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Costco Returns and Refunds

Costco Return Policy

Costco customers who need to return merchandise or to exchange it can visit any Costco warehouse for immediate assistance. This retailer offers full refunds on all products. Certain items such as televisions, cellular phones, camcorders, computers, cameras and projectors need to to be returned within 90 days of purchase to be considered for a refund.

Consumers who are unable to visit one of Costco's worldwide warehouses can call the retail giant's customer service number for assistance returning the item via United Parcel Service. Having the order number handy will help consumers to quicken the refund or exchange process on these items. Merchandise that is being returned will need to be packaged in the original packing material and taken to the nearest UPS facility for shipment.

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I purchasdd one of those gigantic bean bag chairs from costco approx. 2 years ago tthey chair was the type that the memory foam was suppose to mold around your body. It never did that and its junk it virtually looks brand new I dont have the receipt but someone told me they would likely return it. Would costco return this item?

CrashMon 8/14/14 10:28PM

Almost every time I make a return to the Tigard, OR Costco, they treat me like a criminal, usually for items between $10-$20.
I had the worst customer service experience today with Christina. She refused to listen, repeatedly cut me off when I tried to explain the mistake she made, and accused me of lying. Over $15 of defective printer ink refills. Honestly, it was almost comical!
I don't know why this Costco is so hostile about returns. The company boasts about its fabulous return policy with a huge sign right on the wall next to merchandise returns, but this particular employee clearly does not understand this company policy or her role in customer service.

Anon 5/17/13 10:08PM

I purchased defective tires from Costco, check CA law on warranties, and realized Costco warranty policy on tires is not within the confounds of the law. I was able to receive a complete refund on my tires at Costco and this is why I will still shop there and gave two-door car, then drive the old tires back to the Costco finally returning home. The gas expenses associate with this transaction is ... from a workweek in order to replace tires under warranty. I will incur an expense prior to anticipation of a secure product exchange, and will incur excess ... Read complete comment

markevansk 11/14/12 9:34AM

... of other companies and look at their renewal rate and return policy. With 91 billion $ in sales, again, do your homework ... on food and only 14% mark up on electronics. Costco brings a replacement to a product that is equal or better than the first.They can only have 4'000 items at a..., discover ,or mastercard, those cards want 2% to run the card. At 91Billion $ and not getting a break on the processing fee, THOSE other cards must be too big to fail.LOL Why does Opra and all the other ... be happy even if you gave the store away to them.Costco will refund your membership fee at any time some one is ... Read complete comment

Donovan 11/6/12 10:44AM

I returned a mattress to Costco. I was told in early August that the check had been mailed. When it had not arrived a few weeks later, I was told that it should arrive in the ... that they are not going to answer the call.) I try to email them, and I get a message that the server cannot connect with costco. So they kept the mattress, but won't give me the refund. I am looking into criminal charges (theft by deception) or civil damages (consumer fraud). Read complete comment

Betty's Brain 10/31/12 2:45PM

... second time emailing my issue. I shopped at Costco, Victorville, Ca on 10/26/12. Tran When I arrived home I noticed that I was charged twice for item #402463 Systane Ultra ... how that happened. I would like to have a refund for the excess charge but want this first documented ... Read complete comment

Paulette Chaves 10/28/12 1:04PM

.... Very poor quality. 3. I requested an exchange only on the table from instead of a complete return. 4. The shipping company came at ... saying I would be charged for that second table for my "refusal to give back the damaged table". 6. I contacted ...sent to me stating that my new table would be delivered in 2 days (3rd table). I do not need another ... set up a time tomorrow to pick up my damaged table. I still refuse to disassemble it...that is NOT my responsibility.... and told them to go ahead and still deliver the 3rd table and to discard my demand to ... Read complete comment

kallen 10/4/12 10:25AM

... that it is covered under costco warranty. it stopped working, and I went to return to costco at Overland ... extremely rude way that they won't return this since its 2 years old, and since... they have decided not to do any more returns for me. Is this the costco policy... Read complete comment

ak 8/16/12 10:20AM

... at my receipt and sure enough I had been charged full price of 36.99. I got the attention ... above an entirely different product. She offered to do a refund and I asked that she just perform the price ...consumer when signs are not placed in the correct position and that the store should have the courtesy to price adjust for their ... to consumers who did not notice the full price was charged and therefore they were taken advantage of....Club member instead because it is quite obvious that my relationship with Costco is not as important to you as it is to me and your policy is to lose future business ... Read complete comment

Crystal 8/11/12 9:33AM

I went to buy a sofa i fell in love with at Costco and they informed me there was only ONE left in a store quite a ways ...and they couldn't reserve it. I had to go down in person. So i went, got it, paid for it and arranged to have it delivered. (not a smooth process by the way) A WEEK later they call and say - actually we dont have it, you need to come back to THIS store for a refund. I tried calling every Costco in the area in the hopes of finding another one (even a demo) and most... Read complete comment

mtlroses 8/1/12 9:05AM to cancel her membership. Your person in charge of cashiers today (June 3rd,2012, ... your miserable little manager, confiscated her card from me, stating "we don't know how you got this card", and she has to be with you. When I tried to explain to... herself, he said we could pay to be added to her card (we would never do that since your store is a rip-off), he kept her card and said she had to come back... can to get her to cancel and get a refund (she renewed effective 6/1/2012), and tell... found the items for less money. I will never step inside another Costco store, and I have told... Read complete comment

Sandra Jones 6/3/12 12:18PM

... it said use or freeze by May 28th. I immediately returned to the store and brought the problem to the attention of customer service. They gave me my refund on the card and said this doesn't happen often. ... No problem. I felt that it was a problem and told the person in charge that there is a trust issue any time a ... Read complete comment

Mike in Hillsboro 5/30/12 4:28PM

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