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Avon Return Policy

Avon offers an easy and convenient return policy. Most items purchased from Avon can be returned within two months of its delivery date. In order to return purchases, complete the return form located on the back the purchase invoice. Return the form and the unwanted item to either your representative or an Avon distribution center. If you do not have an invoice, you may call 1-800-265-AVON, and a customer service representative will help you.

Once Avon receives and processes your return, a credit will be issued to your credit or debit card. Please allow at least two billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement.

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I've been selling Avon for about 7 months now. I don't understand Avon can say this is the business that puts food on the table cause frankly it does not pay the bills... Especially shipping costs of $5 then to re ship it back may costs more then to wait 2 weeks to get your money. What I do is to get customers money in advance before you place orders that way there is more of a definite of the customers wanting their items and not changing their minds before it's too late. When they get their orders then thy don't want it more than likely thy haven't used the items and you can resell those items.
I wish Avon would do a no shipping cost when you need to reship the items [reps already paid for the shipping costs] It seems to be a double shipping cost.
The shipping & trying to send back items is what I have the most trouble on when selling Avon. Also sometimes the descriptions in the books aren't accurate.

Crts 5/25/14 10:15AM

Someone needs to revamp the return goods program immediately.
after selling for over 25 years the program has gone to the
Duplication of orders and credit given to reps. un heard of,
Pricing errors on products ordered - that will never be corrected.
The system of placing people on NO INSTANT CREDIT STANDING
needs to be addressed to each individual rep. for the reason
why this is applied to their account.

MRS. BRASCHWITZ 5/22/14 9:43PM

When I sold Avon Products, it was impossible to make income for many reasons. The reason that fumes me the most is, a Rep has to pay the shipping cost to return product to Avon. Therefore, when a Customer decides they do not want item for some reason or another (doesn't fit, doesn't look like picture, etc.), the Rep has to absorb the cost to ship back to Avon to get your product credit. Can you imagine!!! Printed all over the Avon books is a notation letting customers know they can return without hassle. Really???!!! Is Avons nuts?!! How awful!!!!! It's bad enough that we have to take the time to go repack item and stand in a post office line!!!!!!!!!!

cmbaker 3/25/14 7:42AM

I sell avon and had done so in the past.At this point I feel it is an absolute joke.When you do a return you will notice in the reason column there is no avon made a mistake,and furthermore to charge to send back returns is just obscene when with everything else they charge you and the % you make is based on earnings you make very little for the time involved.when you do speak to someone half the time with their foreign accents you can't understand them anyway..At this point I do it for all my older customers and don't make anything as they age and no longer buy it will be something I give up with no regrets

Anonymous 11/23/13 4:13PM

I would like to know if you received the Avon package I sent to you.Please let me know. Thank you.

Anonymous 11/11/13 5:29PM

Hi my name is Robin North From Mancelona Michigan. I returned an Item from campaign 22 Item Number 169-492 Ruched waist dress I wanted a Refund for this Item please. I was wondering how long it takes to get it put back in my checking Thanks.

Anonymous 10/25/13 5:50PM

I was told by my rep that a $5 return fee is to be charged to me. When I contacted Avon they said it is up to the discretion of each rep to charge the fee or not. Really this is Avon giving the OK to charge it yet they want me to complain to my rep. Avon, take the lead on this and don't charge your rep hence no charge to a customer. This will be the last time I deal with Avon, they saw to that.

At A Loss 10/2/13 9:52AM

I have purchased many items from Avon and returned several. I have always gotten two confirmation emails and a prompt return of my money.

Narrowroadtravels 9/8/13 7:39AM

I received the products that I didn't order. please remove them and come collect them because they kept my products on hold. the order no on account number

nancy 8/11/13 7:39AM

Hi I am an Avon rep I've ordered some products for a customer and now she doesn't want them do I have to pay for these out of my own money or do I not pay for these products and send them back plz help

bluey 6/30/13 2:42PM

I returned a item about 2 months ago and still didn't get my refund. Why is it taking so long? I ordered numerous items from Avon, but now I won't until I get my refund. So atleast give a logical reason for the delay of my refund. Isn't this bad for your business?

Roberta Smith 5/30/13 8:14AM

Avon is a rip off! I sold Avon for 1 1/2 years. Was abused, lied to and mistreated by upline and manager. I quit and returned items. They owe me over $400.00. It has been 3 months with story after story as to why I haven't gotten my $$$. Please don't sell or buy Avon products!!!!

Helen 5/20/13 12:11PM

... watch from my rep in willington co.durham Returned for refund as poor qualilty and didnt fit wrist.Months have gone by no refund no communication at all,no explanation ...but book never collected.Never will I order from avon again,pity as have done since ... Read complete comment

maz 10/6/12 1:06PM avon product. It was a little elephant for $12.00. I returned the item several months ago to the mother of the Avon rep who brought the book to work to help her ... quality of the item so I returned it the the avon reps mom and asked for a refund. The elephant was sealed in... refund. At this point I will never purchase or recommend any avon merchandise. I see the rating of negative complaints are... Read complete comment

msmariamonte 9/6/12 5:02AM

DONT JOIN AVON!!!! ive been on the phone to them for weeks trying to sort out a mess!!!...told the lady that signed me up to close my account after camp 4, i thoght thats that, i go on hol, come ..., they havnt recieved it!!! and still looking to me for the MONEY!! whomeva it was that ordered done it by post so it says on account details, how can sumone of managed to order on my ... who bloody knos! they sent back a returns credited to my account that hadnt even been ordered on ... Read complete comment

lyndsey greaves 6/11/12 9:20AM

... me by text and email and I hate that. My experience with Avon on line has been ok, but I have never returned anything. The shipping is slow. I order on Sundays, and always get an email saying my order will ship by Monday. 2/3 of the time it does not go anywhere for a ... is where they tell me my order is in processing and will ship the next day. The next call they tell me the ... shipping and canceling the out of stock items. Todays promise is that they will ship today and refund half of mhy order price...the equivalent of upgraded shipping. yeah, lets see if that happens. I like the... Read complete comment

Jayna 3/9/12 11:16AM

... so I gave them back. She was supposed to exchange for a smaller size, but found out they... another one that I'd seen in the book and that I would pay the difference. She never ordered it, I never got... her home and she isn't doing Avon anymore. She did see one ...over a month ago and said she'd come "in a few days" with my refund, but it has been ...runaround. Obviously, they don't want to refund my money. I am going to file a complaint had a low rating, and a few days later, they joined BBB and ...and when a business joins BBB, they pay their protection money. No different than ... Read complete comment

Linda in Wisconsin 3/9/12 10:27AM

... Avon has a customer service number, 513 551 2866 and a returns address for customer returns if you can't locate your rep to get a refund or an exchange. 181 Progress Place attn Customer Returns, Springdale, OH 45246. You include the information inside about you ..., and whether or not you want a refund or an exchange, and they promptly process it for you. Reps who complain about Avon do so because they don't know how to run a business or use their customer's money to pay their own personal bills. Ordering online eliminates any of ... Read complete comment

avonshopper 2/14/12 6:31AM

... it back in december according to her. now she tells me that avon is giving them the runaround about getting my money back. i am tired of waiting. i plan on reporting avon to the better business bureau. ive tried ... looks like if you paid for something someone would be willing to help you from avon. i plan on never buying anything from them again and by the ... is no since in them not giving me my refund. if someone from avon is reading this, please have someone from your office ... up. someone please help me. i cant afford to be done wrong. i need my money like everyone else. Read complete comment

rngeorgiagirl 2/9/12 8:04PM

...Cannot get a refund from my rep for products that were out of stock.Order was placed...)She had said I would get refund by next week.Guess what! Next week... like giving my money away. Merchandise should be paid for when it is delivered,and not... Read complete comment

PJD 1/20/12 9:33AM

...for all my work. For 2 months now i've been trying to get some returns collected - i have phoned AVON repepatedly and been promised a courier would collect the items, each...they refuse to uplift saying they are not authorized to take returns!! To infuriate me even more each time i phone... I can often barely understand. I am sick to death of AVON and once I can get rid of the returns... Read complete comment

Anonymous 9/20/11 3:49AM

... Each time I lived in a different location. It has been the same outcome ; expensive brochures, rep pays for returns if the size or shade is not liked, wasting gas driving around, even though I would try walking as much as possible to deliver books or post signs. No one was ... nine months, this is third and last time I will ever be an Avon representitive. I have just quit because the ... representitives while the company and those at the top make money, it is so unfair, we are not slaves! Now,... 2011 starting campagne 19, Avon has a new policy to double the shipping fee, making it 5. 95 and ... Read complete comment

Camellia 9/12/11 12:17AM

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