sign a “Motion to Dismiss ... Prejudice,” which means that if I don’t get my money I would have no legal recourse to get ...has been settled BEFORE they’d send me my money. I took them to small claims/conciliation court and ... a copy of the suit to the server and use a money order to pay the server--so you have the cost of the server, the money order fee and postage. When you are in conciliation or small ...'ll find the work and expense of getting your money back to be just too much--and then they... Read complete comment

djconklin 11/5/12 11:17AM

... evidence confirming that they had booked the reservation three weeks earlier (when my credit card was charged in FULL for the room) existed. WHAT A SCAM!!! Clearly the business practice of Expedia is to accept your payment in full but not to book the room with the hotel until a few days prior. Now there are no other rooms available and I am out the cost of the flights as well. They did refund the monies but to what avail? The entire weekend has been ruined. I would NEVER recommend booking through Expedia if you need... Read complete comment

Frustrated Traveller 11/1/12 8:39PM

...under construction and we awoke to loud sounds at 8 AM for 3 days. Additionally the room smelled like stale smoke and... I called Expedia to explain and ask for my "delux king" room fee to be refunded (a whopping $36 out of a total $750 ... I asked to speak to a supervisor and went through the process again only to be placed on hold for another extended period of time. Expedia eventually offered... took pity on me and refunded my $36. Upon returning home, Expedia sent me an email... and then when I was asked what my thoughts on the experience were, Expedia didn't publish my review. I feel I ... Read complete comment

Melisaa1 10/26/12 8:27PM

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