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AutoZone Returns and Refunds

AutoZone Return Policy

It is possible to return a product purchased from under certain conditions. AutoZone gift cards cannot be exchanged or returned for refund.

Returning a Product to an AutoZone Store

Products can be returned to any AutoZone store, provided that they are in their original packaging or box and you have the original sale receipt. If applicable, all fluids must be drained from the product before it is returned. For faster processing, you can take the credit card used to make the purchase to an AutoZone store, as the refund will be credited immediately. Shipping costs are not refundable, unless you are returning a product that was defective when it was shipped, or another error has occurred on AutoZone's part.

Returning a Product by Mail

All fluids must be drained from the product prior to shipping, if applicable. You must fill out the return form on your invoice and include it with the shipment. AutoZone gives free return shipping labels if the product was defective when you received it or if the company has made a shipping error and the product is being returned from the United States. In other cases, you are responsible for arranging return shipping by your own means.

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My cylinder lock switch stopped working. I could not start my car. Paid a cab to take me to the Auto Zone on South Cobb Drive. Purchased the part for $18.++. Took me about 3 months to save the money and find a reputable mechanic to fix my car. He used his own part so that he would guarantee the repair for one year.

Took my part back with the receipt for a refund. Cashier could find it in their database. Called the manager (Mr. Bell). He said because it had 90 days since the purchase, they would not refund my money.

I find that many other people have been ripped off by Auto Zone. I think it is time to see about a class action lawsuite....I am tired of letting people and corporations screw over me......I do not deserve it.

pjc123 6/6/14 6:46PM

I purchased a fuel pump four months ago and they want return saying them can't find my records but I hope this company go down an i hope their customers never go back to them go anywhere else besides their

Weezy 12/6/13 12:39PM

I replaced the starter and battery on my car. I was supposed to get 40 $ back after bringing the old starter (core charge) so I checked my account online and noticed I didn't get the 40 $ back on my card. It's been about 3 days. I'm never going back to Autozone, I hope they lose a lot of customers because it's not just one autozone I've been to where the customer service lied to my face, but every autozone I've been to.

RAIDERSCOUT 10/5/13 7:21PM

Autozone would not issue refund or credit for my unopened item. As far as I'm concerned I will never step foot in any of their stores again. They lost a good customer for 20 bucks. Good thinking autozone. Hope you go broke. Customers build your business, and you certainly piss off quite a few.

ceci intro 9/4/13 4:06PM

...a complaint involving a refund that took over a month to get the money..actually it will still be 10 more days. I ... to refund the $15. for faxes. I live a distance away from a store that faxes. so time was also involved. There are atb least 5 other auto part stores in the same city as autozone. Rest assured I will be going there ... Read complete comment

slyn 11/27/12 3:54PM

I ordered rotors and brake pads online. they were shipped seoerately. the royors were someone elses order. I took them back to autozone for a refund and purchased the correct ones. The refund was to go back on the card they were purchased with. instead of going to me the refund went on the persons card who ordered the parts. I have called at least 6-8 times. before thanksgiving they told me a list of papers to fax them I did this and waited a week still nothing the friday after Thanksgiving I called and they couldn't help me because the person ... Read complete comment

slyn 11/26/12 3:39PM

... autozone took advantage of me...I took a starter to autozone to have checked...I was told it's was I goes to return the new starter for a refund...They told me exchange only ...second opinion from advance auto before I got one from autozone..... At least they will give you ... Read complete comment

Noony 9/29/12 12:39PM

I bought a pair of RainX wipers last week. My current wipers were shot so I replaced them at the store parking lot(like I have many a times before). Threw old ones away along with boxing and receipt... explained myself to the man and he told me no receipt no exchange. But they have your sale on there computers. Why can't ... Read complete comment

Robert1957 8/13/12 8:21AM

..., dismissive, and uninvested in the company's outcome. It is too bad that Autozone is unable to hire folks that have an understanding of how retail sales works (returns, for instance...Maybe the customers are unhappy because they feel that when they go to a speciality store like an auto parts store, they ( the customers) have the apparently unrealistic expectation that the person behind the counter will actually know something ... the parts that make them work. Never again Autozone, and your company man who left the &... Read complete comment

Hasbro 7/21/12 2:29PM

...went out on my older Accord. I took it out and bought a replacement from Autozone in Elizabethton, TN. Last week that alternator I had ...So I take it out and go back to same Autozone and get a replacement. My gf's uncle is a mechanic and ... the "bearings" were bad and alternator needed to be replaced. This is where is gets bad. I go back to same autozone with alternator, original receipt, and returned alternator receipt from few days earlier. Explained my ...I couldnt get another one there. Manager refused store credit or money back in exchange. I said I would not leave without something so... Read complete comment

upset customer 6/17/12 8:03AM

I went into AutoZone in Lebanon, MO to return a wheel bearing that I purchased. When I went into return it the manager was very hateful and a jerk about ...the wheel bearing was not what was wrong so I wanted to return the part. I purchased it there and it was on their computer ...give me my money back for the part but it was going to be credited back to a checking account that was closed and he did not understand the fact that the account was closed and that I do not bank at ... customer is always right. Obviously that is not the case with AutoZone in Lebanon, MO. I will not do business there... Read complete comment

Anonymous 5/11/12 11:01AM

... had a very upsetting experience with David Munoz, manager at store 3387 on Ray road in Chandler AZ. I took...and he said to come back in an hour, he needed to charge the battery. I have never seen a less qualified person ... him, like a schoolyard bully. I will never return to Autozone, not even for warranty replacement on the many parts I have purchased through the years. I was pleased to not see him when I returned. He was out to lunch, thank the Lord. I off even more customers today. There is an O'reiley store just across the street. David lost Autozone a long time customer. ... Read complete comment

Anonymous 1/29/12 8:48AM

... side and the autozone on 5500 west, Mdison St has a store mananger that is all about not treating you right. I bought a... the case it say,s [1 year warranty], I returned the impact and a mananger[PAUL] remembered that i purchased this with my autozone points, and gave ... a new assistant mananger find me a new one , Montrell the store manager told the guy to tell me that they were out of stock . This guy gives me the run around about the warranty. I point out to him that the... mananger,s office phone number will be a blessing to me . also another store on central & diversy told me to call the ... Read complete comment

terrybrinston 11/12/11 3:30PM

... problems. They are only paid to answer phones, stock and change out your shelves, ... merry way. If you want more, pay the professionals to get it done. Don't be cheap and ... get what you paid for. By the way, people that work for Autozone are not qualified mechanics. Think about this, are all clerks ... teacher with 10+ students. There's 6 peoples ready to pay, eight poeple that needed parts and 4... You can't return something that's openned. No working on car "Store Policy." ... want. I wouldn't borrow something from you and return it in a loudsy condition. If it's defective, that's different. ... Read complete comment

3326management 8/15/11 1:09AM

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