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Dollar General Returns and Refunds

Dollar General Return Policy

At Dollar General, your satisfaction is important. If you need to return an item, your refund will be processed according to the following policy. If the item was a gift, a store credit will be issued to the original purchaser.

Items purchased at a retail store may only be returned to a retail store within 30 days of the original purchase date. The item must be returned with the receipt and in its original packaging, if possible, with all paperwork and accessories.

Items purchased online may only be returned to the Dollar General online distribution center printed on the packing slip within 30 days of the original purchase date. You may use one of three return carrier options: Federal Express, United Postal Service or the United States Post Office via Insured Parcel Post. The return parcel must include:
  1. the bottom portion of the packing slip or the order number, billing name, and address;
  2. the item, in its original packaging, if possible; and
  3. all paperwork and accessories received with the item.
You may receive credit of the purchase price to the same method of payment. Shipping charges are non-refundable, unless the item is being returned due to a manufacturing defect or a shipping error. If your item arrived with damages incurred during shipping, you may call the Customer Support Center at 877-463-1553 for further instructions.

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I purchased a fan at Dollar General of Sarasota FL. I returned home, opened the box all to find the fan did not work when I plugged it in and the exterior plastic portions of it were broken. I went straight back up to the store 10 minutes later and asked to reutrn the broken fan. The manager, Tammy, was VERY rude to me, and she told me I could not get my money back, that I could only exchange it for another one of these poor quality fans. I did not want another poor quality fan like the broken one I had just purchased. Since then I have called corporate and filed a complaint against Tammy, and have yet to receive a call back. I am furious and I will not be returning to this store or ANY Dollar General for that matter. Do not purchase fans there. They are horrible quality and you cant even return it WITH a receipt 10 minutes after purchasing it.

FURIOUS 3/19/14 1:19PM

The fact you can no return or exchange anything without a receipt is ridiculous! You should at least issue store credit for the lowest selling price of the item like other stores. Now I'm stuck with baby items I don't need or want because Dollar General has a bogus return policy. They have lost my service for good!

Bogus Return Policy 1/27/14 4:10PM

First of all it is a state mandated law not to accept a return on food. All stores have that in place. Second many items state right on the package do not return to store call the manufacturer of the product for any issues. Not sure where you all shop, but in the northern states you don't just walk into a store and say I want my money back without having to give your full name, address, phone number, and reason for return. The register prompts the cashier for that information. Walmart, shopko, target, jcpenney, etc have the same prompts to proceed on the register when you do an exchange or return. Some complaining posts on here are not even legitimate complaints.

Justsayin 1/23/14 6:11AM

I visited a Dollar General store in Muskegon,MI a Apple Avenue store. I purchased several Christmas toys, Christmas candy and 3 bags of Hot fries . Upon looking at my receipt I realized I did not get 50% off of the toys, even though they were located in the 50% off aisle. The clerk/manager informed me it was for toys with a little blue star. (Clever sales technique to dupe the customer). I asked for a refund and told I would have to go to the back of the line,I obliged. During my refund transaction I was told I could not get s refund on the candy because it was a food item. What/why? The manager said it was a store policy. I never left the store or even leave from the cashier's area. I simply changed my mind and wanted a refund. After reading your policy on refunds, I realized that your manager was not educated on the store policy. I did not feel that the transaction with your manager was very friendly or helpful. All this over a few dollars. It was quite an embarrassing incident and needless to say I feel compelled to repeat this incident to family and friends.

Glenda Moore 1/3/14 7:49PM

I shop at the Dollar General in Anderson,AL on a daily basis. Customer service is terrible!! The employees are very rude and treat the customers with total disrespect. I will take my business elsewhere. These employees need some extensive training on how to treat customers!!

Anonymous 12/27/13 9:32PM

I Will Never Shop At Dollar General Again I Brought In A Return With The Receipt The Manager Ileane On S. Alpine In Rockford She Was Rude Rling Me I Had To Stand By The Register While She Did My Return In A Nasty Voice I Asked Jer Why Did She Have To Put My Information On The Computer Id I Had My Receipt She Said That Was Policy Which Was Then She Asked For My Number And When I Refused She Went Of On Me Saying That I May Nit Get My Refund Cause I Didnt Give Her My Number I Asked For My Receipt Back Which She Refused Yo Give To Me And Told Me Not To Come Back In The Store So I Snatched My Recipt From Her And Went To Walk Out The Door And She Shoved Me In The Back Twice I Called The Police And She Wanted To Have Me Arrested For Snatching My Receipt From Her She Was Very Rude People In The Store Was Giving There Information Because They Felt She Was Wrong All I Can Say Is She Needs To Count Her Blessing That She Was A Little Old Lady But I Hope She Dont Run Into The Person That Will Hit Her Back

Beenviolated 12/7/13 9:26AM

Dollar general will NEVER get my service again. I went to the store on Fulshear,tx for the first time at this will be my last visit. Staff is so rude and when I asked a question the cashier said "I will have to ask my manager". Then proceeds to call the manger who was outside smoking and on her cell phone. When she was talking to me she was very rude AND had her phone to her ear the whole time. She ten said "there's nothing I can do for you".

Anonymous 12/5/13 7:57PM

I bought a can of Behold furniture polish at Dollar General on N. Main in Monmouth, IL. Did not keep the receipt. I tried using it today but sprayer defective and only bubbles with no contents. They won't exchange without receipt. Who keeps receipts for furniture's still full just won't spray. They lost me as a customer for good.

jgs61462 10/17/13 10:59AM

I bought a Tracfone, Oct. 6, 2013, I do not get service on it at my house, so on Oct 13,2013 I asked the cashier can I return the tracfone, as it does me NO GOOD WITHOUT SERVICE. She said do you have your reciept, I said yes. She then said yes you sure can, we can't refund the mins though, I said ok. The very next day, Monday Oct. 14, 2013 I was there again, asked another cashier the very same question, and got a DIFFERENT ANSWER, the oldest lady that works at this store at 1620 E Wade Street Trenton, Florida 32693 (352) 463-0013 don't know if the numbers on the bottom of the receipt will help its ~ 00818 02 then 1487. She said if you added mins to the phone, NO!! I said how in hell would I or anyone else know if it worked or did NOT without mins????? What does she THINK or does she?? I guess I'm suppose to ASK THE PHONE DO YOU WORK, and HOPE it will ANSWER me?!?!? That's stupider than stupid to come out of ANYONE'S MOUTH!!!!! And HOW DID SHE GET A JOB at DG being that STUPID?????? So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE advise me the CORRECT ANSWER. Thank you in advance for your time, and help.

Anonymous 10/16/13 3:25AM

I bought a fan from dollar general and open the box olives the fan up and it did not work. Have the same box it came in. Put lost the recipt to it. Thay would not exchange it. So now were burning up with out a fan. And I don't have enough money to get another one. This really is bad for people on a fix in come. I think I write to the company were the fan came from and tell the there selling bad products..

tammy 10/8/13 2:57PM

The Dollar General store in Flora, IL is a complete joke!!! I returned a pair of shorts 9-11-13 that were purchased 8-31-13 and could not get my full refund. The owner told me that was a long time ago and shrugged his shoulders. Idiots should not be allowed to run a store. Never will I shop @ this store. Guess thats why good ole Walmart will win my business.

Anonymous 9/12/13 5:35AM

I went to return an item today with the receipt and my method of payment was my debit card. I was told that I could not have cash back even though Dollar General got cash for the purchase. So why is this? The ASM could not even change the price to the same amount that I payed for the item. This is a really stupid policy/

angcollins2000 9/7/13 10:57AM

I am so aggrevated by this company's returns policy! You MUST have a receipt NO acceptions is not customer friendly at all. It does NOT matter that the nice clerk remembers when you made the purchase since you purchase the same product every week. The store manager (who is a VERY negative, unfriendly, grouchy personality type)says NO!! policy! No exceptions! I tell her that's no way to treat a regular repeat shopper who spends alot of money in this store. She tells me, I can shop elsewhere if I'm unhappy.....SO from now on I am!! Some customer service! DOLLAR GENERAL you should be ashamed!!!!!

lil deb 9/5/13 2:11PM

Dollar General has such awful customer service. I live in Crawfordville Florida, I went into the local Dollar General and purchased a set of full size sheets ($16) and before I left the store I told the cashier I didn't need the receipt (BIG MISTAKE) when I got home to put the sheet on the bed, I noticed a rip in the sheets, then I look at the package to see where it was also cut in the same pattern, so I put two and two together, " the stocker cut the sheets with the box cutter while opening the box ". The very next day I want back to Dollar General to switch the sheets and was denied because I didn't have a receipt, I asked the on shift acting key holder Miss April if they could pull up the UPC code by scanning the bar code, she quoted "let me ask my manager, my manager said no we don't keep track of the UPC codes, I let Miss key holder April know Dollar General needs to change it return policy, until then ill be traveling that extra mile to get my piece of mind at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart needs to buy Dollar General out maybe they can cut out the penny pinching. I went to the back of the store and looked around at the sheets to see if other sheets were cut and all were cut, can't believe they failed to take back their defected product, that also says allot about their employees intelligence, why would you open sheets with a box cutter; don't have to worry about my business again, its Wally World for me from now on, never had a problem switching a item without a receipt at Wal-Mart and the price is better.

Country Boy 8/21/13 12:36AM

I purchased a cell phone at the Dollar General and it would not work. The store had to activate the phone in order for it to work. Something was wrong with the activation process and the store manager would not refund my money. I was out of $80.00 and the manager was not willing to assist. She just stated "There's nothing I can do about it". THat is the worse customer service that I have ever experienced. I think the manager needs retrained and I would like to have my money back or a phone that will work.

Jackie 7/11/13 1:22PM

I wanted to report a complaint about The Dollar General Store in Marble Hill, MO. The people that work in the store or so unfriendly & .../2012 they lied & told me the lady wasn't working & there was nothing left. They were very rude when I returned to the store & told me not to come back, something needs to be done about the employees & management at this store no one should be treated this way. Marble Hill, MO Shopper Read complete comment

Shopper 9/21/12 8:40AM

Today I visited store #12129 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I purchased 2 pair of Bobhie Brooks slippers- one blue, one lilac. They were ... in my family have been overcharged on clearance items ringing up the orginal price at that store so many times. If I have to be made to feel like an idiot because I returned something that I was overcharged for when the tag CLEARLY said $3.00 & the sign clearly said take 1/2 off our clearance price, this will be my last shopping trip to Dollar General. I worked in retail management for 10 years & NEVER made a customer feel like I was made to feel today. ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 9/19/12 11:50AM

I was in one of your stores on Fridaythe 7th. It was store number 12555. The cashier didn't spin the bag rack so I did to collect my bags after spending ... and when I finallyfinished my running I saw I had someone else's bag so I took it back to he store and handed it back in. When I realized I was missing a bag that had 3 thing's in it a bag of ... she didn't even see the first bag that I had to take back. I either want the merchandise that I paid for or a refund I still have my reciept. I am in there almost everyday and Ifind it very rude that a manager... Read complete comment

jerseygirl 9/9/12 10:01AM

I am very disturbed about your return policy. It states very cleary that we are happy to make a return if you have your receipt. I shop at the dollar general just for my household cleaning supplies. I ... you $1.65 extra for my mistake. I know that there is abuse out there but if someone in making an exchange or making a return an its less than $5 dollars is should be a lot quicker. As we know when ... Read complete comment

lenoira 8/12/12 9:34AM

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